First time writing for Sherwood Smith… It's about when Mel goes to rescue Bran

First time writing for Sherwood Smith… It's about when Mel goes to rescue Bran. However, this is my take on what happened. She didn't surrender…

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters unfortunately.

Mel crept through the dark, luscious woods trying her hardest to remain silent. Fallen tree limbs and branches scattered the earth as she inched forward closer and closer towards the castle where Shevareth was imprisoning her older brother, Bran. A twig snapped harshly behind her as a man stepped out from behind a large pine tree. Pointing his sword at Mel, the soldier moved forward as if to take a hold of her.

Reacting instantaneously, Mel threw her arm at the man's head. He stumbled backwards as he took the blow straight to the nose. A red stream of blood flowed down his face. His sword clamored on the dirt below as he grunted and grasped his face in pain.

Quickly, Mel dropped to her knees and reached for the fallen sword. Swinging it up, she sliced through his protective metal. The screams came to a halt as the man slumped against the trunk of the pine. His breathing became ragged until he made no more sound.

Glancing, back Mel saw her army was surrounded by Shevareth's men. Anger flared inside of her. She ran to there aid, killing anyone who got in her way. She needed to save not only Bran, but also her people. Mel was more determined than she had ever been in her entire life. People fell on her left and right as she raced towards the looming, stone castle. Her heart raced as she heard her army run behind her.

They were winning the fight. Although they weren't the trained in battle, they had a reason to fight. Bran meant everything to them and they would go to any extreme to get him back.

"Lines," Mel screamed.

Her breath came in bursts as she charged. The men and women around her began to spread out into many intimidating lines. Straight ahead of the Tlanth army, soldiers began to disperse out of the gigantic wooden doors. They too began to form lines on the opposite side of the bridge. Their arms were at the ready, preparing for slaughter.

"Halt!" Mel screeched, waving her hands frantically in a stopping motion. The army came to and abrupt stop. Mel hadn't noticed how loud the fighting had been until the air around her was filled with absolute and complete silence.

A lone figure stepped out of line and proceeded to head across the bridge. Mel lifted her chin and marched proudly out to meet Shevareth. Closer and closer they came until there was only a few inches separating the two. Neither said anything. Shevareth gazed down at Mel with his piercing grey eyes. His black hat cast and ominous shadow across his face.

"Surrender," he whispered.

"Never," Mel spat. "Give my brother back or we will fight and we will win." Although her chin was held high, she lifted it even more in defiance.

"Mel," Shevareth tried to reason.

"No," she yelled cutting him off. "I want my brother now."

"He isn't coming. He is siding with us. If you would come inside and discuss this rationally, you would understand why."

"He wouldn't side with you over me ever." Mel's face held a mixture of surprise and betrayal. She brushed a strain of fallen hair out of her eyes.

"Don't fight me, Mel," Shevareth pleaded.

"You won't win," Mel repeated. She spun on her heels and strode back to her curious and expecting army.

"We will fight until we get Bran," Mel replied.

On the other side of the bridge, Shevareth paced back to his men. He walked back and forth in front of the lines.

"We will fight them."

The army visibly stiffened preparing for the impending battle.

"Do not kill the leader," Shevareth yelled. "She is mine." He turned around and looked at the fearless woman standing across from him. A soft sigh escaped his lips, but no one other than himself heard. Shevareth raised his sword up into the air. With a small point towards the enemy, his men rushed towards Mel and her people.

Shevareth didn't move though. He stood in his place gazing at Mel, watching her pierce his men to death. He grudgingly made his way towards the action. The battle parted for him as he made his way to Mel.

Mel stepped on the soldier's chest and ripped out the sword. No one came after her, making her suspicious. Peering around she saw Shevareth sauntering up to where she stood covered in blood.

Shevareth lifted his sword and continued to move to where Mel was. She too held her sword at the ready position. Mel took a step to the right and so did Shevareth. She took a step to the left and so did he. Whatever move Mel made, Shevareth did the exact same. It was as if they were doing a dance for their lives.

Finally, Mel saw an opening and lunged, stabbing Shevareth in the upper left arm. Blood gushed out of the wound. He momentarily stopped, surprised by her actions. Coming to his senses, Shevareth raised the heavy metal weapon and swung it at Mel. The clash of metal rung out as the swords collided.

Shevareth was stronger, but Mel was quick. She ducked out of the way as his blade made its way towards her stomach. Unseen to his eyes, Mel swung her sword at his head. Quickly, Shevareth parried the blow. He needed this to end. Not thinking anymore, he leapt forward and tackled Mel to the ground. He raised his blade and placed it on her throat.

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