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Girls Bravo: Season 3

Chapter 6: Memories Are Bravo

It was a in a white hospital room where the scene took place. The atmosphere had a calm yet melancholic air to it that brought both tears and smiles to the occupants in the room. On the bed, a young woman in her mid 30s calmly examined her two daughters beside her. One almost in her teens with red hair and a moderately developed body and another, smaller girl with pink hair that had been inherited from her mother. The older daughter was holding back her tears trying to be strong, while the younger daughter was crying hard on the side of the bed, clutching her mother's arm.

"Girls, I want you to listen to me." Both girls looked up to face their mother, Konata. "I want both of you to grow up and become strong, kind girls. Even if I'm gone, I want you to know how proud I am of the two of you and how happy I've been since having you in my life." Both girls began to feel tears build up again but fought them back and listened further. "Don't let life take away your beautiful smiles and always try to look on the bright side of things. After all, you're not alone. You have each other and family is the best thing in the world to have." Konata motioned for the two to come closer as she hugged them close to her tightly. She silently thanked the heavens for the two most precious individuals that she had in her life before letting go.

"Maharu, I want you take care of your younger sister and watch over her." Maharu nodded rubbing her eyes, unable to hold her tears back. "Find yourself a nice man someday and raise a happy family. Be happy and proud. Never forget how important your family is." The woman turned to her youngest daughter, with whom she shared her hair color.

"My sweet, little Miharu, I'm sorry that I had to leave you like this when you are so young. I wish that I had more time to see you grow up and become such a kind beautiful young woman." Patting the crying child's head, she quietly asked for forgiveness for leaving her daughter like this. "But I know that no matter what you will always be my little Miharu. Promise me that you will never lose your smile, my dear, and that one day you too will find happiness." Young Miharu managed to smile her brightest smile despite her tears, causing her mother to smile back in return.

For the next three days neither of the daughters left her side, until the doctors came in one night while they were asleep and confirmed that she had passed away. A few days later, both attended the funeral along with friends of the family making sure to smile brightly even while crying their eyes out.

Opening her eyes, Miharu slowly rose up and rubbed them, feeling a few fresh tears from her dream. It's been a long time since I've had that dream about mama. Maybe I'm starting to get homesick. After getting out of bed and dressing up, she came downstairs and immediately came into contact with a familiar scent of food. Making her way to the kitchen she was surprised to see Maharu near the stove talking with everyone.

"Big sister!" Maharu looked up in time to see her baby sister rush her into a hug. The red-head always loved surprising Miharu with a visit. "When did you get here? Why didn't you tell me you were coming over?"

"Well, if I told you that, Miharu, then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? Besides, I love getting a hug from my little sister after so long." Maharu returned the favor before moving back to attend to the food on the stove. "Go ahead and have a seat, little sister. I'm almost done making the food." The excited teen eagerly went to the table and joined in the conversation while her elder sister brought the familiar scents to the table.

"Sister, is that what I think it is?" The younger glutton eyed the food with hunger and nostalgia.

"That's right, they're all your favorite dishes from home. I was thinking you'd probably be missing Seiren after being on Earth, so I wanted to do what I could. Ok, now I've made enough for everyone so feel free to dig in." Everyone said their thanks and took their portions of food, with the two Seiren sisters taking a larger portion due to their appetites. Miharu crying tears of joy at the memories the taste was bringing back. Koyomi and Tomoka both felt happy as well to be eating food from their planet.

Koyomi was swimming in memories of the different dishes that she came home to after work. Being reminded of home also brought some new ideas into the equation. After finally meeting her father, the shy girl began to wonder if it was possible for her to have a true family at some point. Granted she needed to spend time alone and get to know her father, while also considering her mother's wishes as well. The purple-haired girl didn't know the entire story behind her parents' past relationship, although her mother reiterated how in love they were, and could envision the consequences if such a relationship was forced without a proper discussion. Still, it was a very pleasant idea to think about, so much that Koyomi blushed at the thought of being doted on by her father.

Tomoka, on the other hand, was busy fantasizing about how delicious the food back in Seiren was. Despite not wanting to be treated as a child, her mind still went back to the times during work where she would enjoy her favorite snack of candy and juice. She couldn't help the fact that she loved sweets but knew that if she gave it too much attention around others that she would once again have to prove herself as an "adult."

Yukinari and Kirie both shared their opinions of the food and overall felt that Seiren food was like a delicacy in their eyes. Being the only two not from Seiren, they easily tasted the difference in the flavor, texture, and ingredients each dish had compared to Earth food. Yukinari did recall his first time getting transported to Miharu's planet and the food that she gave him that day. Right now, there was far more variety than the last time.

