Chapter 5: Genius Birds?

There was a pop that was similar to apparation, something that had Harry tearing off in its direction with his wand out.

After all something that could apparate into Hogwarts was not good.

With a grunt of pain he stopped suddenly as he crashed into someone else sending the both of them to the floor. Quickly getting up and brushing himself off he held out a hand to help the poor guy off the floor only to freeze as he took the boys features; messy black hair, his eyes were closed, but the unmistakable bright red lightning shaped scar was in the center of his forehead.

Suddenly his wand was out again the tip only inches from the stranger's nose he didn't say anything yet for fear of startling the person into doing something rash. Instead he waited, barely breathing with his wand at close quarters.

He watched as his double shook his and muttered about rampaging hippogriffs before opening his eyes that were the same burning emerald as his own.

Contrary to what Harry thought, instead of the eyes opening wide in shock, they gleamed with pleasure and the first words out of the stranger's mouth were "It worked!" as opposed to the "What the hell is going on!" that Harry expected.

His eyes narrowed, this could easily be some stupid plan of either Dumbledore or Voldemort to get someone 'close' to him. His grip on his wand tightened and he decided that a switch in roles may be appropriate –with a slight variation obviously.

"What the fuck are you talking about!? Who are you!" he snarled at his clone still sitting on the floor.

The clone's eyes widened as he registered exactly how this may look to someone who had no idea what was happening. He rushed to explain.

"Uh… I'm Harry Potter, in Gryffindor finishing my fifth year, and I'm just taking a vacation." Of course in his rush to explain, he couldn't really explain it quite clearly and Harry's eyes went ice cold as his wand tip, which was still about half an inch from the clones nose, started to glow.

"Nice try shithead. Now if you would kindly answer the question…." His wand tip was now pulsing a sickly green.

Later, our Harry speculated that he should have really considered on how he was going to make first contact with his alternate selves. Really, if someone showed looking exactly like him and claiming to be from an alternate dimension he would have killed them on the spot.

Now however, stuck between a rock and a hard spot, he did the only thing he could think of. His wand was raised he spoke forcefully, "I Harry James Potter Swear on my Magic…." He broke off as the curse that had been waiting on his alternate self's wand was released.

With wide eyes he ducked knowing he couldn't create a shield as he was in the middle of making a magical oath. He was forced to duck three more times before he was able to complete his sentence, "-that I am Harry James Potter from another dimension." The wave of magic that followed and sealed the vow, recognizing it as true forced Harry to stop firing at the clone and look at him suspiciously.

"Alright…" He said grudgingly, "I'll listen to what you have to say."

With that, seventeen year old Harry Potter dressed in Ravenclaw robes grabbed the fifteen year old Gryffindor clad Harry Potter and shoved him into the closest classroom, slamming the door behind him and carelessly throwing up over a hundred privacy charms with a lazy flick of his wand.

"Talk!" he growled at him.

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