This is the Prophecy. It was stated in the first story. Please read that first or you won't really understand this.

The Prophecy

It has been seen

That a girl will be born quite human,

She will be drawn to a world beyond humans

She will fall in love with a Vampire

She will also fall in love with a werewolf

She will marry the vampire

But with a sacrifice

To lose her other love,

To lose her life,

To want to walk the world

in darkness with out her Sun.

But it is not to be

Her blood holds a secret

That will one day

Cause her to rule the world

The world that humans can't see

The world full of vampires and werewolves

With one bite from her vampire

Her world will turn upside down

She will not turn into a vampire

Instead because of her blood

The blood that goes back for so long

The blood of the creator of both vampire and werewolf

She will turn into a great wolf

With the power to love

With the power to heal

With the power to rid the world

Of all Evil

There will be a daughter born

To the girl that was bitten by a vampire

But turned to a wolf

And also to the wolf that has the blood

On both sides of family tree

Together this girl and the Leader

will have a daughter

who will marry

a vampire

and have a son

who will rid the world

of everything evil

Leaving only good

in it's wake

This son will be the reincarnate of

The Great Wolf

Will be immune to everything

And will rule the world

Wolf's will kneel before him

Vampires will fear him

He will be the Leader of

Both worlds