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Smiling sadly, I shake away those thoughts in my head. I'm just being stupid again. What can I do? Even if Shinji is my son, can I really divorce Amy like that and lead a happy life with Sakura and my son?

Can I really abandon my family, my clan and everything that's shouldered on me?

Maybe Sakura and I are not fated to be together. Our fates are intertwined but we are not destined to be together. Our love story doesn't have a fairy tale ending, contrary to popular beliefs.

It's probably better this way. Now that I know Shinji isn't my son, then maybe I can let Sakura go. After all, we'll be divorced in a few more months.

But I also have to face a horrible reality I wish it wasn't true.

I'm slowly falling for Sakura again, just like before.

I'm not really sure of my own feelings but my heart tells me this is true. I can't afford to let Sakura ever know about this.

I snap out of my deep thoughts once I hear the opening sound of the bathroom door. Amy had just finished bathing. She'll be coming in soon. Hurriedly, I tie back the scroll and lock it back in the chest. Then, I shove the chest into my bedside drawer, slamming it shut.

I promise to never look back again in that chest.

When Amy opens the door, she sees me sitting on the bed with a weary look on my face. I give her a small smile. She is dressed in a pink robe, her long hair wet and let down past her shoulders.

"Hey, darling," she says in a seductive manner as she walked towards me.

"Hey, how are you?" I ask wearily, still strained from today's events.

"Never been better. I miss you a lot while I'm gone. Did you miss me?" Amy asks as she sits down beside me and put her arms around my neck.

"Yeah, of course I miss you," I answer with a smile.

"Then why don't we –"

"Not tonight, Amy. I'm tired. I want to rest early tonight," I say gently.

"Alright then. But you still have to give me a goodnight kiss," Amy says as she leans towards me.

Within a few seconds, I can feel her lips on mine. I tried to kiss her back, as passionate as I could but something struck me hard.

Kissing her no longer feels right anymore.

Chapter 14: A Dance from the Past

Sakura's POV

"Syaoran-san, Sakura-san, I'm sure both of you are aware of why you're both here today, right?" a middle-aged man asks as he pushes up his glasses and stares at us.

Both Syaoran and I keep silent as we both nod our head.

Guess where we are.


We are now at the lawyer's office. I'm sure you're probably aware why we're here today, aren't you?

"From what I've heard from Syaoran-san last month, he said both of you are planning a divorce," the lawyer pauses.

Both of us nod.

"But the divorce is scheduled to be three months later from last month, which means it will be about two months from now," the lawyer finishes.

Both of us nod silently again.

"Very well, since both of you have confirmed it, then Sakura-san, perhaps you might want to go through this divorce proposal. Syaoran-san gave me instructions and I merely prepared this proposal according to his wishes," the lawyer says.

He hands over a pile of papers, neatly clipped together to me. "Thank you, Mr. Baker," I say as I take the papers. Then, I begin reading through the proposal.

The terms and conditions seem normal to me. As I continue reading through the proposal, my eyes stop at a certain line.

-Sakura Kinomoto shall be bequeathed with USD 7.5 billion and 5% of Li Corporations shares.

My eyes widen in shock when I read that line.

USD 7.5 billion?

5% Li Corporations shares?

God, is a dream or something?

Syaoran seems to have noticed the sudden change in my expression. "Is there anything the matter, Sakura?" Syaoran asks.

"USD 7.5 billion? Syaoran, that's a little bit too much isn't it?" I ask rather hesitantly.

"Not at all. I think that amount is just right for a divorce settlement," Syaoran says calmly.

"But really, is there such a need? It's not as if there's a child's provision we're talking about here," I say.

Although the truth is I have Shinji to take care of, but let's just keep it from him to make things simpler.

"Yes, there is a need. USD 7.5 billion is only like a quarter of Li Corporations annual profit. Besides, you have Shinji to take care of, right?" Syaoran asks.

My heart stops beating for a moment.

