Ok so I know that all of you kataangers are on cloud nine after the finale so I have decided to write a story

Ok so I know that all of you kataangers are on cloud nine after the finale so I have decided to write a story in honor of our glorious win

I'm still wondering how long to make it…I don't know we'll see

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"Ow Zuko!" screeched Katara as her skating partner dropped her for the seventh time that day.

"Sorry but it feels like you gained a couple of pounds since Jet broke up with you and it's getting pretty hard to lift you lately." Katara turned away from the ice and glared at him with invisible daggers in her eyes. If looks could kill, Zuko would be laying face down on the ice at that moment. He seemed to notice this as he silently skated off in the other direction, not bothering to help her up.

They went through the rest of practice without a word spoken to one another except for the occasional yell of pain or Katara saying how incompetent he was.

Katara stormed out of the rink and began to take her skates off. She couldn't figure out what she was more steamed about, the fact that he called her fat, or that he had the nerve to bring up her past relationship that ended badly. 'I need to take a walk' she thought quietly to herself.


'Damnit! Why'd I call her fat? Now I'll never get a chance to screw her.' Zuko screamed at himself. He had lusted after his skating partner since he had first seen her practicing on the ice. He didn't know if it was the way her hair smelled like fresh air after a rain shower, her gorgeous, deep blue eyes, or her amazing body. He never was much for her personality though…

"C'mon you! Get down!" He screamed at the strain that had grown in his pants. That usually happened every time he thought of Katara. Zuko was known as the town hottie and could probably get any girl into bed he wanted. It also didn't hurt that he was a world renowned skater. He always had trouble getting Katara there though. Every time they would get ready for a lift, he would purposely brush his hand against her bum or her breast trying to hint at what he wanted. Katara never really caught on and just told him to watch his hands. His patience, although, had begun to wear thin…


Katara walked to the other rink on the opposite side of the building. 'Maybe a skate by myself will help me calm down.' Once again, she put on her skates and stepped onto the rink that had been freshly zambonied and tried to clear her thoughts.

Aang ran back into the skating rink realizing he had forgotten his uniform for the pair's competition coming up in a few weeks. He would have left immediately after he picked it up if he didn't see the slim figure gliding gracefully along the ice out of the corner of his eye.

He took a seat close to the rink and began to watch her. She moved with such grace and he was mesmerized by her beauty. She had long dark brown hair that was at the moment flying freely behind her back. She was wearing a black leotard with a light blue half sweater and black fitted capris with brown tights that covered her white skates.

He kept watching her until all of a sudden a guy with long black hair that fell in his face stepped out onto the ice. He was a few inches taller than her and he had the weirdest red scar that came across his otherwise flawless face.

'Who am I kidding? Of course she would already have a boyfriend. They're both gorgeous and just look like they belong together.' With that, Aang threw his uniform over his shoulder and started to walk out of the rink thinking that the goddess on ice was already attached. But something he heard made him turn around…

"Zuko let go of me! I'm already mad at you and you're making it worse!" Katara wasn't used to the look Zuko was giving her. It was a look of lust and passion. He had pressed her up against the glass on the side of the rink and had started to slide his hands along her body. "What are you thinking? Get you hands off me!" She started to squirm and try to get out of his hold on her but he just pressed against her more pinning her to where she was. He dug his toe pick into the ice holding him there.

"Everyday….everyday you bitch at me about how I'm not good enough or how I keep dropping you, well this…is my revenge." He spoke to her in a voice that sent a shiver of fear up her spine. He leaned down and forcefully kissed her, ripping her lips apart so that he could stick his tongue deep inside her mouth. She screamed into his mouth and started beating against his shoulders because the way he pinned her down prevented her from reaching his head.

He had stopped kissing her now swollen lips and gone down to her neck and collarbone. He started pulling down her capris and tights lower on her thighs and she shivered due to the newly exposed skin in the freezing rink.

She realized it was no use struggling when he zipped down his pants and released his now throbbing member from its confinements. One lone tear slid down her face as he took her mouth in his again and got ready to take her virginity unbeknownst to him. She had never wanted it to happen this way…


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