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C H A P T E R 2:

Alice in Wonderland

"Thank God you agreed to go. I don't think Alice would have gone forward with it without you." Edward said as we walked down the hall and I yawned. I was tired from the previous night and all I wanted to do was sleep. But right now I was with Edward so I would force my eyes awake. School was over and we were both coming from the same class. It was one of those increasingly fewer moments that I would get to be alone with him before Angela entered the picture again.

"She would have. She's been planning her sweet sixteen since she was ten, she wouldn't give it up for the world." I told him and it was true. When she was ten she started to think of things she wanted for the tremendous occasion. Though things aren't the same as they were when she was ten, she's still getting a lot. Esme loved spoiling her children.

"Well, I think she would have. How can you have a party without your best friend by your side?" Edward asked as we turned the corner and passed by other students. We were meeting Angela at the front of the school so Edward could drive us to his house. Apparently Alice already knew I had agreed to come and was having me sleep over for the night along with Angela. Charlie wouldn't mind because Alice had him wrapped around her little finger. She wanted to have enough time to make us up, which meant we would probably be waking up early. Really early.

"Alice would find a way." I told him with a small smile. Alice always found a way to make things perfect, it was like a special gift or something. She always knew how things were suppose to be and everything she did was for a reason.

"Well, I would have missed you." Edward said with a small pout as my heart paused.

"Really?" I asked with hope filled in my voice. I know it sounds stupid, but the thought of him needing me as much as I needed him made me heart melt. It even made things with Angela seem to temporarily disappear.

"Of course I would have missed you. It wouldn't have been a party without you tripping over something." Edward laughed and although I loved the sound I didn't smile. I know it was a joke, but it didn't mean I had to laugh. Edward used to catch me; he even used to be able to sometimes see things coming and stop it. Lately, that hasn't seemed to happen as much. Well, lately would be an understatement.

We walked side by side in silence as the sounds of closing lockers echoed through the hall. Edward didn't say anything so I could only guess his mind was on other things. I wasn't necessarily mad at him or anything because it was probably true- I did trip over air a lot. But it still hurt a little hearing him say he only liked having me around for his amusement.

Something soft and warm hooked onto my left arm and held me still to stop my walk. "Bella?" I looked up into Edwards worried green eyes. "I'm sorry. You know I was just joking though, right? About just having you around for that?" He asked as he looked at me. I forced out a small smile and looked back at him. His greens eyes were completely mesmerizing; even dazzling. No matter what I was feeling, his eyes always made me able to force something else out that wouldn't hurt him.

"Yeah, I know…I was just thinking about Alice's gift and…stuff." I told him while pulling away and yawning again. As much as I loved the feel of his skin, I only wanted to feel it if it was out of love and not worry.

"Are you sure?" He asked, still not totally convinced. I nodded and we continued on still in silence. Edward bumped into me playfully, his scent again surrounding my senses. I looked up at him and smiled. The smile wasn't a hundred percent true, but close enough because he smiled back. Then, in normal Bella fashion, I lost my footing and found myself falling forward. But my body never connected with the ground.

Two arms encased themselves around my torso region and pulled me back up into a standing position against their chest. I turned to see who it was and saw Edward looking at me with a 'told you so' face. But I didn't care, Edward caught me and was now holding me to him. It was just like it used to be; like I loved.The scent of him made my knee's feel weak. I could die now and go happy.

"Oh, and was this to prove me wrong some how Miss Swan? And I thought you had been practicing." Edward said as he began to release me. He took a step back but was still close enough for me to feel the warmth of his body. It still had the ability to stop my heart.

"Accident's happen. But just because it was an accident doesn't make it a bad thing. Sometimes good can come from them." I told him, crossing one arm over the other.

"Oh really?" Edward crossed his arms as well in the same way I did, his arms brushing against mine softly. I shuddered silently.

"Yes really." I told him with my head turned up looking at him. He was too tall.

"What good can come from almost falling on your butt?" He asked, clearly amused. People passed by use with out looking twice even though we were clearly blocking their way. The small amount that was still her just moved around us though. Edward and I were still in eye contact.

"One, I was about to fall on my face not my butt. Two, maybe I was about to get rid of my clumsiness or something. Maybe that was suppose to be the last time I fell. Or maybe me falling was meant for something more. Maybe if you had let me fall then my true love would have tripped over me or something. But now we will never know." I told him smiling. He laughed loudly, the sound echoing against the walls.

"Your true love might have tripped over you? Wouldn't your true love catch you? You know, save you instead of hurt you?" He asked, waiting for a response.

"Well, now we will never know because you caught me." I told him. He was about to respond when a familiar voice filled the air.

"Hello! Edward Bella! I've been out here for like ten minutes with Angela. What took you so long?" Alice asked with her hands on her hips. Angela came up beside her and looked at Edward, pretending to glare at the tall God. Jasper stood behind Alice with an amused look on his faceand his arm brushing against her. But Alice was clearly not amused.

"Alice, it's only been maybe five minute and we were almost there." Edward told her, pointing with his eyes at the two double glass doors that stood a few feet away. She made a 'hump' sound and crossed her arms in the same way as Edward and I only tighter.

"Still, it's my birthday and I wanted to get out of here today." She said, leaning back into Jasper. He was about the same height as Edward so the sight was always amusing to look at. Alice was really short, I think four ten at the most and Jasper was about six three. So, yeah, pretty much let your imaginations run wild.

"Alright, let's go." Edward said, uncrossing his arms and reaching into his pocket. Angela looped her arms around his torso and his arm found its way over her shoulder. To anyone else they would look like soul mates, like one was made for the other. But it just reminded me of something I would never have.