"I mean, he may not be my biological son. But since he calls me daddy, I want to see this son of mine grow up well and in a conducive environment," Syaoran finishes.

"Then about the 5% Li Corporations shares, I-"

"That is to sustain you and Shinji throughout your lives. I think the monthly dividend from the 5% shares would be enough to let you two lead a comfortable life," Syaoran says.

"But Syaoran, this –"

"Sakura, this is the only thing I can do for you. Ever since I married you, I don't think I've ever brought you happiness. Now that you can finally be free, I just want to give you what you should get. I want you to lead a happy life, start life afresh," Syaoran says, in a sincere tone.

There's a familiar tug at my heart when I hear him utter those words, but as usual, I decide to ignore it.

"Ok then. Don't come blame me if you suddenly go bankruptcy after this divorce," I say.

"In your dreams, Sakura," Syaoran says with a grin.

"So, anything else you would like to comment about the proposal, Sakura-san?" Mr. Baker asks with a smile.

"No. I'm fine with it," I say as I nod my head.

"Good. Since this is just a first draft, I'll have to prepare the final draft. It'll be finished in a few weeks time. I'll have you two to come over and go through it by then to make sure both of you still agree to divorce each other. This is part of our procedures. I assume both of you have no problems with that?" Mr. Baker asks.

Both of us shake our head.

"Great. I'll contact you when the final draft is done," Mr. Baker says.

"Sakura, can you please wait for me at my Porsche? There are still a few things I would like to discuss with Mr. Baker. Oh, and please confirm our flight to Lidia Island," Syaoran says.

"Ok. I'll wait for you at your convertible then," I nod as I walk out of the office.

I wonder what Syaoran wants to talk to Mr. Baker about.

Oh well, I have other things to do. I have to phone to confirm our flight to Lidia Island, like what my boss just ordered me to do.

No, we are not eloping to a romantic vacation together.

We're going there for work purposes.

Yes, strictly work purposes.

Syaoran's POV

"Mr. Baker, I hope you'll keep this whole divorce thing a secret. I really don't want the gossips or tabloids to know about this," I say firmly, after I'm sure Sakura has left the room.

"Rest assured, Li-san. I will guard this secret with my life. I'll personally handle this case. I know the consequences if this were to be leaked out to the media," Mr. Baker says.

"Good. I really don't want the media and paparazzi to cause trouble to Sakura and Shinji after we've divorced. You know how deadly the media can be," I say with a sigh.

"Yeah, the whole world will certainly be thrown into frenzy if they were to know about this. Sakura-san will probably be hunted all day by those hungry paparazzi," Mr. Baker agrees.

"Precisely. That is why I want to avoid that from happening. I trust you, Mr. Baker. You've always been my trusted legal advisor," I say with a tiny smile.

"Thanks for placing trust in me. I won't disappoint you, Syaoran-san. If you don't mind, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"I can tell you still love that girl. In the marriage agreement Nie-san showed me a few years back with you, it is only stated that you mustn't divorce Amy Nie but it didn't state you cannot marry another wife other than her. What I don't understand is, if you still love Sakura, why do you still want to divorce that girl?" Mr. Baker asks.

"Because it's time for me to let her go free," I say.

"Excuse me? I don't quite understand."

"With me, she won't get any happiness. I can't give her what she deserves. It's not right for me to be selfish, even if I want her to stay by my side. So, I think the best choice would be to let her go," I say quietly.

Mr. Baker nods in understanding. "Ok, if there's nothing else, I'll get going. Sakura's gonna throw a fit if she waits for me too long," I say, trying to smile.

"Ok, good bye, Syaoran-san," Mr. Baker says with a smile.

I nod back as I turn to walk out from his office.

"Wait, Syaoran-san!"

Halting in my steps, I turn to look at Mr. Baker.

"Does that mean that if the marriage agreement didn't exist, you'll be spending your life with that girl without any regrets?" Mr. Baker asks.

I smile as I turn away and start walking.

