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+Chapter One+

Rewind to the first time
And I felt it coming
I knew it would not last
Rewind to the first time
And I felt it coming
Make it quick, make it painless
Don't tell me lies just say goodbye – Paramore "Rewind"

November 13, 2008

Gotham City, USA

Surrounded by humanity she doesn't feel nearly as lonesome. Sometimes she wonders what life would have been like if she had never met him. Never seen his sparkling sapphire eyes, never heard his rough yet silky voice. Even as she sat along the row of gargoyles, almost looking like one of them. Lord knows she felt like they did, hard and emotionless; stained with darkness.

"Let's go." He rasped, taking to the gloomy skies of Gotham. His great wingspan catching the dirty debris filled air. She stayed behind. Watching, waiting for some sign to prove she was alive.

"Robin?" Batman said into his comlink. She winced, "Right behind you."

Her wings were slight compared to his, not reaching the ground. Short enough as to not restrict her movement but just reaching her elbows. She was his sidekick, his ward… but what else could she be?


December 24, 2005

It was dark, so dark. She was jammed into the Social Worker's Mercedes Benz, her forehead pressed against the cold tinted window. She was on her way to her new home, a new name and a new life.

"You're lucky he wanted you Michelle." The Social Worker said disdainfully as she turned the car up a large gravel driveway.

"My name's Mitchie." She grumbled indignantly.

"Well Mitchie," the worker sneered, "Be glad Mr. Wayne wanted anything to do with you after your last little performance at the orphanage."

She was referring to how she insulted Mr. Wayne on his last visit to the orphanage. He'd thrown a fundraiser for the Little Angels Orphanage a month before and had seen Mitchie. She was only fourteen, her parents had been killed in a house fire, she'd been dumped there by her distant Aunt who didn't want anything to do with her. The Social Worker parked the car and Mitchie opened her door and stepped out onto the cold stone steps. She got her trunk from the back of the car and lugged it to the doorstep of the foreboding Wayne Manor. Before she could lift her finger to ring the doorbell the large double doors swung open.

"You must be Miss Davenport." He said in a prim British accent. Mitchie smiled,

"Uh, yes. I am."

The man, who she assumed was a butler, led her into the mansion. She heard the Mercedes screech out of the driveway, leaving her alone.

"I am Alfred by the way, Miss Davenport." The man said. Mitchie nodded, "Okay."

She found herself in a large bedroom, a four poster in the center with a balcony. Alfred put her trunk on the bed, "Master Wayne will be with you in a moment."

Mitchie turned her attention to the balcony, "I'll be here."

Alfred closed the door and Mitchie was alone again. She watched the snow blow against the windows, frosting them over. She touched the window, it was cold. Numbing her to the pain she felt.

"Beautiful, right?"

Mitchie jumped, "Oh, um hi, Mr. Wayne."

Bruce chuckled, "Do you like your room?"

"Yeah, it's nice Mr. Wayne." She said formally. Bruce put a hand on her shoulder, she flinched at the contact; "You can call me Bruce."

Mitchie looked at his hand and then back to his face, "Sure… Bruce."

"It's Christmas Eve, shouldn't you be in bed waiting for Santa or something?" he joked. Mitchie grinned, "I'm fourteen. And besides it's only seven 'o clock."

Bruce pulled her into a hug, Mitchie was surprised by the show of affection. She hadn't been hugged in months and she felt like Bruce genuinely cared about her.

"I didn't get you a present." Mitchie said sadly, wishing she'd asked the Social Worker if she could borrow some money for a gift. She felt Bruce smile,

"I think you're the best present I've ever gotten."

End Flashback

"Batman I think I-"

Robin was caught off guard when something snagged on her hair. It felt like a hook, tangling in her long straight brown hair. She crashed forward, right into Batman.

"Robin, be careful." Batman scolded. She smiled sheepishly, "Sorry B-man."

Batman rolled his eyes, "Robin, I told you."

"I know, I know, it's a habit. I mean, B-man just sounds so much cooler." Robin pleaded with the dark knight. Batman sighed; Mitchie had her head in the clouds again. Sometimes he really had no idea what that girl could possibly be thinking about. He had no idea she was dreaming about him.

"Holy tumbling tubby tins of turtles Batman!" Robin squeaked.


Robin sighed, "Sorry, but wasn't that funny Batman?"

The caped crusader, who was now fairly annoyed, turned to her; "Hilarious."

"I don't get this. The police scanner said there was a robbery." Robin stated, "Everything's perfect n' junk."

"I agree." Batman said

Something shiny caught Robin's attention. A silver wire ran through the length of the room, around the doors and windows. She was surprised that they'd missed it when they glided in. Batman reached for the doorknob,

"Batman, I think this might be a-"

Too late. Blinding flood lights engulfed them, Robin squinted her eyes. Gunshots rang out through the small room. Snipers. They had been waiting for them. It was all a setup.

"We're dumb." She sighed, both of them crashing through the door and down the stairs. Once out into the street Batman saw the cop lights. Tapping a button on his wrist he heard the familiar growl of the batmobile as it lurched through the ally to find it occupants. A few officers were chasing them with their dogs. Robin loved dogs. She hated that people would use them in such horrible ways. One in particular got off the leash. The next thing she knew she was face down on the grimy wet pavement with a dog on her back. She felt its sharp teeth sink into the tender flesh of her unprotected wrist. Batman turned as saw his ward screaming in pain. He was quick to throw it off her, hauling her to her feet and into the batmobile they sped away into the night.

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