Elation Title: Elation
Spoilers: Trevor
Rating: PG
Classification: V,R
Keywords: MSR
Summary: a flirtatious moment in the morgue leads to a surprising
interlude for Mulder and Scully
Other Disclaimers: Let's see here... M&S/X-Files not mine. No profit
intended, so Chris Carter need not worry. This is my first real post
to to XFF-ATXC, although I have had a friend post a couple of things
for me in the past. And yes... I have already beed chastized by my
beta-reader for it being short! She thinks the same thing about the
companiion piece!


"Shut up, Mulder," Scully said in reply to the thought-filled
expression on her partner's face. The unspoken words which were
undoubtedly on the tip of his tongue melted away into a look of mild
surprise and partial amusement. Scully took his uncharacteristic
silence to mean that he wasn't going to tease her about suddenly
conforming to his way of thinking. She hadn't, of course; she'd
merely wished to get that "possibility" over with before Mulder got
any wild ideas.

With one last glance at him, she turned her gaze back to the body
before them. She was stopped, however, by his hand on her arm.
Scully turned her face up towards that of her partner. Mulder's eyes
were still filled with amusement, but they now carried another
emotion... one which Scully swore looked like desire.

"Mul--" Her voice was cut off by the sudden crush of his lips against
hers. Her own lips, parted to speak, could do nothing but comply with
the gentle demands of the kiss.

Just as Scully's body began to melt into his, Mulder pulled away. A
look of surprise passed between them.

"I'll, ah, leave you to your work," Mulder stated, quickly regaining
his composure. Scully
nodded, unsure of what had just happened between them. He turned and
exited the morgue without another word.

Heavy silence filled the room around her, and Scully could hear her
heart racing within her chest. A giddy, happy feeling filled her and
a smile formed across her face. "Mulder... " she breathed aloud in
the empty room, her voice echoing the breathless elation with which
Mulder had spoken her own name moments before he surprised her with
that kiss.