"Osoraku, neh?"

I take out my Polo suitcase from my walk-in closet and lay it down on the bed. Guess I better start packing my things now. Sakura will probably be mad if she waits too long for me at the airport.

As I rummage through my closet, I simply grab a few suits and neckties which I think would be appropriate for the functions at Lidia Island. There is never a need for me to take long to pack my clothes because I know I'll probably look good in anything.

Pardon me for my huge ego but hey, when you know you're hot and girls swoon over you like crazy, you tend to be like that.

Trust me.

Besides, I only want to look my very best for the one special girl in my eyes.

Ok, fine. I better go and find a suitable suit to wear for the ball during the launching. After all, Sakura will be there.

I mean, many reporters and high profile clients will be there.

I begin my search for the perfect suit, rejecting any suits I deem as unsuitable and flashy. Finally, my eyes land on one perfect one. Smiling to myself, I grab the suit and put it in my suitcase.

Of course, one mustn't forget the necktie which goes with it. A godly ensemble would not be perfect without the finishing touch – the necktie.

After making sure everything I need is in the suitcase, I zip up the suitcase and glance at my watch.

God, it's close to 3 p.m. Sakura would definitely throw a fit if I miss the flight.

I hurry towards the door of my room, carrying my suitcase and grabbing my briefcase as I move along, only to be stopped by my wife.

"Amy," a surprised tone escapes my lips.

"Syaoran Li, what is this rumour I've been hearing everywhere I go? It's even circulating throughout the Internet!" Amy asks demandingly.

This is just great. I'm late and I have to deal with my wife's demands at a time like this.

"Amy, let's just ignore those rumours. You know they aren't true. Aren't we both used to listening to all those rumours?"

"No, but this time, it's different. It involves Shinji and that damn girl, Sakura," Amy says.

My ears perk up when I hear the names. She's right.

This is different.

"What about them?"

"Apparently, there are people who heard you proclaiming that Shinji is your son, in public. Oh, and you defended Shinji, saying that you'll protect that kid no matter what it takes," Amy says spitefully.

"Look, Shinji was being bullied that day. Of course I had to defend him. I can't just watch a kid in danger can I?"

"Fine. But do you have to go to the extend of claiming that kid is your son? Do you know how serious that is?"

"I am serious about Shinji being my son. I know he's Sakura's adopted son but I don't see what's the big deal if I acknowledge him as my son. He can be my godson," I say exasperatedly.

"Then what about my reputation? I'm your wife, Syaoran Li. By acknowledging another kid to be your son, where do I stand in your life?"

"At times like this, all you care about is your reputation? Please bear in mind that Sakura is also my wife," I say, raising my voice.

"Yes, but not for long. You're going to divorce her next month," Amy retorts back.

"But now, she is still my wife. You may be my one and only wife in the eyes of many but Sakura has been my wife far longer than you. I can't just brush off all her affairs. I can't just watch her son being bullied and do nothing," I say angrily.

"At the end of the day, all you want to say is that you regret marrying me, don't you?" Amy asks angrily.

"Look, I don't have time to argue about this with you. I'm late for my flight," I say.

"Where are you going?" Amy asks.

"I'm going to Lidia Island. There's a launching for the Blue Wave project," I say coldly, still pissed off by her.

"I want to go too," Amy demands.

"Amy, you can't go. You told me you don't want to go when I asked you. You said you had some photo shoot at London. So, I've asked one of the directors to go instead."

"Well, I can cancel the photo shoot. Just tell that lame director he can't go because I'm going," Amy says nonchalantly.

"Amy! Why can't you be more responsible? How can you cancel your photo shoot just like that? Do you know how much trouble you'll be bringing to others? And I cannot just tell the director he can't go. I won't go back on my words," I say firmly, giving her a cold look.

"Fine then. Who are you going with? How long will you be out?"

"For about five or six days. I'll be going with my secretary," I say as I take one final look at my room, trying to remember if I forgot anything. At this time, I've completely ignored Amy who is blocking my way, tired with her preachings and unreasonable demands.