An hour later, everyone had finished their meal with satisfied smiles on their faces and began to clean up. Maharu volunteered at first but was shot down by everyone since she was the one who went through the trouble of preparing all the food in the first place. Yukinari, Kirie, and Koyomi each took a job in the clean-up process. Tomoka went to go watch a cartoon and Miharu was busy catching up with her sister on the activities that she had missed in her time away from home.

"I see, so the festival was held again this year. That sounds so exciting, I wish there was a way to travel back and forth from Seiren to Earth a lot easier." Miharu sighed in remembrance of the activities that they would participate in back in the past.

"Well, from what I've been hearing lately, it seems like that's the new plan introduced by the Space Travel Agency. In the next few months, they are going to start the integrating period, where they hope to introduce potentially scouted males into the population." The others, minus Tomoka, listened in with interest. "It's part of the new plan that the leader of the agency decided to implement recently."

"Wow, I wonder what made Yukina change her mind so fast?" Miharu innocently wondered, while the rest laughed nervously. The others already guessed it was due to the former antagonist's recent interest in Yukinari, since he was found out to be the only male who didn't trigger her rash. Ironic, considering she still triggered his. In a way, this was within their expectations as Yukina was previously the only one against allowing males into Seiren, because of jealousy. Now that she was on board, perhaps their planets could finally be united to a degree.

"I was also asked to deliver this," reaching into her cleavage, Maharu pulled out a white envelope and handed it to Koyomi, "to both you and Tomoka."

"Let's see." The younger woman opened the letter and began to read its contents before deciding it was permissible to disclose to others. Tomoka happened to enter the room again just in time to hear the report. "It says here that in three months there will begin a trial period in which a select few male earthlings, elected by members of the Space Travel Agency, are to be integrated into the Seiren female population. Among these, are to be men of varying age, ranging from late adolescence to middle-aged, as well as physical and personality traits desired by an accumulated majority of votes, taken via surveys. Due to this, it has been declared that before any testing of planet-to-planet communications, all natives of Seiren currently present on Earth and who do not have valid reason to stay are ordered to return within the month prior to the integration stage." As she finished, the others looked at each other trying to digest this new information.

"So in other words, Miharu is going to have to go back to Seiren in two months?" Yukinari, Miharu, and Kirie all looked shocked at the news of possible separation.

"But that's so sudden." Kirie took another look at the letter to see if there was a deadline for how long Miharu would have to stay in Seiren before she could come back. "It does say here that at any point after the beginning of the male/female integration, if a Seiren resident, familiar with Earth's customs, wishes to cross onto the other side they are free to do so as long as they notify the STA first." Miharu let out a sigh of relief. "So once this thing starts, Miharu will be able to come back."

"I'm glad." As much as she wanted to spend some time at home with her sister, Miharu wasn't planning on staying too long. She loved Seiren, she really did. But Earth had become a second home to her too, and she had so many wonderful people that she cared about here. She could deal with staying a short period of time in Seiren, but no longer than necessary. Her friends would miss her and vice versa. On the bright side, if things went well during the experiment then she could come and go between worlds as much as she wanted.

"I guess this means Koyo and I should get busy starting our part then, doesn't it?" Tomoka said with a proud smile and chin up.

"It does?" Koyomi received an irked glance from her tiny partner as if she had messed up her big moment.

"Of course it does, Koyo. Who do you think is going to be doing the selecting of the men coming to Seiren?" Koyomi's face widened in realization and fear. "That's right. We're going to be helping in that department. After all, the whole reason we came here in the first place was to…." The young blonde felt an eerie presence behind her as she spoke. Turning around slowly, she came face-to-face with a glaring Maharu.

"Speaking of that…" The red-head stared down at the cowering forms of the two STA agents. "How did the search for my husband go, ladies?" Both girls jumped slightly as she leant down further. "Surely, you weren't goofing off this whole time, right? You were just having a hard time finding the perfect mate for me, I guess." She smiled darkly as both nodded quickly with each sentence.

Thankfully, though, Maharu's angry aura dissipated in the next second. "But, I guess all that doesn't matter now since I'll be able to find my handsome prince in three months." Laughing cheerfully she left the room dreaming about her eventual mate and bright future, while her former victims sighed in relief.

"At least we'll be over here on Earth while she's stuck in Seiren during that time." Tomoka shifted to her companion, who was now huddled in a corner of the room.

"What do I do? I still don't know how to approach men without wanting to run away." The others looked sympathetically at their friend. "And we have to go around town for three months gathering crowds of men to take back home." Koyomi's shivering grew more erratic as she began to envision the hard labor her nerves would have to endure.

Kirie went and placed a hand on the young girl, causing her to calm down and shift her gaze to the onlookers. "Don't worry about it, Koyomi, I'm sure everything will go smoothly. Besides, we'll be happy to lend a hand to you two." The purple-haired girl smiled tearfully at the news.

