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Hello. My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but everyone calls me Bella - I hate my full name. My parents, Charlie and Renee Swan, and I run an offshore island off the coast of Florida. My family has always been here, since I was born. it's a small secluded area, but still very romantic.

Renee would usually clean and look after the hotel, while Charlie would go out and get some business for the hotel. Usually, we were looking for vacationers, or even honeymooners, wanting to go to a private place, but that was still near civilization. The hotel was made out of stone, but much more modernized, with all the wooden floors, the beautifully patterned walls and art, and the nice rooms and updated wardrobes and such.

But one day, when my father Charlie was out at the main land doing some business with some other hotel that was near the shore, he never came back. That was five years ago, when I was fifteen. Now, I'm almost twenty years old, and my birthday is coming up on September thirteenth, which will be the big twenty-one.

My mother was devastated when Charlie was gone missing, but now I knew that I had to stay here and help her run the hotel. She had gotten over the pain, but still, I knew it was all locked in her heart. I promised myself that I would always take care of her, whenever she needed me.

But she was also taken care of by her two best friends, who just so happened to be the mothers of MY two best friends. One day when I was little, my mother had taken my to the main land, where we visited her friend. Their children's names were Mary Alice Brandon, who went by Alice, and Rosalie Hale, who I usually called Rose. I had never really had many friends, since there weren't too many people my age on the island. But whenever I could, I would visit them, or they would come to the island and visit me.

The last time I had seen them was three years ago, when they were with their boyfriends. Alice's boyfriend was a cool, sensitive guy named Jasper Whitlock, and Rosalie's boyfriend was a strong, muscular guy named Emmett McCarthy. They had been pretty awesome to be around, but I always felt like the fifth wheel whenever I was with them.

Now the topic of boys.

I had never had an actual boyfriend before. And I had already had my first kiss, but it was as far away from the one that I imagined. I was only thirteen years old, when a boy my age, staying at the hotel, came up to me and told me he liked me. He didn't even wait for my answer, because he just leaned down and kissed me on my lips, lingering there for a few seconds. I didn't appreciate it at all, so I shoved him off of me, and got back to my work.

The one thing I always appreciated about the island, though, was that it was always peaceful. I usually, like now, would come down to the beach, just stare off into the deep midnight blue ocean, that was matching perfectly with the sky blue that was parallel to it. The sky barely had any clouds in it, the small white clouds only covering a tiny fraction of the entire sky that was above my head. The soft windy breeze running over my body, over my skin, bringing out a small patch of goose bumps to my top layer of skin.

"Bella!" I heard a faint noise coming from the top of the cliff that was behind me. I fell back into the sand, the small grains fitting through my fingers, but back softly molded into the Earth. I closed my eyes, taking in a nice deep breath, before looking up at the top of the cliff, where my mother was standing, breathing heavily.

She had been shouting my name, flailing her arms out all around her, trying to get my attention, and now, with her hands on her knees, she was trying to control her breathing. Once it had reached a steady pace, that I could tell, I called back out to her.

"What is it, mother?"

"You have a surprise in your room!" She called out one last time before disappearing.

A surprise? Now she knew I didn't like surprises at all. I hated it when people spent money on me, or gave me things that I was never going to use or wear. Just like this one time, when my mother and I were at this small boutique that was near the boat pier. I had found this beautiful silk dress, that was so soft and fit my curves just right, but of course I didn't need it. Where was I going to wear it anyways? It was a midnight blue, that matched the exact color of the ocean. I put it back on the rack, but my mother insisted on buying it. It was expensive, I knew, but I didn't dare check the price. I grabbed my mothers hand and pulled her out of the store abruptly, not even looking back once. But to my surprise, just when my birthday came around, my mother gave me a big white box. I wasn't sure what it was, but when I opened it, it was the same gorgeous silk gown from that boutique.

Before I got up off the beach, I squinted my eyes tightly, and once you did, you could see the small outline of the port of the main land, all the boats docked on the pier. The island was only about 50 miles away from the port, which was good, because it got passengers where they wanted to get to quickly and safely.

I got off the sand, wiping my back to make sure I wasn't all grainy. I headed towards my room, only to find the room left open. My mother usually didn't go into my room without permission. I slowly walked towards the door, and once I got to the door frame, I saw no people inside, but my bed was toppled over with baggage's. I was confused, but all of a sudden felt two pairs of hands tickling me from behind.