"Your secretary? Rika? That nerdy girl?" Amy says in disgust.

"No, Rika is not my secretary now. I've a new secretary. And Rika is not nerdy," I say, almost impatiently.

"You've changed secretary? Why doesn't anybody tell me that? Who is your new secretary?" Amy asks as she narrows her eyes.

I roll my eyes. "God, Amy. Stop! I'm running late now and I have no time to answer all your demands and preachings. Let's talk when I get back," I say as I walk out of the room, despite hearing her calling my name in vain.

I know she'll probably be really mad now but my flight is definitely more important than her unreasonable demands.

Amy's POV

I can't freaking believe Syaoran would just ignore me like that.

I know what caused him to change.

It's all because of that shameless slut, Sakura.

And who the hell is Syaoran's new secretary?

I take out my cell phone from my pouch and dial a number I know too well. "Hello, Joker-san. I want you to do something for me," I say.

"I want you to find out everything you can about Syaoran Li's new secretary."

Sakura's POV


This has got the be one of the grandest resort I've ever seen. The whole architectural just seems too impressive for words.

I stare at the entrance of Paprika Resort in amazement. How could anyone build such an amazing resort in such a secluded island?

"Sakura, if you don't close your mouth, flies are going to fly in," Syaoran comments.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, I straighten myself and regain composure. Syaoran smirks as he continues staring at me.

"So, what do you think of the resort? Isn't it a job well done?" Syaoran asks.

"Well, it's presentable, I guess. It's pretty much up to the standard," I say nonchalantly.

"Presentable? Darling, you were completely gob smacked by it from your expression earlier. Just admit it, Syaoran Li is awesome in everything he does," Syaoran says with a smirk.

As much as I hate to admit it, this resort is under one of Li Corporations latest project, the Blue Wave project.

Yes, the project Syaoran worked so hard together with Eriol.

And yes again, this resort is simply too impressive for words.

"Fine, it really amazes me but it's not only your effort. Eriol played quite a big part too," I counter.

"True, Eriol really did put in a lot of effort as well but without me, this project wouldn't have been a success," Syaoran says smugly.

I roll my eyes. This guy certainly has a huge ego. "Yeah, yeah. You're too awesome for words, Syaoran-sama, my dear boss," I say sarcastically.

Syaoran chuckles and shakes his head. "So, I'm sure you know we'll share a room right?" Syaoran asks.

"WHAT?" I shriek in complete surprise.

"Well, you are my wife after all. It's perfectly normal for us to share a room," Syaoran says as he slings his arms around my waist.

"I'm your wife but I'm your close-to-be-ex wife. So, it is NOT normal for us to share a room," I say, trying to push him away.

"Sakura, don't say that. I'm sure your heart still beats fast when you're near me, don't you?" Syaoran asks huskily as he leans in nearer to me.

I try to keep myself from blushing as he closes the gap between us.

"Besides, I know you want me, just like how I want you," Syaoran says as he whispers in my ears.

At this time, my whole face is as flushed as a tomato.

Seeing my reaction, Syaoran starts laughing as he releases his grip on my waist. "I'm just kidding, Sakura. Your reaction is just too amusing," Syaoran says as he continues laughing.

"I hate you, you stupid jerk!" I say angrily, still flushing.

"Sorry, girl. Let's go in. I'll make the necessary sleeping arrangements for you, in a different room," Syaoran says as he smiles and walks in.

I'm left standing at the entrance, trying to get a grip of myself as I stare at his retreating back.

There is just one thing that I really hate to admit.

My heart is still beating wildly, as my face continues to blush.

Curse those flashing lights and the shutter sound of the cameras.

Can't those reporters just stop taking photos for like ten minutes?

Yes, I'm in the middle of the press conference for the Blue Wave project. At first, I was really intimidated by the huge crowd of journalists and reporters who attended the press conference. The whole conference hall is filled with reporters and journalists from different countries.