"Okay, here they are—Edward, Jasper get out. I'm showing them what they are wearing to the party." Alice said once she saw the two boys. She'd been in her closet for the last half hour so she hadn't noticed. Edward came looking for Angela, unfortunately, and Jasper for Alice; no one for me as usual. No one saw my sadness because everyone was to wrapped up with there significant other. We told them what Alice was doing so they thought it best to not tell her they were here yet. They'd been though this routine before.

Jasper gave me some company, and kept me awake, since we were both without our other halves. Jasper was a really nice guy and could always make you feel perfectly calm in the worst situations. He was kind of like my older brother and he treated me like his little sister. We fought, talked and acted like we were related but we looked nothing alike. He had blond hair and blue eyes while I was left with brown on top of brown, except for my skin. It was too pale to be considered a color.

Jasper and I both had our futures mapped out as well. I always thought he would either be a psychiatrist, artist or a history teacher because he loved everything in the civil war era. He said he might be that but he wasn't sure, all he knew was that he was going to college where ever Alice went. Already, it was obvious that he would go anywhere with her.I planned on doing something in the English genre. I had always liked writing but who knows, the future isn't set in stone.

"Alllliiicccee, please let us stay." Jasper asked, giving her the male version of her puppy eyes. He bent down on his knees and came eye to eye with her while he pouted. Alice didn't change her expression though. She knew what she wanted and would get it done by any means possible.

"Nope, out. I want it to be a surprise." She said, ushering the boys out. Jasper sighed and kissed her on the cheek before leaving the room. Angela kissed Edward and I turned away. I only turned my face back up when I heard the sound of the door close. "Okay, time to reveal your clothing." Alice said in a happy-hyper voice. Angela and I both sat on the bed and waited for it to begin without saying a word to each other.

"Okay, Bella this is yours. Angela this is yours." Alice said, handing both of us a long black bag with our names on it. I held the hanger and took a deep breath before unzipping it. There hung a beautiful dark blue dress that came above my knee. It was simple and not over done as I had been expecting from Alice. It was a scoop neck and the shoulders were some what covered, almost like it was a sleeve but too small to do so. It wasn't too low cut so it looked like it was just low enough to leave things to the imagination. I took it out of the bag to examine it more and saw that the same sized scoop neckline was in the back. It flowed out from the hip down in a 'flirty' way, as Alice would put it.

"Alice it's beautiful. Thank you." I told her as I continued to look at the dress. I wasn't the type of person who liked to wear dresses but this was an exception.

"Yeah…thanks Alice." Angela said from beside me. I looked away from the dress and looked at hers. It was beautiful as well and would look perfect on her. It was a dark grey and flowed out to her knees as well but in a different way than my own. It hugged her top part until about the middle of her torso where it slowly flowed out. Our sleeves were different as well; hers had no sleeves but the back of it was crisscrossed.

"Okay, now go try them on. Bella, you first." She said before pulling me up and into the bathroom. I was too tired to complain so I went along without a word. She closed the door and I was left alone.

I started to undress, and was halfway done when I heard Angela and Alice talking on the other side. I tried to ignore it but found my attempts to be of no use.

"Alice, why didn't you give me the blue dress?" Angela asked in a quiet voice that was muted by the door. I stopped for a second and listened intentionally. Why would it matter what color my dress was?

"Because she looks better in blue and you look better in grey. Besides, why would it matter?" Alice asked, voicing the same question I had formed in my head.

"It doesn't, and I really like the dress. I was just curious. Did you know Edward's favorite color is blue…" Angela said. I cut her off by opening the door and revealing the dress. Alice was right, and the colors didn't matter. It's not like Alice did it on purpose or anything, right?

"Yay! It fits! It fits!" She chanted as if she had been unsure before.

"Alice, you know all of my sizes." I told her.

"So, people's bodies change with time. Okay Angela, your turn." Alice said and sent Angela in the same way as me. She came out shortly after and showed us the dress and it was beautiful as was expected, but we had to change out of them quickly because soon enough the boys came knocking.

"Are you done yet?" Edward asked from the other side. We had just finished changing and Alice was putting the dresses back in her closet.

"Hold on a second." Alice said. The second Alice closed her closet door Angela had the door open and was in Edward's arms. I sat on the bed and grabbed one of Alice's many magazines to keep my eyes away from the painful truth.

"Hello love." He said before kissing her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jasper wrap his arms around Alice and peck her on the forehead in a sweet way. It was different than Angela and Edward, and it characterized their entire relationship much better than many people realized. My eyes were still looking at the pages without reading the words. At least it kept my eyes open.

"Hey, anyone want to watch a movie?" Alice asked out loud. "We're suppose to stay out of the living room, kitchen, patio and…well, pretty much the whole down stairs because they are starting to decorate a little bit tonight so we can watch a movie in the movie room to pass time." Alice said.

Esme planned the party from head to toe and had hired helpers. The theme was Alice in Wonderland. I'm guessing the 'helpers' would start putting decorations up tonight and the catering was suppose to be here around three or four because the party started at seven.

I could have cared less what we did so a movie it was. We went into their movie room and decided to watch a comedy; well Alice decided we would watch a comedy. She was choosing and God knew how long that would take, so I sat down on the couch and waited. Edward and Angela sat on the love seat cuddling while Jasper tried to help Alice pick. I laid myself down and got comfortable while avoiding my eyes from the happy couple. Then before I knew it, I met darkness.

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