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The catering room was packed with pretty much every member of Raw, Smackdown, and ECW. This was everyone's favorite part of the month, the monthly pay-per-view. They all enjoyed catching up with their co-workers from the other brands, and engaged in idle chat.

"Who is that assclown?" Chris asks, looking at the man who just walked through the door.

"It's Shannon Moore." Cody tells him.

"Who?" Chris asks again, eyeing the young man up.

"Shannon Moore." Cody repeats.

"Never heard of him."

"Reject." Cody says, he was sure Chris knew who Shannon was.

"Hey Junior, I am not a reject. It is not my fault I only associate myself with successful, top guys who main event every night...and you of course." Chris defends.

"You were out with London last week." Cody reminds him, holding off on telling Chris that he wasn't calling him a reject.

"He was having problems with his woman. Who better to talk to than me?"

"And what about Kofi? I saw you talking to him before." Cody recalls.

"I have to make him my friend, so I can get my belt back."

"I see, and what about this whole thing with Lance Cade?"

"Okay Assclown, I get your point. My point is, I am not a reject."

"I wasn't calling you a reject. Shannon's nickname on ECW was once The Reject." Cody informs him.

"Still doesn't ring a bell."

"Prince of Punk?" Cody tries again.

"No, I'm king of the world. I thought you knew that?" Chris asks, giving Cody a glare.

"Yes Chris, I am well aware of that. You never let me forget it."

"Then what was with the Prince of Punk thing? I'm more into Rock."

"Shannon is also known as The Prince of Punk." Cody tells him rolling his eyes.

"Oh yeah! Wait...no, I was thinking of me. I definitely don't know him."

"Chris, you were on Smackdown with him before. You squashed him in a few matches." Cody says, it was only a few years ago.

"Cody, at some point in everyone's career, they are going to get squashed by me."

"Okay. Well Shannon used to be like Matt Hardy's bitch a few years back. During the whole Matt Hardy version 1 phase." Cody tells him, in pretty much his last hope at getting Chris to remember Shannon.

"All I remember is that young blonde haired man." Chris says, thinking back.

"Shannon has blo..."

"And that man kicked ass, Y2J was his name." Chris gloats.

"Did you ever hear of 3 count?" Cody asks, remembering Shannon's gimmick in WCW.

"I heard of the ref hitting the mat three times, twice in one night, when I became the first ever undisputed champion."

"Well this was a group in WCW. Shannon was apart of it. Around 1999, 2000 maybe." Cody tells him.

"At that time, I was dominating Raw every Monday, like I do now." Chris informs him, trying his best to place who Shannon Moore is.

"Do you want me to call him over, so then maybe you'll remember him?"

"No. Just look him over there talking with the Hardy's, his ego must be huge." Chris says, looking at the table Shannon was occupying.

"I don't think so Chris."

"Somebody needs to inform him there is no room in this business for big egos."

"Yeah Chris, your right, no room for big egos." Cody says, wondering if this man was aware of his own ego.

"So let me tell you about the time I wrote a book, and made the biggest comeback of all comebacks." Cody was pretty sure, Chris had no idea.

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