Author: hottee39
Title: A Sword's Limit
Characters/Pairing: WolframX Morgif, implied YuuriXWolfram
Rating: PG13
Warning: Kiss from animated object.
Summary: It's a known fact that Morgif like pretty girls. Though maybe he could make an exception. Perverted sword + blonde bishounen ?

It was a known fact that the legendary sword Morgif had a strong liking for the ladies. Everytime he spots one pretty maid or girl, his eyes would go ga-ga and although it would mean disobeying the maou, his master, he would chase after them. Even though he was a sword with a weary scary face, he still has desires. Yes, everyone knows that whenever a pretty girl walked by, he would chase. However it's not only pretty girls that Morgif likes.

What he had kept as a secret to himself (which is not that hard since nobody really understands him), was that he had a very strong liking for his master's blonde fiancé. He loves his fiery passion to fight and protect. How his emeralds would sparkle and gleam with emotions; his sun-kissed hair which would frame his face like a halo made him all the more irresistible. It was true that Morgif never like males to begin since he did not like what lurked at the bottom, but all of that changed when he saw Von Bielefeld Wolfram.

He knew he would get into trouble if he should show his true colours, so he just remained quiet and try his best to keep the blonde by his side. The time in francia when Yuuri did not want Wolfram's protection, he had very stubbornly disagreed and wanted the blonde to be next to them. The reason? Simple. He liked watching the blonde's ass when he stands in front of them. How his hips would sashay left and right. How he wish his master would walk a bit more close so he could feel the firmness of his cheeks. He knew of his master's and the blonde's budding relationship and for some sour reason accepted it. Despite all that, he kept his restraint.

That was, until he saw the blonde wearing a maid's outfit in the bedroom on night. The blonde had planned to wait for his master to return from the baths before springing the surprise. He leaped from the side of the bed where he was placed and threw himself at the blonde. It caught Wolfram by surprise as he was tackle to the ground. The frantic cry from his master was a dull reminder in his head as he placed a kiss on the blonde's lips. Emeralds shot open in surprise before he took a strong grasp of the handle and pulled Morgif away. He stared at the other with frightened eyes, his arms frozen as the reality of the situation settled in on him.

"Eat you." Those were the first words Morgif had ever pronounced properly, yet it was enough to make the blonde blush like a tomato. It was how his master had found them. Since then, Morgif relished every single moment he could to get close to the blonde. He tastes good.

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