After months of trying to come up with a Girls Bravo story, I've finally been able to find the inspiration to begin my take on what a third season of the show could be like. Takes place where the second season's last episode left off. For those who don't know about girls bravo or forgotten about most of it, it would be best to watch or read about what happens in the last few episodes. I'll try to make the characters as close to their original personalities as I can. More drama and plot twists await in Girls Bravo: Season 3. Remember to R&R. Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: Of course, I don't own any of the characters or other stuff, but the story is pretty much my original take on it.

Girls Bravo: Season 3
Chapter 1 - Second Chance

"Yukinari, can I hide in here," Kirie said as she burst into the room, almost missing the tight situation he was in, "Sorry to bother you, but I need to hide here just for a few minutes."

"Kirie, what are you…Ewwww," His face switched to one of disgust and disturbance as he witnessed his teacher, Ms. Hijiri, rubbing his friends chin in a not-so-right manner. Man this is so not my, excuse me, our day. I finally get rid of my allergy and now, after going through so many hard trials to get Miharu back, it's back and I have another girl to worry about. Now what can I do?!

"Kirie, that last punch you dealt me made me realize that you're the perfect girl for me." By now the young, high school girl was backing up ready to escape through the window, but was cornered when both Fukuyama and Kosame appeared out of nowhere.

"Hang on, Ms. Kirie is going to be mine!" The agent declared as she approached Kirie after opening the closet doors where she had been hiding.

"You're all kidding me. I'm the one who's been after Kirie since the beginning. She belongs to me." Fukuyama, being the pervert that he was, began inching his way to try to feel up his classmate's ample chest, but was stopped by Kosame, who had a revolver aimed at his head. "What are you doing Kosame? Do I need to remind you that you're to follow my orders. Now put your gun away this instant."

"Correction, I am to directly follow the orders of Mistress Lisa. As per her orders, I am currently overseeing Yukinari Sasaki to ensure that he does not come into the hands of another woman. As far as that is concerned, I have been given the authority to implement any necessary measures to complete my mission." Kosame kept her aim directed towards her mistress' brother while speaking, never once batting an eyelash.

"What does that have to do with me? What I do with Kirie is of no concern to you and has nothing to do with your mission. This is nothing more than personal feelings that you feel for her, which should be discarded when dealing with a mission. So you've no choice but to ignore this situation." Kirie began looking back and forth between Ms. Hijiri, Kosame, and Fukuyama during the entire conversation thinking of a way out. Meanwhile, Yukinari was trying to think of a way to get escape before any explosions and fighting took place and he got caught in the middle.

"True, Miss Kirie has nothing to do directly with my mission, however, I do perceive you as a threat to my mission. If you continue to interfere in the life of my target, he will most certainly become not only afraid of women but people in general, making it harder for my mistress to obtain him. So you see, I can still do my job as well as protect Miss Kirie in this situation." Kosame smirked as she fixed her gaze on Fukuyama, who by now was dumbfounded and becoming fearful of the agent. Fearing for his life, the rich snob made his exit out the window.

"Well that was interesting, but now it's time for Kirie to come with me. Come on, hun, I'll show you a good time." Hijiri made movement to grab Kirie's hand, but stopped when she sensed the other woman's gun point her way.

"And you. I know, for a fact, that you pose a threat to both Miss Kirie and my target. Past actions would prove my point."

"My my, but I'm only a concerned high school teacher trying to lighten my students to the wonders of knowledge. As well as, going out with young women who could give me a thrill." Hijiri made an innocent face, but it only caused Kosame to pull back the hammer on her revolver.

"Please, don't try to insult my intelligence. It only gives me more reason to send you away. You kidnapped one of my mistress' friends, endangered my mistress' life, and, to make matter even worse, you attacked my precious Miss Kirie. If that doesn't serve as reason to destroy you then nothing else will." Kosame noticed Hijiri's face darken as she realized that she would not back down.

"Fine if this is the only way to get to Kirie, then I accept your challenge." The teacher got into a fighting stance.

"Very well then, but it hardly seems fair to just shoot you when you are clearly unarmed. Since it's you, I will win with my own two hands." Kosame also got into fighting position and launched her first attack. As the two women met fists a cloud of smoke enshrouded their movements to the other people in the room.

Now's my chance to escape, but I gotta make sure that neither of them notice me. Looking back and forth Kirie made her way to the open door, but caught sight of an unconscious Yukinari beside his bed. Apparently, the stress of his allergy to women became too much to handle and he fainted after being held by Miharu and Yukina. I guess I have no choice. Grabbing her friend's arm she ran out of the room and through the front door. I know me grabbing him isn't helping his allergy, but it's the only way to get him away from there. Sheesh, even his own house isn't safe anymore.

