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"RUN!" Azumi yelled as she and a few other vampire hunters handled a large number of vampires that had invaded a small group of humans that were hiding out in the forests near Barton, "Hold still!" She sharply avoided the vampire's fangs and stabbed him sharply in the shoulder with a wooden stake.

The vampire let out a loud cry of pain and hissed as he and his friend ran away, "And don't come back cowards!"

"Nice work Katsuko," a girl from Barton smiled as she helped another vampire hunter stand up, "I wouldn't think we'd survive so much if we didn't have fighters like you." Azumi shrugged as she took out a pair of her pistols, "Y'all go back to the base. I'll go around to make sure we haven't forgotten anyone. These vamps keep herding humans around and corner them in places they know they can't hide in well."

"You're right," a vampire hunter, Eric, was his name agreed as he slung a large wooden spear onto his back, "But you gotta think...Vamps keep coming in the towns to drive out humans. We're prey."

"And the weaker prey needs more protection," Azumi added as she began to advance towards Barton, "Eric, you're in charge of getting these guys to base. After that meet me in Durem so we can gather up supplies just in case." She faintly heard Eric answer as she ventured closer and closer into Barton.

She was lucky enough to have escaped from Durem right before the vampires had a chance to figure out they left out a figure hiding under the church pews before moving on. She was grateful she had ran into some vampire hunters who told her of the base Edmund had set up for humans to be safe from the vampire attacks.

She bit her lip as she recalled the encounter she had with two vampires that tried to get her before the vampire hunters helped her. Standing by and being helpless didn't fit her long enough and soon she placed together a disguise and new persona to help her combat against the vampires.

As Katsuko, Azumi felt like her mask protected her from the other vampires to see her weak and trembling as she stabbed them.

But as Katsuko, Azumi kept her new alter-ego in order to go out into the field to find Adrian. Her vampire lover didn't show up at all in the church and when she had learned about the vampire out breaks she feared the worse had happened to him.

Adrian had long held back his ability and true nature long enough to be seen as a normal human. She feared that one of his kind-She shook her head as she flung herself up onto a roof of a store as she tried to search for signs of vampires or humans. He had to be safe...

Azumi waited silently as her black wig flew up in the wind as she watched a pair of vampires walk below her. She looked like a ninja with the black scarf covering her mouth and her all black attire. Azumi held her pistols tightly in her hands as she waited for the vampires to disappear before jumping across to another roof, it seemed the pair were low class vamps. Judging how they failed to feel or hear the wind currents of her movements, "I can take 'em...But..."

She had to make sure if there were any humans lingering about. She already saw a few of her fellow Gaians bit by the vampires and turned to the other side, it was too painful to even watch. The way their bodies twisted on the ground and screamed as they turned-"Lookie here boys," a male voice called out as Azumi cursed herself for not being hidden well enough, "A vampire hunter?"

She glared up at the three vampires up on the roof with her and pointed her pistols towards them, "Get out of the way now."

"Oh so scary, the little girl thinks she can play with the big boys boss," a lanky vamp on the leader's left snickered as he licked his fangs, "She's feisty." The other vampire on the leader's right studied her, "Wait...She's one of those high elite vamp hunters. Katsuko?"

"Who cares-" The lanky vampire didn't finish his sentence as a new figure jumped down to the roof and had sliced the guy right through the middle with an axe, "Ku..." The new vampire smirked as his red eyes focused in on Azumi who was startled by his sudden appearance, "Move it. She's mine."

"Hey you!" The leader yelled, "We saw this cattle first-" The newcomer pointed his weapon and glared, "Shall I slice you up like you're little friend? She's mine!" The two vampires leapt away leaving Azumi alone with this strong enemy.

It was his appearance that caught her off guard at the most, he looked exactly like her Adrian, but instead of black hair or kind aqua eyes the vampire had long white hair that resembled snow as it danced in the wind from his loose ponytail and his red eyes glowed ready to devour her. Adrian's clothes were usually shades close to brown, green, and light blue. The vamp's clothes consisted of a bright blood red open trench coat exposing the pale skin of his chest and a pair of black leather pants. Compared to her clothes, this vampire didn't care much to being sly against his enemies.

