Twisted Past

Summary: Buff/Dark Knight crossover. Batman doesn't know where The Joker came from or who he really is. But there's someone out there who still remembers and she has come to Gotham for a little reunion.

Disclaimer: This will have same AU for the Buffyverse. But it will all be explained in the story as it goes on.

Chapter 1

The Joker knew he was caught yet again. Batman had left him hanging upside down over the side of the damn building so he could go off and save poor Commissioner Gordon's family from Harvey Dent. The thought of how he had pulled the great Harvey Dent down into the madness made him laugh like a maniac, even as the SWAT team was getting him down so they could arrest him. The great Harvey Dent was ruined. Gotham would lose hope and fall to chaos. In jail or not, he had won.

"Could you guys hurry up a little down there?" he asked the SWAT team. "The blood is rushing to my brain and I have a very sensitive inner ear condition."

The SWAT team didn't answer him, which was disappointing. He had been hoping for a better audience. He licked his lips and waited until they got him down before talking again.

"You want to know how I got these scars?" he asked as he was being handcuffed. "Once upon a time I fell in love with a pretty girl that already had a boyfriend. We got together one night because she could no longer resist my charms. I might not look like it, but I'm a smooth operator when it comes to the ladies. Anyway, her boyfriend found out and you know what he did? He put a knife in my mouth and sliced my face open! Pretty overdramatic, huh?" He looked around and bobbed his head a few minutes before answering his own question. "Yes, it was very overdramatic." He laughed. "Wasn't that a great story?"

"Would you shut up?" one of the SWAT team members growled.

"Oh there's no hope of that happening. Unless you knock him out of course."

The Joker stopped in his tracks. He knew that voice. There was no way he could ever forget it. He turned around and saw her standing there. Only she was different now. Her hair, once soft and red, was black as night. Her eyes matched the new hair and black veins covered her face. She had really grown up in all their years apart.

"Willow…" he cooed. Her appearance was making him giggle. "Willow Rosenberg, did you come all the way over here to save me? Because I think the nice men with the guns won't like that one bit."

The SWAT team pointed their guns at Willow "Get on you knees and keep your hands where we can see them!"

Willow rolled her eyes. "Go to sleep." And they did. Every single SWAT team member fell to the floor in an unconscious heap, leaving The Joker and Willow the last ones standing.

"Ha ha ha, hee hee," Joker laughed. "Now that is interesting. Last time I saw you, you could barely float a pencil."

Willow shrugged. "Things change."

The Joker couldn't disagree with that. "So can you get these handcuffs off me? They're really starting to chafe."

Willow sighed and obliged him. He heard her mutter something about men being big babies. He grinned. He would have her screaming like a little baby soon enough. He would make her scream and spill the beans about her transformation from adorable red head to beautiful black magic woman.

"So what's with the lies about how you got your scars?" Willow asked. "Are you afraid nobody will believe the truth?"

The Joker reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. He grabbed her by the throat and put the knife right in her face. "How about we put a smile on your face?" he asked. "Then you can be a freak, just like me."

She grinned. "I think you're freaky looking enough for the both of us Xander."

This stopped the Joker. It had been a long time since anyone had called him that. "Can't you keep your voice down Willow? If anyone hears my name it'll ruin my mystique."

"Xander, honey, I hate to break it to you but mystique is overrated." Then she hit him with a spell right in the chest that sent him flying halfway across the room. He banged his head hard against the floor. He tried to get back up but Willow kicked him back down. She was stronger than he remembered.

"Poor Xander," Willow said regretfully. "I'm sorry I have to do this but I can't trust you any more." She kicked him in the face and that was when his entire world went black.