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He was hiding, a cowardly thing to do, but nevertheless he was still doing it. Behind an oversized vase filled with fire-lilies to be exact. He hunched down when he heard footsteps approaching and held his breath. Agni, he was a coward. Hadn't he faced dragons? His father? His sister?

The footsteps were approaching at a rapid speed. He pressed himself against the wall, praying he wasn't found.

A bald head poked behind the vase, and he breathed a sigh of relief..

"Zuko?" the young man asked, "What in the world are you doing back here?"

Zuko pressed his finger to his lips and whispered, "Hiding of course."

"Oh," the young bald monk stated scratching his tattooed head, "Er….Can I join you?"

Fire Lord Zuko nodded and scooted to allow the young Avatar to join him in his hiding place.

"She's looking for you, you know," the Avatar stated.

"Yes, well, if you're hiding that means she's looking for you as well," Zuko stated knowingly.

Aang flushed, "Well that is true…"

"Zuko? Aang? If you've found a good hiding place at least let me join you!" A whiny voice exclaimed, "I'm scared."

As if on cue two pairs of arms shot out from behind the giant vase and yanked the whimpering warrior behind the vase with them.

"Be quiet you fool!" Zuko exclaimed, "Do you want her to find us?"

"Er… not really," the warrior responded, "So…You're hiding from your wife? What did you do?"

"Hey!" Zuko exclaimed, "You two are hiding from my wife as well."

"Well?" Aang asked, "What did you do?"

Zuko huffed, "Nothing. I just said, 'Good morning, darling.' Then she started yelling at me, nearly but my head off. What did YOU do Aang?"

Aang flushed, "I said that she looked very healthy…"

Sokka let out a whoop of laughter, "Were you staring at her stomach when you said this Aang?"

Aang flushed an even darker, "It's kind of hard to miss…Well anyways she did this," he stated lifting his shirt, showing the other two men a giant red welt on his side.

Sokka let out another bark of laughter and two hands moved simultaneously to cover Sokka's loud mouth. Once he settled down, Zuko removed his hand, "So what did you do?"

"Me? I didn't do anything. Mind you, I've gone through this twice. I know what to say and when to say it."

"Then what in Agni's name are you doing here guffawing and giving our hiding place away?"

"I would have found eventually Sparky," a young woman's voice drawled, "Now that I've found you should I give you away?" the blind earth bender drawled.

"Toph," Aang pleaded, "Please don't. She'll kill us."

Toph let out a laugh, "Oh I doubt it. Katara!" she yelled, "I found your husbaaaaaand!!"

Zuko's eyes widened, Aang scrambled up, and Sokka started laughing, as a very pregnant, very angry water bender came storming towards them.

Aang gulped, "So do you think we can outrun her?"

"Only if your girlfriend doesn't earth bend us to the ground," Zuko whispered.

Toph cackled, "Oh I'd much rather you guys run around like chickens."

"On the count of three?" Zuko asked, "One."

"Two," Aang said.

"THREE!" They cried together sprinting out from their hiding spot.

"Do you think we should tell them they're headed for the pond?" Sokka asked.

"Nah," Toph grinned, "Let 'em find out the hard way."

The End.

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