I gasped, but turned around to be met with my two best friends in the whole wide world - Alice and Rose. My mouth hung open in surprise, I couldn't believe they were here, on the island! I let out a huge scream, the three of us quickly getting into a group hug.

"OH MY GOD! ALICE! ROSE! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?!" I screamed, still stunned that my friends surprised me like this.

"Well, we hadn't seen you in three years Bella, and my my, you look stunning!" Rosalie said, giving me a small kiss on the forehead.

Alice and Rosalie were probably the two most beautiful women in the world. Alice, skinny to the extreme, was so sweet and bubbly. She was more energetic that a thousand generators put together. She was very pixie like, with black hair, that spiked out at the ends. She could pull off anything, even though she was barely five feet. Rosalie, on the other hand, was tall, and could be mistaken as the worlds best supermodel. She had such great and athletic legs, and with barely any fat on her body. Her fair skin matched her beautiful blue eyes perfectly, her golden locks falling down from her head, and going down, stopping on top of her breasts. What surprised me though, was that they thought that I was gorgeous too, just like them. I thought that was a lie, plain old me would not fit in into the fashion world. But regardless, they still stuck with me.

"Yes, Bella! We, as your best friends, wanted to visit you!" Alice yelled, giving me a big hug again.

"Hey…what about us?" I heard a noise from outside my room. I raised an eye brow to both Alice and Rose, but they just had big grins plastered on their faces. I walked out of the room slowly, only to see Emmett and Jasper standing outside, both with crossed arms.

"Emmett! Jasper! Oh my god!" I yelled out, giving them both a hug. Emmett, being extremely strong, picked me up into a bone crushing hug, twirling me around. Once I was put down, Jasper, being the sensitive one, gave me a small, gentle hug.

"I cant believe you guys are here! Why are you here?!" I laughed as I asked them the question.

"We missed you terribly Bella! And wanted to come cheer up your summer! Only a bit left until the big twenty one!" Alice said, throwing a fist into the air. Jasper smiled sweetly at her, walking over to her, planting a soft kiss on her lips.

That's when I noticed that there was one more person there, but someone that I didn't know. But one thing was sure, he was the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen. He was tall, towering over my five foot four, with the most piercing emerald eyes I had ever seen. He also had bronze hair, untidy and all over the place. I just wanted to run my hands all through his hair, even down his back, over his chest and muscles, and just all over his body. Speaking of muscles, this boy was a sculpted god. He was lanky and boyish, not as buff as Emmett or Jasper, but still had the sexiest muscles I had ever seen.

And I already knew I was in love with him.

"Hello. I'm so rude, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Edward Masen, Edward Anthony Masen, but you can just call me Edward. I'm friends with Emmett and Jasper," and then he smiled this crooked smile that made my heart go wild. He was so breathtaking, I couldn't take my eyes off him.

"He..um…hi." I mumbled out to the best of my abilities, "I'm Isabella Marie Swan, but please call me Bella."

"Bella…" he said, looking deeply into my eyes. I could see something hidden there - love, passion, desire. His eyes were trailing all over my face, my eyes, and especially my lips. I took a quick glance over to Emmett and Rosalie, who were already sucking each others face's off, as Jasper and Alice shared a small, but loving kiss. I looked back at Edward, who had now leaned in. His face was getting closer to mine. I was beginning to stand on my tippy toes, just to make sure he didn't have to bend so much. I closed my eyes, feeling his breath over my face, chilling my bones. Just as his lips almost brushed mine, our noses colliding, I heard someone clear their throat, causing me to turn my head, Edward's lips colliding with my cheek.

I blushed, looking down at my feet, realizing Alice had been the one to interrupt.

"Bella, that means beautiful. It suits you well." Edward whispered into my ear.

I gulped softly, my breath caught in my throat.

"I'm sorry," I said, coming back to reality, "I should probably show you all to your rooms." I began to head to my room to grab the luggage, but was trapped in two arms, around my waist. It was Edward.

"It's ok, Bella." he told me, "Renee has already shown us to our rooms. Now you girls go on ahead and chat, and let the men get the heavy stuff."

"Aw, man!" Emmett said, but obviously he was joking.

Rosalie slapped his arm playfully, but gave him a quick kiss otherwise.

I wove one arm of mine around Rosalie's and the other one around Alice's and the three of us skipped happily down to the beach.

Once we found a nice sunny spot, the girls pulled me down, one sitting on each of my sides.