Well, that is exactly what I expected anyway. This is Li Corporations after all.

Eriol is now explaining about the Blue Wave project and the facilities here to the mass of reporters and journalists. Just like Syaoran, he is ever calm and composed. He flashes his charming smile to the reporters after they ask a question.

Yup, Tomoyo definitely chose the right husband.

Syaoran on the other hand seems serious and cool. He smiles from time to time but his smiles aren't exactly those genuine smiles he flashes to those close to him. His smile is more to the kind of smile he flashes around people during businesses or social parties.


I'm trying not to be blinded by the bright flashes from the cameras. I'm smiling too, and my cheeks are starting to sore like hell.

Note to self – Learn how to 'fake-smile' from expert Syaoran Li.

"Ok, so anymore questions?" Syaoran asks to the audience.

"Li-san, how long have you been planning this project? How long has this project been in your mind?"

"Well, Eriol and I have been planning this project ever since last year. Once we got the inspiration, I immediately decided to implement this project. After the meeting with the board of directors, everyone approved and we began working hard to make this project a success," Syaoran answers.

"What is in your mind when you decided to implement this project?"

"At first, Lidia Island is just a small secluded island. So, I've decided to turn this island into a major tourist attraction. But this major tourist attraction shall not be tainted by pollution. We at Li Corporations will see to it. I want tourists to be able to enjoy the facilities and the beauty of nature here."

"Any special places that is your favourite spot here?"

"Well, there is also a secret place where the scenery is simply breathtaking. It kind of reminds me of my favourite view I used to share with my best friend when I was small. This place is of course very difficult to find. It took me quite a while to find it when I first explored this island. But I can assure you, anyone who finds it would be very lucky," Syaoran says with a smile.

Yes, it's a genuine small smile.

Somehow, my cheeks start to turn a little red. I can't help but think the 'friend' Syaoran meant in his speech refers to me.

I must be delusional, aren't I?

"Any more questions?" Syaoran asks.

"If you don't mind me asking, Li-san, where is your wife? Isn't she supposed to be here by her husband's side to celebrate this wonderful achievement with him?"

Um, Syaoran's wife is here. And I'm certainly by his side to celebrate with him. I'm even standing by his side.

"She has a photo shoot at London so she's unable to make it. It's really a pity though," Syaoran answers with a smile.

"Li-san, what is it about this rumour that's been circulating in Internet, saying you've acknowledged a boy to be your son?" a reporter asks.

My eyes widen in shock as I try to control my trembling heart.

I knew this is bound to happen sooner or later.

"Yeah, and I've heard that this boy is actually your secretary, Kinomoto-san's son," another journalist says.

Suddenly, everyone stares at me and murmurings among the crowd can be heard.

Oh god, what should I do now?

"Please, calm down. I guess I have no choice but to tell the truth," Syaoran says.

I widen my eyes and stare at Syaoran in shock.


How much truth is he going to reveal to the world?

Syaoran turns to me and smile, unaffected by the pleading stare I'm giving him.

"The truth is, Sakura has been my childhood best friend. We grew up together so naturally our relationship is very close. We went our separate ways after high school and we've recently met up. Shinji is Sakura's adopted son. Since we both share such a close relationship, I suppose there's no harm in acknowledging Shinji as my godson. Don't you agree?" Syaoran finishes calmly with a smile. The reporters and journalists nod their heads in agreement as they scribble away in their notepads.

I breathe a sigh of relief when everyone seems to buy what Syaoran said. He can certainly lie without batting an eyelid.

And how can he answer questions thrown to him with such calmness?

"Well, if there are no more questions, then I conclude this press conference. I hope all of you will be able to attend the party for the launch tomorrow. Thank you," Syaoran says as he bows politely, earning a thunderous applaud from the crowd.

Yup, Syaoran Li definitely has what it takes to be the CEO Li Corporations.

