AN: This is dedicated to M.L. Shards. I was ready to scrap this idea when she reviewed. Thanks M.L. Shards, you really motivated me.

It had been about an hour or so, Mack was never sure how much time had passed when he picked up a book, and the house, the surrounding area of the mansion anyway, was unusually quiet. Especially when his father had company over.

He put his book down, figuring the Baron could wait a minute or two, and walked the two hallways to the main rec room. A quick scope of the room showed anyone who was in here left a while ago, and Mack was just about to continue his trek, his stomach started to growl, when something caught his eye.

Mack turned, not expecting someone to be huddled behind the pool table, legs drawn up to their chest, arms folded on top of their knees, head bowed, rising with each breath. He took a quick look around, before walking over, hand reached out to pat the guy on the shoulder, "Hey there, you alright?"

The person's head shot up, making Mack pause mid-reach. Dax's eyes were wide, as if he wasn't aware someone was in the room, when he slowly leaned back, plopping his head against the wall, "Oh… it's just you… uh, Mack. I thought everyone left with Mr. Hartford…" Dax closed his eyes, giving a heavy sigh. "I should have never come here. It was a huge mistake."

Mack frowned, feeling a little silly as he pulled his hand back, but he walked over, taking a seat next to the other man, "What do you mean?"

Dax let out another sigh, "It's stupid."

The younger Hartford man raised a brow, "If it's bothering you so much, it's not stupid." He gently bumped shoulders, "C'mon, spill."

Dax bit his lower lip, letting his head hang, "I thought… I thought I finally found my big break. A real role. Not just some stunt work. I've been doing it for so long…" He shook his head, "I knew it was too good to be true. I didn't even audition for anything and then this rich old guy tells me he has work for me and I believed it." He brought his head back, hit the wall with a thump, repeating it with each word, "I'm so stupid!" With the final thump, Dax let his head rest on the wall, his face looking the other way.

Mack looked down, giving a sigh of his own. He stared hard at the wall across the room, before looking next to him, "It's not stupid, you know."

Dax gave out a huff, still looking off to the side. "Yes it is. I'm not good enough."

Mack's eyes narrowed. "Dax." He shifted on his knees, kneeling next to the other man, "Dax, listen to me, my dad's an ass. I know this, Spencer knows this, those others he hired will soon know this. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. But you are good enough." He gave a small smile, "Alright? Don't sell yourself short."

Dax winced at the words, but he slowly turned his head around… and nearly choked. He blinked hard, mentally shaking his head. He took a deep breath. "Thanks Mack. Thanks a lot…"

Mack let his smile grow, "Don't mention it." He stood up, holding out a hand, "Let's get something to eat, I'm starving."

The stuntman grinned, taking Mack's hand and letting him be hoisted to his feet, before the two found the small kitchen area. It was later, when Spencer found them sprawled out on the couch, plates with half eaten sandwiches on the coffee table, movie credits still running. He only chuckled, picked up the two plates and turned off the television before leaving the two alone. He would scold them for sleeping on the couches another time.