Chapter Three: Save the best for last!! EstherMarie's POV!!

Crossovers with fangs!! If Stephenie didn't give the Cullen's—or any vampires for that matter—fangs, then the Meyer Vampire world should have a sign by the entrance: NO FANGS ALLOWED!!

Facts!!If you don't have all your facts then you should not be writing a fan fic! It'd be like a sports reporter reporting on America's Iron Chef!! Yeah not cool yo!!

Last Names! Jasper Whitlock, and Emmett McCarty!! Must I elaborate??

Bella vs. Bells! Edward calling Bella, Bells, maybe it would happen if his brain was overtaken by werewolves…er…Jacob. Yeah almost as likely as Alice quitting shopping!! LMAO!!

Esme with a twist?? Esme is to freaking sweet to be made a bitch! I don't think on her worst day would she get any angrier than when Edward, Bella and Alice returned from Italy!!

Jacob Imprints chortle! If Jacob were to imprint on Bella he would have imprinted the second Bella ventured back to his house after he was miraculously cured from his "mono". Jacob would have also imprinted on Leah the SECOND he saw her after he changed…not days, weeks, years, decades, centuries, eons later!! Duh!

Bella's change of heart? Bella would never fall in love with anyone else! Yes, she does/did love Jacob, but she didn't love him enough to lose everything with Edward! She loves Edward in a way so indescribable I am personally amazed Stephenie Meyer is able to convey that love into words. In my honest opinion I have a hard time thinking of how that kind of love could feel! Plus, why on earth would you want to lose that for someone that would meet his soul mate and leave you!! Why? That is like deliberately pouring salt onto your severed leg!! IDIOTIC!! Besides! Bella knows exactly what she wants!! E.D.W.A.R.D!! DUH!!

Edward exit stage left! Why would he leave again? He said in the end of New Moon he would only leave if Bella said so. And honestly she isn't going to do that soon!! Thus, don't make him leave unless he's going hunting, and then, make it a squirrel or raccoon from the woods behind Bella's house!!

Edward's change of heart? After spending 100 years alone and quite frankly maybe even a little bitter, why would he after finding his other half deicide to try and settle for someone else? Regardless of them being a human or the fact he doesn't feel the need to try and NOT drain them. Honestly that is ridiculous!!

Legends Smegends!! Yes! Stepehenie incorporates legends with the wolves!! Quite frankly if you want to continue with those, more power to you! But when you add some crackpot vampire legends, you are asking for a round house kick to the face by Chuck Norris!!

Just something else!! When they get rid of the truck, that is brutal! I cried when I read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn! sorry for the spoiler!!