Syaoran's POV

I knock on Sakura's room door impatiently as I tap my feet. "Sakura, are you done yet?" I yell.

"Just give me ten more minutes, Syaoran!" I hear Sakura's voice.

"That's precisely what you said like what, thirty minutes ago," I say in resentment.

"Oh, Syaoran, just stop rushing me. Go sit at the couch and do something to amuse yourself," Sakura shouts back.

I roll my eyes as I walk towards the nearby couch and slump down.

I'm now waiting at Sakura's suite which also happens to be my suite.

Yes, we both shared the same suite ever since we got here because I thought that it would be more convenient for me to discuss any issues about the launch with Sakura.

But rest assured, I did not share the same room with her.

As the clock ticks by, my patience is slowly wearing off to a thin line. God, I seriously don't understand why does Sakura have to take so long to get ready.

It's just a party for the launching of a project.

I suddenly have a sense of déjà-vu. This is the exact situation when I waited for Sakura at her house during prom night.

Amy also takes a very long time to get ready for a party, which is why I always work out some excuse to leave for the party without her.

Girls, I never understand them.

After a few more excruciating minutes, I hear the opening of the door. I heave a sigh as I stand up and walk towards Sakura's room.

"Do you know how freaking long I have to wa-"

I halt in my words when eyes land on Sakura. Sakura is wearing a cream-coloured halter dress, with simple beads and sequins at the hems. The dress is knee-length and looks simple yet elegant. It hugs Sakura's curves perfectly.

Sakura is simply too gorgeous for words that I am completely speechless for the moment.

"So, how do I look? I think I look a little weird," Sakura says, slightly embarrassed.

"No, you look simply beautiful. Too beautiful for words," I say with a smile.

Sakura blushes as she smiles. "You look very hot yourself. But you must have heard that all the time," Sakura says.

"Yeah, but it's different when you're the one who says it," I say, without realizing what I had just uttered.

Sakura seems a little taken aback by my words. "I mean, you're like my secretary and my sort of date for the night. Of course I want to hear your opinion. This is a Calvin Klein ensemble after all," I quickly amend.

"Right. You will look perfect with just one final touch," Sakura says as she leans forward near me. Then, she adjusts my necktie which I didn't realize was slightly crooked.

"There, perfect," Sakura says with a smile.

"Ok, then let's go," I say as I smile back at her.

The party of the launching is just what I had expected. It's so lively and crowded with people. The guests aren't just random guests. They are all elites in their careers, ranging from successful entrepreneurs to high profile celebrities.

And I also happen to find out a very true equation.

Being with Syaoran Li = Being in the middle of attention

Yes, I'm not kidding. My cheeks are sore from all the smiling and my feet hurts from walking around with Syaoran. As usual, Syaoran introduces me to his clients and I would politely greet them. This has been going on for almost two hours.

"Ah, Syaoran Li, what a pleasure seeing you," an elderly man calls out.

I swear I am not lying when I say that I just saw Syaoran's eyebrows twitch a little. Silently, I study this elderly man's appearance. He seems like a sly, cunning, lecherous old man.

"Yasu-san, it's an honour to have you attending this party tonight," Syaoran says with a smile, a fake one.

"The honour is mine. It'll be foolish of me to turn down an invitation to the launching of Li Corporations' latest project. After all, it is a known fact how influential Li Corporation is," Yasu says with a smirk.

Syaoran merely nods and smiles back. Yes, I'm affirmative.

He hates this guy.

"So, aren't you going to introduce this gorgeous young lady to me?" he asks eyeing me.

At first, Syaoran glances at me rather hesitantly but he quickly regains composure and smiles back politely.

"This is my new secretary, Sakura….Kinomoto," Syaoran says, pausing at my surname.

I bow and smile politely as Yasu nods his head. "And Sakura, this is—"

"Allow me. I'm Yasu Taroda, the CEO of Higa Corporations. It's a great pleasure to meet a beautiful young lady like you," He says as he kisses the back of my hand, after caressing it.

