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On to the prologue…

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"Thank you Miss Swan. I can assure you everything will be okay." Mrs. Green told me before I left her office.

I still couldn't believe I went through with it. Even now, with all of the papers signed and having already said good-bye, I still wasn't a hundred percent sure that this was the right decision. Well of course it had to be, at least now.

I was only a sixteen year old girl who made a wrong decision one night that created this big mess. I wasn't ready to be a mother; I was still an adult in the making. I had so many childish moments of my own; how could I even expect to be able to raise a child?

At least this way she can have a home with a family that can give her everything I can't. She will have a mother that can love her in more ways then I ever could and she will grow up happy. This beautiful angel deserves more life than I can give her. One day, if she chooses so, she can know who I am but until then, I will just be a secret she will never know about.

And I can live not being near her, not seeing her first step, not hearing her first words or saying goodbye to her on her first day of school and promising her I would always be there when she needed me. I would survive without my daughter. It was for the best. It had to be.

So, I was doing something when this popped into my head. I can't remember what that said something was but it was probably pointless. That's when I usually come up with my stories.

They will be Human (everyone) and I can almost promise I might cry while writing some of it. By the way, if you really want to read a sad story that will make you cry, go read Setting sun. It's so sad but so good. But read this one too.

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