"I don't know what to say. Thank you all so much, I would really appreciate the help." She stood and bowed up and down enthusiastically.

"I don't see why we would need help in the first place." The petit blonde confidently stood straight. "I mean, Tomo's more than enough to handle the job even if Koyo does get in over her head." The others laughed slightly, mentally adding that her modesty left much to be desired.

*Space Travel Agency*

Inside the small command center, there were dozens of female workers laboring around the clock. Some working on computer commands, others engineering mechanical parts together, and a handful of crews running back and forth carrying out menial tasks. Observing all of this activity was a petit silver-haired girl in a tight military uniform and her assistants.

"Give me a report on the progress so far." Each informant saluted before preparing to give their individual status report to their leader.

"My lady, so far there have been no problems in the preparations for portal communications. As of right now, the engineering department has double-checked for any shortness of supplies and no such complain has come forth." A tall dark brunette spoke first and motioned for the next in line.

"Computer technical support reports that they have prepared numerous test simulations to account for any abnormalities that may arise during first contact." Checking her clip board, the bespectacled, green-haired girl continued. "The only factor that they have warned about is the possibility of outside sources having a negative impact on stability issues."

"Outside sources?" Yukina raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Yes, specifically speaking there are a select few besides you, my lady, that possess above-average abilities compared to the rest of the Seiren population." The girl motioned to a small computer screen that contained a line-up of female photos. "During routine physicals we have been able to determine that these individuals possess power beyond that of most normal Seiren occupant. Basically, should any of these individuals experience an uncontrollable emotion or experience, depending on level of personal control, there is a chance that the power surge could have an impact on portal passage."

"I see." The silver beauty scanned the list of individuals and stopped when she recognized the picture of a pink-haired girl in the middle. "Very well. In order to take some precautions, I'll make an exception and have myself on standby during the experiment. If anything happens, I'll be able to use my own power to cancel out any negative impacts. Dismissed." All the informants saluted and retreated to their respective divisions. Yukina, now alone, took one last glance at the computer screen. Although I would like nothing more than to keep you here in Seiren, the one I love cares for you deeply so I'll make an exception just this one. We'll see who can win Yukinari's heart fair and square so that there will be no doubt about who is more deserving of him. With an excited scream she began to fidget and blush at the thought of doing so many naughty things to the man of her dreams.

And there you all have another chapter. Yukina's back and the plot thickens on what's going to come next with the impending meeting between the men of Earth and man-hungry women from Seiren.I've read everyone's comments and concerns and I'd just like to address some key ones. First, I hope everyone recognizes that I don't own GB or their rights, but if I did then I would definitely make a third season. I can't legally make your dreams come true without being fined or sued for copyright infringement lol. But if the author or anime companies ever decide that they want to use my material for a third season then I'd gladly welcome it, even better if someone interested was willing to put in the time and effort to get this story made into an anime. So if you seriously want to do that then be my guest and go for it.

Secondly, about the Kirie/Miharu toss-up issue. I'm more partial towards Kirie but I do realize that both she and Miharu have their pros and cons. But since the anime was more geared towards Yukinari/Miharu, I decided to try a different path, that wasn't focused on yuri or plain wrong pairings (Kirie/Fukuyama). Miharu in my book was more of a quick fix to Yukinari's problems and that's what turned me off about their relationship. She never had to go through any trials to gain Yukinari's love and was the obvious ending girl route. Kirie, on the other hand, was more of the tragic character instead of a "could've been" scenario. She grew to love Yukinari and tried her best to do what she thought would help him with his bully problems, despite her temper tantrums. She basically never had a chance since she triggered his allergy, was shy about her feelings, and eventually sacrificed her own happiness for his. So this story is my way of evening the odds and making the drama more pronounced.

Third, to the person who asked why Fukuyama doesn't leave Kirie alone. Fukuyama has a mindset where he thinks he is God's gift to women and believes his status and stature can charm any woman. Another point is the fact that he possibly thinks he's in a dating sim scenario, where his interaction with Kirie (the tsundere character) helps him set "flags" along the way that will eventually lead him to the goal. Who can blame him in a way? Kirie has the most developed body among the girls in the show, despite Miharu having almost equally large "assets," and her unwillingness to be touched creates an allure in its own way.

Lastly, what Fukuyama would do if he was in Seiren. For those who have not watched the anime in a while or forgot most of it, Fukuyama does get transported to Seiren more than once. The first is on accident, where he, koyomi, and tomoka wind up in the bath with Maharu. The second time is in the last episode after the gang goes back to rescue Miharu, he stays behind to "handle the women" while the rest move on to the next opponent. Needless to say, Fukuyama has a field day and the women being man-hungry appear to enjoy every minute of his time.