Ee yew.

I'm so going to disinfect my hands after this.

From the edge of my eyes, I can see Syaoran's knuckles turning white and there is a slight rage in his eyes.

Could it be that he's jealous?

"Sakura-san, your hands are really as smooth as tofu. A very gorgeous young lady indeed," he says while eyeing me with a smirk.

I try to put on my best smile while resisting the urge to punch him in his face.

And he's still holding onto my hand!

Now I know why Syaoran hates him.

"Sakura, you said you are thirsty right? I'm thirsty too, perhaps you can go get us three a drink or something?" Syaoran asks smoothly as he gently pulls me towards his side, successfully releasing me from the lecherous man's grip.

I silently thank Syaoran for his rescue. I feel as if I'm about to kill that guy if he continues like that.

"Sure, I'll be happy to," I say with a smile as Syaoran smiles back. Nevertheless, when I am just about to walk away, I feel a hand grabbing onto me.

"Don't leave yet, my dear beauty. I'm sure Syaoran can wait for the drink. Let's just a have a dance together first," Yasu says.

Syaoran immediately grows serious and his eyes are silently glaring at Yasu, much to the latter's oblivion.

"Err, Yasu-san, I don't think this is a good idea. I have a lot of things to do and I'm afraid I might not be free for a dance," I say, trying to be polite.

"Nonsense, I'm sure Syaoran wouldn't mind that you accompany me for a dance just for a while. He is after all a gracious host," Yasu says eyeing Syaoran.

"Actually, I don't think Sakura is free to dance with you. She – "

"Are you going to deny me of this simple request of mine? If words go out that you are simply not gracious enough, who knows what impact it may bring to Li Corporations? You do know that you need to please me to make your next big project a success, right? I am after all one of your sponsors," Yasu says with a smirk.

Syaoran continues glaring at him, all the while keeping silent. I know he's making a really tough decision in that mind of his. I can't possible make Syaoran choose like this.

"You know what, Yasu-san, I think I don't need– "

"I'll dance with you, Yasu-san," I say, interrupting Syaoran. Syaoran's eyes widen in surprise as he stares at me.

"It's just a dance, there's no harm to it," I say calmly.

"Great, just great. Since the lady has agreed, then let's move on," Yasu says as he holds me hand and leads me to the dance floor.

I can feel Syaoran's gaze on my back I walk with Yasu to the dance floor.

I'm so sorry, Syaoran.

I just can't make you choose between me and the corporation.

Dancing with this perverted man is probably one of the worst experiences I've ever had in my life. Even fighting with Amy is much better than this.

I can feel his hands caressing my back and each time he tries to advance, I'll try to divert his attention by starting a topic or pushing his hand away nonchalantly.

But the problem is, I'm running out of topics to talk to this man!

"Sakura-san, are you free tonight? After the party?"

"Why are you asking so, Yasu-san," I say curtly.

"If you're free, perhaps we can spend a little time alone tonight, at my suite," he says in a lecherous tone.

Gross, I'm having Goosebumps even thinking about it.

This man is seriously a lecherous jerk.

"I'm afraid I'm not free tonight. I have something on," I say.

"I won't take no for an answer, Sakura-san. You must – "

"Sorry to butt in, but I believe it's my turn to dance with this beauty now," says a familiar voice.

I turn around and I widen my eyes in surprise.

"Who are you?" Yasu asks as he stops dancing.

"I'm Kaname Ichijou, CEO of Ichijou Industries," Kaname answers smoothly.

"Oh, so you're Tao's son. Didn't your father teach you not to interrupt in other people's affairs?" Yasu asks sneeringly.

"He did. But he also taught me to always help someone in distress," Kaname says as he pulls me over to his side and slings his arm around my waist.

"Does Sakura-san seem in distress to you? We were simply talking and it is none of your business," Yasu says, glaring at Kaname.

