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Chapter 1: The Past Which I Must Let Go

Sakura's POV

I stared at the window of my mansion. It was almost sunset. I could hear the birds chirping as I closed my eyes to enjoy the peaceful sound of nature. Life was really nice. Suddenly, I heard a car coming.

I opened my eyes to see who had arrived home. As expected, a car drove in the gates. It was a black Porsche. A brown-haired man with tantalizing amber eyes stepped out from the car.

That was none other than my husband, Syaoran Li, one of the most sought-after men in Japan. Rich, handsome, charming and almost too perfect to be true, Syaoran was constantly the headlines on many media sources.

All of you must be wondering, "Why didn't I run up to my husband and embrace him to welcome him home like any other wives?"

Well, just read on and you'll know.

A few seconds later, a lady with beautiful blonde hair ran out and embraced Syaoran. I could only watch from a distance, my husband in the arms of another lady as he smiled at her; a smile he reserved for the few special people in his life. Then, they walked hand in hand back to the main mansion.

This has happened almost every day for the past four years, just like an everyday routine. No, it's not a cruel thing. It's just what they call 'reality'.

Ok, I can tell you have like thousands of questions to ask me. Never mind. Do you have some time to spare? If you do, I could tell you a little about the story of Sakura Li.

Actually, my name is Sakura Kinomoto. I changed my family name to Li when I married Syaoran when we were sixteen. It might be a little too early. But, at that time, Syaoran had to get married in order to take over the Li clan. And I just happened to be his perfect little bride.

Don't get me wrong. We did not get married because we were forced to or due to a family arrangement. We married out of love as we were truly in love at that time. Or at least, I was in love with him at that time.

Our relationship equation was like this:

Childhood friends - Good friends - Best friends - Crush - Like - Love - Marriage - Hate - Neutral

(For your information, (-) means to the next stage.)

So yeah, our lives were like all those stories you've read. The ones where childhood friends fall in love with each other, and also the ones where the handsome hero falls in love with the pretty heroine. (I'm not saying that I'm the heroine. You assumed that yourself.)

It was really nice and every moment was like heaven. How could it not be if you have a heart-throbbing husband who only had his eyes on you? Our first two years of marriage was a total bliss. But after that, things turned horribly wrong.

Do you know the Elders of the Li clan? Yeah, they are a bunch of old people, supposed to be wise and stuffs like that. They were fairly nice to me actually. That's why they agreed to the marriage. I liked them too…except for one.

That one which I hate is Elder Nie. He is the most horrible evil jerk in the whole wide world! He had this really beautiful daughter named Amy Nie. Yeah, she's pretty but she is also SLUTTY and I HATE her!

If you give me a knife like um...four years ago, I could have sworn you can now visit her in her grave now. And you can bring her sweet flowers as well.

But that was if you gave me a knife four years ago. Apparently no one gave me one and so, this slut is still living in my life. Ok, enough of my rambling and on with my story.

Elder Nie arranged for Syaoran to meet with Amy behind my back. I did not know how the hell she seduced my husband but Syaoran fell in love with that bitch. (Forgive my rude words)

Worse still, Syaoran announced that he was going to marry Amy. The Elders disagreed except for Nie of course. But, they had to respect Syaoran's decision. He was the leader of the Li Clan after all.

I could still remember that heartbreaking night. Syaoran came to me and told me he wanted to marry Amy. He asked me to forgive him. Somehow the words 'I love Amy' felt like daggers piercing into my heart. After that night, I locked myself in my room and cried my heart out.

The worst was yet to come. After they got married, Nie asked me to move out of the main Li mansion to give the new couple a little 'privacy'. I had no choice but to oblige. And this small mansion which I am residing now had been my home since then.

This mansion is really nice actually. It's well furnished and I have servants and butlers to wait on me. And my expenses are all paid. But somehow, I lost something really important and there is something lacking in this house.

That is the warmth of a complete family and the love of my husband.

Starting from that point, Amy has somehow taken over my position as the first wife of Syaoran Li. Every where they go, it was always Syaoran Li and Amy Li. Even in the tabloids, magazines and newspapers, it would always be the same.

There was never a place for Sakura Li. It was as if I was nothing, I was nonexistent in Syaoran Li's life. And there was nothing I could do about it.

You couldn't expect me to go and say 'Hey! You know what? I'm Syaoran Li's first wife. That Amy is just his concubine." NO. I couldn't say that. They might think I'm crazy or something. They might even put me in the asylum.

Besides, nobody could recognize Sakura Li. I didn't really reveal myself to the media and so I can say it's perfectly safe for me to walk in the streets without anyone surrounding me, asking for my autographs. I didn't always go out as Sakura Li.


I never go out as Sakura Li.

Ever since Syaoran made his declaration, I carefully avoided every invitation to dinners or parties organised by Li Corporation or their associates. I wasn't going to attend some event, only to see Amy parading around Syaoran as if she owned him.

My excuse?

Oh, my personal maid, Chiharu would announce, 'Sakura-sama is sick. She can't attend the dinner tonight. She asked me to convey her apologies.' That's the typical standard line. I could even memorise it. And it didn't take very long for those invitations to stop, and for Sakura Li to be forgotten.

And that useless husband of mine did not even notice my absence. Of course he didn't. Do you know the definition of useless? If he noticed, he wouldn't have been called useless. He would have been called something else. Like...um...'useless but not entirely heartless'.

Anway, I think I have recovered from the past. Although I was like a lifeless shell at first, I recovered soon after realizing there was no point clinging on to the past. If Syaoran really loves Amy, I should grant him his wish.

And so as time goes by, my love for Syaoran Li slowly faded away.

Now, I don't feel anything for him at all, which is why I think our marriage no longer holds any meaning. I'm tired of being locked up and being part of the Li family. I know, it's nice to be served on hand and foot. And Syaoran's mother and sisters are really nice. And they serve ah-mazingly nice food! Ok, that's not the point. The point is...

It feels so tired to be the third party in the marriage.

I don't want to be Sakura Li anymore.

I want to be Sakura Kinomoto again.

So tomorrow, I'm going to tell Syaoran and the Elders something. I don't care how they will react.

I, Sakura Li am going to divorce Syaoran Li.

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