"So…" Alice started.

"Bella…" Rosalie continued.

"What is it guys…?" I said suspiciously.

Alice and Rose glanced at each other quickly, then broke out into smiles.

"What was with you and Edward back there?" Rose asked very happily.

"I just knew that you and Edward would be perfect for each other! Didn't I, Rose?!" Alice smiled.

"Never bet against Alice, you know!" Rose told me.

"Oh bella!" Alice continued, "What is going on between you and Edward? Tell us!"

"Well, I barely have known him for ten minutes…" I said.

"Continue! We are basically sisters, Bella. Come on," Rose encouraged me.

"Well…I…" I started.

"What?" They both asked at the same time.

"I think….I'm in…love…with…Edward Masen."

Both Alice and Rose got quiet, looking at each other firstly, then glancing back at me.

Of course, then I got the reaction I wanted - they screamed their heads off.

"OH MY GOD BELLA!" Alice yelled.

"YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE AND PERFECT!" Rosalie exclaimed. Both of the girls were just babbling on about how Edward and I were perfect for each other. Were we? I knew I was in love with him. I don't know how it happened, but I just was.

That irresistible man named Edward Masen has stolen my heart.

"Bella." Alice got my attention.

"Yes?" I answered back to her.

"Tell us how you feel, how it feels to be in love…"

I looked at both girls, who were now paying full attention to me.

"But don't you two already know what love is like?"

"Yes!" Rosalie said, "But how do YOU feel, Bella?"

"It feels…amazing. I can't even describe it! Its like, I want to stay in his arms forever and ever, and not let him go. We can be sexual, but also enjoy each others company, even if were silent. Its like…I wish I could just, I don't know. He completes me somehow. I know we just met, but its as if, I knew him my entire lifetime! I really…I just…I don't know how to say this…I just want him to know…

"Honey honey, how you thrill me, ah hah, honey honey…

Honey honey, nearly kill me, ah hah, honey honey…

I'd heard about you before

I wanted to know some more

And now I know what they mean, you're a love machine

Oh, you make my dizzy…"

"But Bella, you hadn't heard of him before…" Alice teased me, her and Rosalie getting into the song I was singing to them, and actually singing along with me.

"Oh, but it feels like I have!" I laughed, continuing the song.

"Honey honey, let me feel it, ah hah, honey honey…

Honey honey, don't conceal it, ah hah, honey honey…

The way you kiss goodnight

The way you hold me tight

I feel like I wanna sing, when you do your thing…"

"But you haven't really kissed him, Bella…" This time Rosalie teased, laughing as she began to bob her head up and down.

"Oh but Rose, I could feel the intensity there! And when he kissed my cheek, it was oh so sweet…" I sighed, leaning my head back, holding onto a palm tree.

"I don't want to hurt you baby

I don't want to see you cry,

So stay on the ground girl

You better not get too high,

But I'm gonna stick to you, boy

You'll never get rid of me

There's no place in this world that I would rather be…

Honey honey, touch me baby, ah hah, honey honey…

Honey honey, hold me baby, ah hah, honey honey…

You look like a movie star

But I know just who you are

And honey, to say the least

You're a dog-gone beast!"

"Isabella Swan, I bet you don't even know what that means!" Alice giggled, holding onto her sides to stop the pain from laughing too much.

"Mary Alice Brandon, I know what I'm saying. I'm head over heels in love…" I sighed.

Alice scowled me, she hated her full name.

"So stay on the ground, girl

You better not get too high,

There's no other place in this world I'd rather be….

Honey honey, how you thrill me, ah hah, honey honey…

Honey honey, nearly kill me, ah hah, honey honey…

I heard about you before

And I wanted to know some more

And I know what they mean,

You're a love machine…….."

"Oh you guys," I sighed, intertwining my fingers as I plopped down on the soft sand, "I really really love Edward. I hope to get to know him better…"

"Oh Bella! No problem," Rosalie winked.

"Haha, Rose… I didn't mean sexually…even though that would be nice too…" I blushed furiously now. I was still a virgin, but I wanted to save myself for someone I really loved.

"Bella, that's not what she meant!" Alice interrupted, "We will show you off to Edward, and you two, will have your happily ever after."

"Aww…" I couldn't help but get a few tears in my eyes, "I love you guys so much. Best friends forever, basically sisters…"

"Till the very end." They both said, as we watched the sunset fade into the horizon.

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