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"Please Alice I will beg. Do not make me go to this thing," I said as she dragged my hand and forced me to walk faster in my two inch heels. She just wanted a disaster from me. One hand held my dress while the other was trapped in the iron steal cage that was my best friend's hand.

My dress was simple and picked out by Alice. It was white and off the shoulder and it made me feel like Cinderella. It was a simple white ball gown and it was blown out by my waist and reached all the way to the floor. I was known to trip on something like this yet Alice insisted that I had to wear it.

Alice's dress was just as lovely as mine if not more. Though I liked how it fit her not me. It was sleeveless and hugged her chest and gave her a lovely show of cleavage. At her hips the dress spread out and showed waves and waves of golden cloth fabrics. She was also holding her dress up to prevent it from dragging along the cold sidewalk. I was freezing against the cold winds hitting my shoulders face and arms. Alice must have been just as cold but she didn't show it.

"No Bella you're going. Trust me you'll have a blast," she said and made me walk even faster.

"Alice you're taking me to a ball. A masquerade ball. I am not going to have fun. I can't even dance!" I shrieked with the nervousness in my voice. I heard Alice sigh before she came to a complete stop. She let go of my wrist and placed her hands on my shoulders as she looked up at me.

"You are going to have fun. You look like a brunette Cinderella and I will not let you stay home and watch a movie with Jake like you do every Friday night. Look at yourself!" she scolded and turned me to look at a dark window that showed my reflection as well as a mirror. She was right I did look beautiful. Like a brunette Cinderella. My hair was picked up halfway in a bun. The other half was let down and rested on my shoulders in beautiful long curls. A few pieces of my hair were loose from the bun and framed my face.

I smiled at the person in the reflection. "I guess I do look pretty," I said and heard Alice snort. "Pretty, is the biggest understatement of the year," she said and took another grip on my wrist before pulling me along.

When we finally made it to the building that held the ball Alice took me the bathroom before entering the ballroom.

She took out her purse and applied a pink lipstick to my lips. "What no eye makeup," I asked when she put some blush on my cheeks.

"Hello, masquerade ball," she said and showed me my mask. I liked it. It was a half face mask that covered my forehead and just the top of my nose. The outside and eyes were framed in a gold trim. The mask was white and it went with my dress perfectly. Alice placed it on me careful not to mess up my hair and turned me to look in the mirror. The gold framing around my eyes made the brown look deeper and actually show them.

I smiled happy about how I looked and turned back to Alice. She had placed her mask on and it was stunning. The mask was like mine and only covered from forehead to the top of her nose. It was a deep gold color and set with intricate designs around the eyes. Small blue gems were spread out along the eyes and held one lager gem in the middle of her forehead. Her light hazel eyes stood out amongst the gold and blue and I smiled at just how lovely she looked.

I felt my self-esteem go down as I realized who I would be walking into the ball with.

"Come on Cinderbella," she said and held my hand as she pulled me along. I smiled at the nickname she gave me.

The ballroom was beautiful. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceilings lighting the room. The hardwood floors glowed and there were tables along the walls and left the dance floor open and wide. A few couples occupied it while a band standing on a stage played a slow classical song. I did not want to go there.

Alice led me to our table and she took a seat. "Isn't this lovely?" she asked with a bright smiled as I looked around. There were women in beautiful fancy evening gowns that made mine feel like a simple night gown. Men wore tuxes and masks ranged from full face to half to just eye mask.

"So where's Jasper?" I asked as I took a seat that faced the dance floor. "He'll be here," she said from her seat across from me her back facing the dance floor.

"Hello pretties," I heard a soft voice chimed and looked up to see the one and only Rose.

"Hey Rosie," Alice said with a bright smile. Rosalie was Jasper's twin and beautiful.

As I glance at her attire I rolled my eyes. The only one of us who actually could like a Cinderella and she comes looking like a showgirl. Her dress was sleeveless and red. It was a crimson red ball gown with a black tulle overlay over the skirt of the dress. Her hair was in curls but put up so that it was in a loose bun on the top of her head.

Her mask was simple in a light gold color with a sapphire gem one the end of each eye. It only covered her eyes and had a long golden ribbon that blended with her hair when she tied it in the back. She smiled as she took a seat and glanced over at me. "You look like Cinderella, like a Cinderbella," she complemented and I blushed. "I told her the same thing, so where's Emmett?" Alice asked and placed her tiny hand in her lap.

"He is somewhere around here. He's supposed to meet his brother here or something," rose said and examined her French manicured nails.