"K…ki…kirie?" Yukinari began to regain consciousness slowly even while being pulled off the ground by his running friend. Eventually, Kirie came to a stop and both regained their composure. "What happened? One minute I'm being smothered by Miharu and Yukina, and the next I'm flying through the air with you tugging at my arm."

"Long story short, Kosame chased off Fukuyama and then both she and Ms. Hijiri are fighting to try and see who gets me. I don't understand anything about those people, they're insane. Come on let's go calm down at the park." Taking Yukinari's hand, she led them to a bench, but before she sat down she felt him stop. "Yukinari?"

"Umm…Kirie, I don't know how to say this but…can you give me a hug?" At this Kirie, blushed and began to get nervous.

"Wh…what are you saying? Maybe you're heads still not yet normal from that allergy attack back there."

"It's not like that, I just want to see something? Could you just please do this for me? It's only one hug." Even though he tried to sound normal, he knew that it was embarrassing to do this in public.

"Fine, but only for a second. I don't want anyone seeing us like this, they might get the wrong idea." Just as with Yukinari, Kirie was nervous on the inside, as her feelings for him had not disappeared, only been ignored. I know he only thinks of me as a friend, but just this once I could be a little selfish and use this as a way to be with him like he is with Miharu. Wrapping her arms around him, Kirie felt that something was different. Looking at his face, she realized exactly what he was going instantly. "Your…your allergy…it's not acting up."

"I know. I felt kinda strange when I didn't feel the usual itch when you led me to the park, so I wanted to see if it was just me or if I really am normal." He began looking back and forth between both his hands to confirm that his body didn't react.

"Only one way to make sure." Running off into the trees, Kirie located a young girl about her age and brought her back to him. "This is my friend, Yukinari, and I was just wondering if you could help us with something. You see he has this allergy that he only gets from touching women and we thought that maybe he got over it. Do you think that you could just touch his face to see if he did?" Hesitant, the girl slowly reached out and touched Yukinari's face, but in a few seconds he began to feel his rash start to kick in.

"Wow, I guess this means that you and Miharu are the only two girls that don't trigger it. Thanks for your help anyway." He said to the girl as she removed her hand.

"No problem. By the way, my name is Takani and I was kinda wondering if maybe you'd like to get some ice cream sometime…" Takani didn't have time to finish as Kirie interrupted.

"Um…he'll think about it but right now we have to get him home so he can get out of his pajamas." Takani and Yukinari immediately blushed upon realizing the situation and all said goodbye. The whole way back Kirie dragged him by his arm. "This is really strange, nobody besides Miharu has been able to not trigger your allergy. For some reason it seems like your allergy isn't gone, more like you're just normal when I touch you. Did anything happen while you were being smothered?"

"Now that you mention it, before I blacked out I saw Miharu's powers activate, but there was no explosion like usual. Anything after that is pretty much a blur."

"Maybe Miharu's magic did something to you. The question is, why did it only make it unresponsive to me and not erase it completely? I think we should ask someone else from Seiran about it, someone like Kyomi or Tomoka." As they reached Yukinari's house, both noticed signs that a battle took place. "I don't think we have to worry about your house repairs. I'm sure Lisa will be able to pay for the damages, since it was partly Kosame's fault."

After entering the house, they saw that no one previously in Yukinari's room was there and searched around. Upon finding Koyomi and Tomoka playing a game of cards, Kirie relayed the whole story to them. Kyomi was the first to come up with a theory.

"While Miharu does not trigger Yukinari's allergy, Yukina, on the other hand, is like a normal girl and therefore causes his rash to come out. It's possible that the different responses to each girl caused Miharu's magic to try to keep his rash from becoming serious and, therefore, transferred into his body some magic to contain it. Maybe, when Kirie touched him the magic transferred into her and made it unresponsive to her."

"Let's see." Tomoka took Koyomi's hand and placed it on his face, causing his allergy to react. "Guess that confirms it. Yukinari is safe to touch Kirie all he wants." At this, the other three gasped, with Yukinari and Kirie blushing madly.

"I think you mean…that it's okay for Yukinari to touch me without getting his rash, right?" Kirie tried to correct her younger friend.

"Maybe. Why? Did the thought of him touching you get you embarrassed? Hey, Yukinari, you had better make your choice quick." Tomoka smirked.

"Choice…what do you mean choice?" Yukinari was beginning to think that Tomoka had been reading too many teen magazines for her age.

"Who do you pick between Miharu and Kirie?"

"Wha…what do you mean pick? Tomoka this is getting a little too personal." Yukinari began to get nervous as he caught on to what the young girl was implying.

"I agree. How about a change of subject before things get too messy?" Kirie was also feeling like she should stop this before it got out of hand. However, it was bad timing as someone stepped through the door and the sound of a bag dropping vibrated in the room loud enough for all to turn towards the entrance.

"Mi…Miharu welcome back." But upon turning his gaze to the girl in front of him, he noticed that had a downcast look on her face.