"So you're Katsuko," the vampire smirked as he studied her, "Why don't you take off that stupid scarf and expose your face you scared little chick?" Azumi gripped her pistols and pulled the trigger, "Not on your command!" The vampire smirked and just when the bullets whizzed right in front of his face-"How naive!"

"W-What?" Azumi gasped as the vampire used the hilt of his axe to slam into her stomach and sent her flying towards the stone ground, "Gah!" How foolish, she had forgotten some vampires were quick enough to avoid bullets...The vampire didn't leave her time to sit up and soon Azumi felt his body pressing over her and his axe tilted at a right angle right above her neck. If she made on false move he could easily slam the blade down and behead her, "Now...Let's see your face Katsuko..Or shall I say...Azumi."


"How can a man ever forget...The name of his lover, even if she is a cattle." Azumi's eyes widen as his hand yanked her scarf off her face revealing a smile that mirrored the ones he always given her when he watched her in a loving manner, "No...Adrian..."

"I should've known...I should have done something," Azumi whispered as she buried her face into the black silk scarf, "He was a vampire...And his kind...The madness around him corrupted his soul..."

Eric and the others found her, managed to help her escape from Adrian.

It was on the last night of the battle she came to fight him to a duel of the death.

His axe and her pistols were discarded on the ground as they began to use their close combat weapons to fight. Adrian had a long slender samurai sword clashing into her twin sai blades, "It's over!" he laughed out as she began to stumble over her movements, "Give it up Azumi-chan!"

"Stop...Stop Adrian!" she cried out as she twisted her body to the side and tried to stab at him, "Don't you remember? Remember our love?"

"Shut it, a cattle is always a cattle," Adrian taunted as he blocked her kick before having his own punch deflected by her other leg causing Azumi to spin in the air and land roughly on to her back. Tears began to run down her face as she struggled to stand, all around her she could hear the cries of her teammates fighting against a vampire. Only her battle was the one that seemed to matter to her though, the whole world began to turn darker at the edge of her eyes as she readied her blades for one last attack.

The Adrian before her smiled, not a smile that caused her heart to race or make her run to him, one that mocked her. Mocked how everything they had was gone and now there was no other choice, but to have only one of them live.

"For the last time," she whispered as her weapons shook in her hands, "I'm begging you...Please...Stop it, I don't want to hurt you Adrian!"

"Ha," Adrain let out a short little chuckle before throwing his head back. Azumi struggled to tune out his uncontrollable laughter as she struggled to stand up strong, "HAHAHAHAHA! BEG? Please you foolish human woman! Like I'll show mercy to a weakling like you."

Azumi felt the world under her shake, was it her body or was there an actual earthquake under her as she fought back the tears that fell down her face, "I am no weakling," she cried out and charged at him with her blades ready. Adrian scoffed and swung his sword, ready to slice her through the middle. Azumi couldn't recall how she avoided the blade, all she had in her mind was to stab Adrian right through the heart just as he did to hers. "Guys!" She turned to see one of her teammates holding up a letter, "The war is over! Louie Von Helson has taken over the vampire kingdom and is now the vampire king! He says that all vampires and humans are now to live side by side!"

Her blades cluttered to the ground as she looked to see Adrian slowly fall onto his knees, "Adrian!" She pulled out the blade that was imbedded into him and yanked him towards her into a hug, "Oh my god what have I done?" Why? Why!

She shook as tears began to fall down her face faster as she felt his hand rise up to stroke her hair, "Azumi..." She pulled away from his shoulder and gazed down at his eyes, beautiful aqua eyes gaze back at her, "Oh...Thank god you're fine..." Azumi gripped the fabric of his coat as she began to sob louder, "Honey...Shush..."

"How can I?" she cried out as cheers of both humans and vampires echoed through the streets, "You're dying! Dying because of I!" Adrian smiled as he planted a kiss on her cheek, "Azumi...Please...I'm happy you're alive...Don't feel bad...I love you..Remember...I shall always love you...And watch over you..." Azumi stared in shock as Adrian's eye lids began to close, "No..No Adrian! Sweetheart stay awake! Please stay awake!" She flung her head back and let out a scream, "PLEASE STAY AWAKE!"

She failed to hear a soft whisper from her lover as he began to slip away...

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