"Emmett has a brother?" I asked and Rosalie directed her violet blue eyes to me. "Yes, his works involves traveling and he finally has time to just come home for a while so Emmett insisted they have a good time," she said and looked away.

Rosalie was a nice person and I liked her. She liked me too but we didn't have a close friendship. If I had to choose between her and Alice it would most definitely be Alice. Alice and I had known each other longer than I had known Rose.

"Would you care to dance?" I heard and looked up to see Jasper bow to Alice. Alice laughed at just how old fashioned he was acting. He wore a black tuxedo and his mask covered his forehead and down to his nose. The mask traveled down and covered his cheeks leaving his jaw and mouth with out cover. It was plain and grey and fitted his features nicely. His blonde hair was combed back and I was surprised on how nicely he looked,

"You clean up well Jasper," I said and he glanced at me. "Bella?" he asked and I felt insulted. "Wow look who's talking. I didn't even recognize you," he admitted and I looked away blushing while Alice laughed.

She got up and left to dance floor.

Rose and I were left alone.

"So why did you decide to come in as a show girl?" I joked and she cracked a smile. "What, I didn't want to be a wall flower," she teased and I rolled my eyes defeated. "You look really nice by the way," I said and laughed as she looked down at her dress. "Thanks but I would have come in something simpler if I could, but I can't pull it off. Not like you can," she said and I smiled.

"Well hello Rose, and Bella," I heard the booming voice of Emmett. I looked up to see him wear a gold bird mask with a beak. Of course Emmett would only settle for something like that. "Hello Emmett," I said shyly and he took Rose's hand. "If you don't mind I'm going to steal my date for the night," he said and they left to the dance floor without another word.

I sighed as I watched the other couple's dance.

"Would you like to dance?" a soft voice asked and I lifted my head to see. I was staring in the most beautiful glowing green eyes I had ever seen. The man was tall and handsome. He had copper color hair that fell loosely on his forehead. His bright green eyes stood out against the black color mask he wore and I was strung speechless.

He took my hand and led me to the dance floor. The band played an up beat tempo and he placed his hands on my waist holding me at arms length. My arms hung loosely from his neck and we began to sway to the music.

Before I knew it we were twirling to the music and I found I was having fun. I smiled as he brought me closer to him and a crooked smile formed on his face making me blush.

We didn't talk only danced but it was a perfect moment none the less and I was glad Alice had dragged me along. I didn't know I could dance to such an upbeat tempo but I was able to and it was easy with him leading me. When the song finished he let go of me and smiled. The music turned to a slower song and he held his hands out. I smiled and placed my hands in his as we began to waltz.

"Amazing, you don't have a date?" he said softly and I sighed. "No, I didn't really want to come but my friend forced me too," I explained and he smiled.

"I know what you mean. It's not fun to get dragged somewhere against your will," he laughed and blushed. So he was forced here as well.

"Are you from around here?" I asked.

"Well I've been gone for a while. I know that this is an annual event though. The famous Twilight Balls. The theme changes every year doesn't it?" he asked.

"Yes I guess it does. This theme just happens to be a masquerade ball. I hate to think of the other theme's I missed," I joked and he smiled. I had never really gone to any of the Twilight Balls before but I knew what they were about.

When twilight approached the ball rooms would open and it was like a flash from the pass. It brought you back to the old times. It gave you a chance to dress in fancy clothes and enjoy classical music instead of the hip beat of today's clubs. Surprisingly they were very popular.

I noticed the long silence between us and looked up to see his green eyes staring at mine with such a strong intensity. It made my stomach clench.

I found my arms around his neck and his face was a lot closer.

I stared at the cat like eyes and I couldn't help but notice just how close he had gotten. The room around us turned hazy and the sounds faded away. All I could hear was the pounding heart and I wouldn't be surprised if he could hear it to.

I leaned up closer so that his lips barely grazed mine. The promise of a soft smooth kiss. All I had to do was…

I heard clapping and the haze broke apart. The song finished.

I pulled away and turned toward the stage where the band was taking a bow and a break.

"Cinderbella," I heard the cheery voice of Alice call and I turned to look for her small figure.

She came to my side and held my arm. "Hey who were you dancing with?" she asked and I looked to my side realizing I didn't know his name. But he was gone. I looked around to see if I could see him again and was met with a clash of evening gowns and tuxedos.

"I was dancing with….a prince charming," I answered and Alice laughed as she took my hand and led me back to the table.

"Oh and where is he?" she asked and looked over her shoulder to the dance floor.

"I have no idea," I mused and took a seat. She gave me a look before dropping the subject and I smiled. Tonight was actually fun.

I wonder if I would ever meet the prince charming again.

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