My Heart Leapt Title: My Heart Leapt
Author: Sammy C
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Archiving: Gossamer and Ephemeral--anywhere else, ask
me first.
Spoilers: "Trevor" definitely and some "Triangle"
Rating: PG
Classification: VR and a dash of Mulder Angst :-)
Keywords: MSR, Companion piece to "Elation"
Summary: A witty comment causes Mulder to realize his
true feelings for Scully.
Other Disclaimers: Let's see here... M&S/X-Files not
mine. No profit intended, so Chris Carter need not
worry. In case anyone is wondering.. both "Elation"
and this story came out of a comment I made to my
beta-reader (JJ) about the sound of Mulder's voice in
the scene from the morgue.

My Heart leapt

"Scully?" Mulder's voice filled with wonder and
sudden admiration for his partner. Not that he didn't
already admire Dana Scully, but her previous words
made her a goddess in his eyes.

"Dear diary," he quipped instead of telling her he
wished to worship the ground she walked on, "my heart
leapt with elation when my partner suggested
spontaneous combustion." The words had been spoken in
jest, but as soon as they left his lips, Mulder
knew the truth behind them. He had never been fully
able to describe what he felt when he was near her,
but "elation" seemed to describe that feeling best.

If only she knew...

Mulder fought back the sudden urge to tell Scully that
he loved her. He'd said it before, but given the
circumstances, Scully had always assumed he was either
joking or delirious. It would be better if he could
show his love for her in another way.

As if Scully could tell he was on the verge of
speaking, she broke through his thoughts with a
well-timed, "Shut up, Mulder!" He looked at her,
surprised at the comment and amused by the teasing
sparkle in her eyes. God, she was beautiful!

She was also right. Words weren't appropriate right

As Scully returned to her examination of the
corrections officer, Mulder impulsively grabbed her
arm, stopping her. The eyes that met her inquisitive
gaze blazed with worshipful passion.

"Mul--" she began to say, but he cut her off by
pressing his lips feverishly against her own. Mulder
marveled that Scully's lips parted for him so easily
and he kissed them with all the emotion he could fully
express in three little words.

It was Scully's body pressing into his own which
brought Mulder back to his senses. As much as he
wanted this--to kiss her and be kissed by her--he
couldn't let it happen here. Inwardly moaning, Mulder
pulled away from her and stepped back.

"I'll, ah, leave you to your work," he said, barely
recognizing the breathless voice as his own.

Once outside the door, Mulder heaved a deep, tortured
sigh. "Oh, Scully..." but he couldn't even begin to
voice what he felt as his heart danced with sudden