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Tak and Yum Yum looked down at the child they had created.

A young girl's sleeping face peeked back at them, just barely surfacing from above the small sea of blankets covering her fragile form.

The couple stared back with looks of complete bliss on their faces.

Yum Yum took Tak's hand in her own and squeezed it gently, glancing at him with love in her dark brown eyes.

His own wide, expressionate orbs gazed upon her as if she was the most precious thing in the world to him, with the exception of their beautiful daughter.

They had been married for two years and had concieved a child within that time.

They were now proud parents and intimate lovers, and viewed their baby as a symbol of their affection for each other as well as a very special gift from the heavens above.

Just as they had once stood together helping each other through a hard time they would now be there for each other in the responsibility of parenthood.

Tak would never leave her and she would never leave him. They would stay together forever.

The cobbler-prince gently tugged on the princess' hand and led her out of the room.

As they walked onto the balcony they both thought of all the wonderful times they would have from now on and how with the addition of their small, delicate infant they would treasure each other more than ever before.

Standing there atop the balcony, they gazed at each other lovingly as they had on their wedding day.

Tak removed the tack's from his mouth and made his very under-used voice utter three words that held more meaning than even the significant golden balls atop the minarett,

"I love you"

Princess Yum Yum smiled warmly and replied, her voice full of emotion for the shy, heroic, and romantic cobbler that meant so much to her,

"I love you, too."

And then just as before they shared a romantic loving kiss that lasted, in their minds, longer than the longest eternity.

The End.