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Summary: "I love you, Ritsuka," he whispered. "And I don't love you," the boy stated quietly. 'Just let me love you, master…'

I love you, Master…

Soubi watched lovingly as his Sacrifice typed furiously on his computer. The college student walked over to kneel behind him, and wrapped his arms around Ritsuka.

"I love you, Ritsuka," the Fighter whispered into his ear.

The boy scowled and pushed Soubi's arms off him. "I told you to stop saying that, Soubi. That's an order, and you were the one who said you loved orders. So obey it!"

Soubi sat down at the corner of Ritsuka's bed, gazing at him with a tinge of hurt. Ritsuka went back to his typing, still heavily frowning.

The man went over to the sliding window, opened it gently and silently, and looked over at his young master once more before slipping out of the house.

It had been raining all week, and it had not let up. So without an umbrella, Soubi walked slowly through it.

'I love you, Ritsuka,' Soubi thought to himself. 'So why shouldn't I say it? Why don't you want to hear it? Just let me love you…master'

The next day found Soubi waiting outside Ritsuka's school, smoking even though it was still pouring.

The man looked up at a window in the school, just barely catching Ritsuka's face before the boy moved from the window, frowning.

The school bell rang at precisely three, and Soubi waited a few more minutes for his young Sacrifice and his friends to arrive. And not five minutes later, the boy emerged. However, he did something different. He took a hold of Yukio's hand – the poor girl seemed as if she were on fire, stuttering and all – and gave Soubi a pointed look.

The twenty year old gave a small smile, his eyes closing. And while to the others it was just part of his smile, Soubi was trying to hold back the tears he wished so desperately to shed.

Twenty minutes later found Soubi and Ritsuka walking to the Sacrifice's house.

"I love you, Ritsuka," Soubi said in a low voice. He made to grasp the boy's hand, but Ritsuka held it against his chest, once again frowning.

Soubi forced his eyes to look forward. 'Master, why won't you let me love you…?'

They had been caught unawares by the female team Zero. The Battle had been going on for an hour, and neither side was letting up.

Soubi chuckled as they sent the same spell Breathless had first cast on him and his Sacrifice, and he found himself chained as was Ritsuka.

The man wound the links around his forearm, and he pulled Ritsuka to him just as he had last time. But when he made to kiss the boy, Ritsuka turned his face to the side, scowling.

"Just fight, Soubi," his master ordered him.

And as Soubi went to cast the spell that would end the Battle, one tear escaped him and he whispered, "I love you, Ritsuka."

"And I don't love you, Soubi," Ritsuka stated quietly, frowning at his Fighter.

'Let me love you, master…'

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