HELLO! OMG, tar and feather freely for a good three years because that's how long it took me to get back to this story -_-. I AM SOO SORRY! I got caught up in life and school and what not, I'm already in college! =D yay me! Haha, So I was reading over this story and I am thinking of just starting over, same story line type, but I don't like the way I wrote it so I am going to just start over from scratch. Thank you to all those who reviewed, you are the reason that I eventually came back to this story! I also apologize for this update not being a new chapter, I know you really hate me now, but I hope I can make it up to you with the repost of this fic! It sounds so 10th grade to me and I don't like it. I am going to repost it as a completely different story though because I do not know how to repost within a story -_-. Yes, amazing I know. Anyways, I'll put this little notice up and get back to the drawing board with chapter 1! Thank you guys for waiting!