Alright, so just the 401 on this: A story about high school written by the strong, funny, and amazingly cute 'Shiro-chan!

Really, it's only written by him because I felt so damn guilty for not finishing the last story he starred in and because he's actually an amazing writer. (well, okay, no, he's not, paper work gets to ya, but don't tell him that to his face. He has self confidence issues.)

So, yes, this is a high school story, because I will actually be a freshman in August! (NOOOOOOO...)

So, anyway, read, review, and if you flame, we will hunt you down and shoot you!

Here we go!

Alright. My name is Hitsugaya Toushirou, and I'm a freshman at Sohma High School (I believe that's what this lousy excuse of a school is called, anyway). If you haven't heard of me already, you're CLEARLY in the wrong category!

So, for all you kids who think, "Oh, high school is gonna be a blast, we're gonna get invited to all the cool parties, we'll have s -" Well, I think you get where I'm going with this. (I didn't want to finish that sentence anyways.) But, to give it to you in plain Japanese, HIGH SCHOOL IS NOT WHAT IT'S CUT OUT TO BE. (And for those of you who've already graduated, DAMN! I WISH I WAS YOU!)

But no. Being a freshman completely SUCKS. For those of you who are wondering "Why does he say that?" here's why:

When you're a freshman, the whole frikkin world is out to get you.

The teachers give you loads of CRAP for homework, so now you don't have any free time.

The seniors have LOADS of free time and thus, being bored, decide to pick on...wait for it...yup. You're right. The FRESHMEN.

The juniors usually keep their distance, because they're just so darned busy with studying and all that. But if you cross them, you'll be nosediving into the nearest trashcan before you know what hit you.

Sophomores: not so intimidating, right? Absolutely wrong. Most of them are looking for some poor sucker to get revenge on for what horrible deeds were done to them in their freshman year. So, steer clear of them too.

And if you're a short, "elementary-school" kid with spiky white hair, I can only wish you luck.

If the grades themselves weren't bad enough, now there's also groups inside the grades. It's like a social hierarchy or something. If you don't fit in, boy, you'll be VERY lucky to have one acquaintance that's not the librarian or the school counselor.

And all that crap about marching to your own drumbeat, being yourself? The person who said that musta been a little CUCKOO. If you don't fit into one of the groups below, you're a complete outsider.

(By the way, I'm breaking the groups into two chapters because your, and my, sensitive little brains would overload if we had to read/write all of this in one sitting. Besides, 10 is a wonderful number.)

Goths/Emos: They're depressed people, but the main difference? Emos cut, goths usually don't. But other than that, no difference, which is why they're all piled together in the same category. Oh and FYI, black lipstick? Not good if you smoke. Even worse if you don't floss. In case ya didn't know, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE WHAT YOU HAD FOR LUNCH.

Preps: Really, to be a prep IN school, you gotta be a prep OUT of school. Because, c'mon, how can you dress "stylishly" if you attend a school WHERE EVERYBODY WEARS A GODDAMN UNIFORM?! Besides, they're always broke. They'd NEVER get something off the clearance rack, and I bet Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and Aeropostale name brand clothing is pretty pricey.

Populars: Usually the main gossip topic. Everyone likes them, everyone wants to be their friend. However, I don't see how reading 20 ISSUES OF VOGUE is gonna help you ace that French test next period, sister!

Queers: This is the group to be in if you're gay/bi/lesbian. Nobody disrespects your sexuality and you can talk freely about relationship troubles and everyone will understand. They seem to actually co-exist peacefully with the goths, so it's not too bad being queer. Everyone just gives them looks and breezes on by.

Skaters: All dress the same, all look the same, all lift homework and lunch money off each other before the bell rings. I swear, it's an army of clones! Except that they're not all the same height.

Geeks: This category is dominated by...guess who? That's right. Ishida Uryuu. (Hey, I made a rhyme! God, I should be a poet someday.) Anyway, that guy is, like, the King of Geeks. Please note that joining the Sewing Club and the Chess Club DOES NOT actually increase common sense. Geeks are those people you see toting around textbooks and the latest edition of Star Trek. Come on, people, crying over a B+? Really now! I'd be lucky to get a B on a test! Life doesn't give you a grade, so start wising up now. Oh, and stabbing each other in the backs with sharpened No. 2 pencils if you don't make valedictorian? So immature.

Techies: Like geeks, but actually cool. Yes, you occasionally do get the braces-and-glasses combo, but not often. Techies are the ones who can actually hack into the school database without leaving tracks, and they're also the ones with all the cool new gadgets. And, unlike geeks, techies are actually respected.

Jocks: They usually keep to their loud, rambunctious selves, but once you try to shoot some hoops in their presence (which is not easy for a person such as myself), god, you're dead. Those guys will kill you in a game of Knock Out, and by the way, those guys smoking over in the corner? Yeah, they're jocks too. Most of them are druggies, but they're great at sports, so nobody cares.

Height Challenged: The people who are way too tall, or way too short. The way-too-tall people are usually being teased if they can't play basketball (like a certain redheaded vice-captain I know) and are often hitting their heads on doorframes. The way too short ones, well, they're usually considered slaves to the taller ones here. I think that the only reason I'm not picked on is because I'm with Ichigo's gang and he's just intimidating for some reason.

Weight Challenged: Call it rubenesque, voluptuous, pleasingly plump, it all boils down to the same thing: YOU'RE FAT. Sure, doll it up with pretty words, but it's still the same thing. And eating lettuce at lunch only to scarf down 600 Debbie Snack Cakes during free period? Nuh-uh.

Alrighty then. So now, I really do need to go. It's been lovely chatting with you all, but I gotta study for a frikkin geometry test that's on at first period tomorrow (who in the HELL tortures innocent high school kids with a math test THAT EARLY IN THE MORNING? Mr. Lee, that's who. Steer clear of Asian math teachers if you can. I can't, because...well...all the teachers here are Asians, but I'm passing on this info to you in the hopes you'll use it one day.) And also, my hand's starting to cramp.

So when I can, I'll explain more about the rest of the groups tomorrow, or whenever I feel like it. :)

August 17
Study Hall (I don't see WHAT I have to study except for math...and either way I can cheat off someone else anyway)
The High School of Hell

So, peeps, did you like it? I hope you did. Once again, read, review, and DON'T FLAME! If you have any ideas or suggestions for me to incorporate in my story, please review and tell me how I am doing!

Love you all:
Skyskater (And Shiro-chan, because he did write this)