Part Six

"Okay, this is your monthly re-opening and we are here to make sure you don't have to wait a whole another month to do this again. Now, if we find sucking where blood is being exchanged, you will die and if we get attacked after that, it won't be pretty." Rachel said and a bodyguard who recognizes Natalya tried to rush them, Sam took out her small bat then took out his leg. "Is there any fucking questions?" Rachel asked and everyone went back to business. Well, it only took two hours for a riot to break out, the humans ran for there lives as the female vampires were attacking, Natalya seems to still hold a grudge and Sam in shotgun fashion decided to really make a mark. She went down to the basement and found a breaker; she put C-4 on it. A present from her mother and as she told Rachel what she was going to do, Rachel flew set the bomb up and the Zebra club blew up. Rachel, Natalya and Sam all went back to New Haven. No cops a day later, they slept in and a month later, Horsey club was getting ready for their opening in a year….