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Slowly, Mel began to awake. Her eyes fluttered open, but quickly shut again because of the harsh, bright morning light pouring through the window. Coldness seeped throughout her entire body as she realized she was not under any of the covers. Hastily, she began to reach for the blankets underneath her. However, she was unable to move her hand. Her eyes snapped open and she glanced down at her captured hand. Blonde hair was spread across her arm and bed. Disgusted, Mel ripped her hand from the grasp of the sleeping man.

Vidanric immediately shot straight up. He blinked a couple of times before his gaze landed on a very disgruntled Mel. Remembering his promise to Bran, he stood up and left the room to go find him. Confused, Mel watched his retreating figure. Minutes passed as the nurse began to tend to Mel's wounds once again. The pain was almost unbearable until she saw he beloved brother walk through the wooden door. Forgetting the nurse, Mel jumped off the bed and ran to her brother.

"Bran," she breathed as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She could hear a quiet chuckle as Bran brought his sister closer to his body; tightening the hug. The two just stood there for awhile; glad to have each other back. Reluctantly, Mel released Bran and took a couple steps back to lean against the wall.

"What are you wearing," Mel questioned after seeing his outfit. He was dressed in the Reselaeus' colors.

"I thought Vidanric talked to you," Bran sighed.

"Who's Vidanric?" Mel sounded perplexed.

"Shevareth. You know he has a name, not just a title, right?" He rolled his eyes at his little sister.

"That still doesn't explain why you are wearing that," Mel huffed.

"Mel, we're fighting for the same cause. We need to side with Vidanric." Bran was completely serious. All the usual humor in his face had vanished.

"We are not siding with him," Mel gasped.

"We both want the same things. It makes the most sense."

"The same things? What has he been filling your head with? Lies?" Mel screeched. She didn't even try to hide her anger.

"He wants to take down Galdran, just like you and I."

"Then what?" Mel hissed. "Who's going to take the crown? You or Shevareth?" A puzzled looked crossed over Bran's features for a second, but then he was back to normal.

"I don't know," Bran groaned. "It doesn't matter right now. We just need to defeat Galdran."

"Of course it matters," Mel insisted. Sometime throughout their fight Vidanric had slipped into the room. Hearing the sincerity and stubbornness in Mel's voice made him cringe. She would never fight with him because of their awful beginning.

"If I could say something," Vidanric drawled. Mel's head spun to face him, anger evident in her murderous glare.

"You've done enough," she shrieked.

"If you would just listen," he began.

"There is nothing to listen too," Mel replied harshly. Turning her back on both of the men, Mel threw the door open and rushed out into the empty corridor. Looking to her left and right, she spotted a staircase. Ignoring the piercing pain running up her leg, she hurried down the steps. Not knowing where to go, she took hallway after hallway at a quick pace. Conveniently, a man was walking towards her.

"Excuse me, sir," Mel said politely. "I was asked to do some work in the stables by Lord Vidanric. I can't seem to find way around. Could you point me in the right direction?"

A gentle smile crossed the man's face. He thought Mel was a servant, so he gave her instructions leading her straight out of the castle. Nodding her thanks, Mel rushed off to the exit. As she ran through the stone hallways, a hand grasped her upper arm. Turning, she came face to face with her brother.

"Mel," Bran said severely.

"Get your hand off of me, you traitor," Mel grunted. Bran flinched, but didn't let go of her.

"You need to listen to me for once in your life," he grumbled.

"I said get off of me," Mel repeated even more forcefully.

"Me and you. We're in this together, but we need Vidanric's help."

"There is no me and you," Mel whispered as she slammed her hell into Bran's foot causing him to release her arm. Mel sprinted off, taking advantage of her small lead. Turning a sharp corner, she almost ran into the door. Taking the handle, she tore it open. A cool breeze sent a shiver up her spine as she raced across the bridge.

Clouds began to move into the sky as she slowed her pace down to a walk. Her chest was constricted, not just from the run but also from the betrayal of her one and only brother. Her mind scattered from one thought to another as she crept through the woods towards her village. The sky over head began to darken due to the impending night. Up ahead of her, she saw lights and relief swept through her body.

She made her way through the town without being noticed. Mel didn't go home. Instead, she went straight to their headquarters. The small house that they planned in was alight with numerous fire sticks. Not bothering to knock, she burst right into the crowded room. Sighs of relief could be heard as the soldiers saw their leader walk to the platform in the front of the room.

"It's just us. Bran isn't coming back," she stated. Confused looks were cast throughout the room, but Mel left it at that.

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