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He never really auditioned. At least, he thought he didn't. He was pretty sure the last audition he went to ended him with a stunt job that didn't pay very well and all he really got at the end of the day was bruises from doing the same stunt over and over again.

So when he got that strange message from Hartford Media, one of the biggest companies out there, along with Bio-Lab and Mercer Industries, of course he was just a little skeptical. And now that he stood before the Hartford Estate, the skepticism shifted towards fear. What if he wasn't good enough? What if he wasn't the right material for the job?! What if--!!

The door opened, revealing a kindly old face. Dax jumped back, startled out of his thoughts.

"Ah, you must be Mister Dax." The old man proclaimed, opening the door all the way, taking Dax's suitcase without even asking. "This way, please."

Dax blinked, and then dumbly began to follow… the butler? through the house. He looked around; expecting to see maids and the like, but all he saw was the butler in front of him. He looked ahead of him, but the old man had vanished from his line of sight. Instead, Dax saw two doorways neither hinting where the old man went.

So he went left. If this hallway didn't proof any results, he could always backtrack and take the next one, Dax thought to himself. It was a brilliant plan. Truly brilliant. Until he stumbled onto three more doorways. Just… how big was this place??

He went through the middle door, probably the wrong one, but he could always backtrack. Yeah.

Dax came upon a room, a TV in the corner; three couches surrounding it, and… was that a pool table? He spun around slowly, getting a good view of the room when the back of his knees collided with a couch, causing him to fall over backwards. Something other than a cushion broke his fall, and another 'Oof!' made him peer down.

Blue eyes caught his, and that was all he could see for a moment. Dax gulped, the noise seeming to echo inside his head. He was frozen, unmoving; every muscle appeared to be stuck in place.

C'mon Dax! Move! Get off of him! Man, what a great first impression… on whoever I'm on top of?

And just like that, his limbs were in action, and he heaved himself up onto the arm of the couch. His mouth opened, and out spilled words upon words, and when he really thought about it, nothing made he said made any sense. "Oh look I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and I really didn't mean to fall on you it was a pure innocent mistake and don't fire me because I dropped the other project I was in to be in this and if I got booted out of this gig than I'm pretty much screwe—"


Whatever Dax was going to say next, the man, who at this point had sat up himself, held up a hand to stop the tirade of nonsense coming out of Dax's mouth. "It's okay, I'm not hurt, you're not hurt, nothing's hurt." The man dropped his hand, a smile doting on his face.

Dax swore, for that one millisecond, his heart stopped and he forgot how to breathe.

Another millisecond later and the old butler appeared, looking beyond distressed when he noticed the two men on the couch. "Master Dax! There you are! My, you gave me quite a fright. Sometimes I forget how big this place is." The butler's eyes traced the room, and stopped on the other man on the couch. "Master Mack, I thought you were in your hammock, sir?"

The man—Mack—just rubbed the back of his head, as if in a sheepish gesture, "Yeah, about that…"

The butler just waved a hand, a smile donning his face while there was a little teasing glimmer in his eye, "Ah, Master Mack, you never cease to amaze me." Mack just smiled back, Dax suddenly felt completely out of the loop.

He slid off the arm of the couch, realizing he probably shouldn't be sitting there in the first place, and that quickly got the butler's attention. "Oh yes, Master Dax. Mr. Hartford is still expecting you in the common room. We mustn't keep him waiting." Dax nodded, sneaking a look back at the curly haired man on the couch, before following the butler to the common room, only this time he made sure the butler was still in front of him.

Dax kept glancing back; intrigued by the man he met on the couch, wondering just who he was. The butler and him seemed to be on good terms, so why wasn't he joining Dax in the common room? Maybe they already went over pleasantries and such and he was just waiting?

Unable to stay quiet any longer, Dax coughed, as though clearing his throat, "Ah so… Mr. Butler?" Oh that's real nice, Mr. Butler, how original.

But the butler only laughed, tossing a look back, "The name is Spencer, sir. But if Mr. Butler pleases you, by all means…"

Dax quickly put up his hands as if in mock surrender, "Oh I didn't mean it like that! No way!"

The butler—Spencer—laughed again. "Think nothing of it, sir. This was not the first time someone has called me that. In fact, when Master Mack was young, he used to call me Mr. Butler all the time. Of course, he was very young at the time." The gleam in his eye from earlier had returned, and Dax could only chuckle at the image of the man he just met as a toddler, calling this old man 'Mr. Butler.' He had to admit the visual was quite entertaining.

And since Spencer happened to mention Mack first… "Hey Spencer?"

"Yes, Master Dax?"

The blue-clad man rubbed the back of his head, "Well, ah, you seem to know Mack really well…"

The old butler nodded, "I've served Master Mack and his father for many years, even before the young master was born. I had the honor of being there for the delivery. Mrs. Hartford said it didn't feel right without the whole family."

Dax nodded, letting the information sink in. "I see…" As the information settled in his mind, he began to frown, "Wait, he's Mr. Hartford's son??"

Spencer nodded, pausing right outside of an open doorway, "Oh yes. Many don't quite believe it at first. Not with his blue eyes and brown curly hair, but those are all attributes he acquired from his late mother." He turned to Dax, "Now, sir, Mr. Hartford is right beyond this door, there he will tell you all the details. If you need anything, I'm sure I'll hear you." With that, Spencer took his leave, Dax pitted where he stood, before summoning up the courage to enter the room.

He took a deep breath, and took a step forward.

Here goes nothing…