"Talking? You were practically groping her. I didn't know the CEO of Higa Corporation hits on younger women. I wonder what will people say when they hear about this." Kaname taunts.

"You immature—"

"And, Sakura's business is my business. She is a very precious childhood friend of mine and I won't let you bully her like this. If you ever lay your hands on her again, I'll make sure the whole world knows about all your dirty secrets," Kaname warns as he glares at Yasu.

Then, with his arm around my waist, he leads me away from that old jerk. Once we are at a safe distance, we start to dance, together with the crowd.

"That is seriously the first time I've seen Kaname-senpai's fierce side," I say as I smile.

"I guess that's because I always appear friendly to everyone. But there are times when I would be fierce, especially when I have to protect a very good friend of mine," Kaname says.

"Anyways, thanks. I'm so happy you rescued me from the old man's clutches," I say.

"You're welcome. By the way, you look very pretty today," Kaname compliments.

I feel a blush rising my cheeks as I stare at Kaname's appearance. He's pretty hot himself, clad in a white tuxedo. He is certainly as hot as Syaoran.

"You're not too bad yourself. I'm sure a lot of girls are swooning over you," I say.

"They are? I thought they would be swooning over Syaoran," Kaname jokes as he chuckles.

"Ok, half of the population swoons over Syaoran, the other half swoons over you," I conclude.

"So which half are you?"

That question completely throws me aback. I don't know how I should answer him.

"Hey, I'm just kidding. I can't possibly make you choose right? Syaoran is your childhood best friend. Besides, he's your boss. You might get fired if you give the wrong response," Kaname says with a smile.

"So, you know that Syaoran is my boss?"

"Yeah, I heard it from my friends in the corporate world. They say you're replacing Rika-san. So, I assume you're close with Syaoran again?"

Yes, but the problem is...I'm afraid of being too close to him.

"Yeah, almost like the old days," I lie.

As we continue to dance for a few minutes, a tap on my shoulder makes us both stop dancing. I turn around to see who is the one interrupting my dance with Kaname-senpai.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you two."

"Not at all, Syaoran. Great party for a launching, buddy," Kaname says with a smile as he hugs Syaoran as a friendly gesture. Syaoran smiles and returns the hug.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. If it's possible, I would like to borrow Sakura awhile. The launching ceremony is about to begin soon," Syaoran says.

"Ok, sure. I'll see you again, Sakura. You too, Syaoran," Kaname says.

"Thanks, Kaname-senpai," I say as I smile at him. Syaoran smiles back and nods. Then, Syaoran holds my hands as he leads me up the stage with him for the launching ceremony.

I have to admit, this whole project is such a huge success. This project is sure to rake in a lot of money for Li Corporations.

Syaoran Li is indeed a genius, as quoted by most of the magazines.

As I stand at the corridor outside of the hall, enjoying the cool night breeze, I can't help but think of a certain amber eyed guy.

I don't know why but I feel really happy when I see his happy face during the launching ceremony.

I'm not falling for him again, am I?

"Hey, what are you doing out here alone?" Syaoran asks as he walks towards me.

"I feel really tired from entertaining all your guests for you. So I came here to take a break. Some of your guests are really troublesome, especially that Yasu guy," I say.

"He didn't do anything to you, did he?" Syaoran asks, in a rather protective tone, the tone he used to use whenever someone bullied me when we were small.

"No, but he did grope me though. But no major harm," I say, shrugging my shoulders.

"Don't worry, I've dealt with him. By tomorrow, the whole world will know about all his dirty little secrets and weird obsessions," Syaoran says with a smirk.

"Syaoran! How could you do that? Isn't he like a valued sponsor of Li Corps?"

"Big deal. I'll just find a new sponsor. He ought to pay for what he had done," Syaoran says, a slight rage in his tone.

Never mess with Syaoran Li. You certainly wouldn't want to be in his hate list.

"Hey, let's elope," Syaoran says with a grin.

"ELOPE?" I repeat in surprise.

"Yeah, I'll bring you to a really nice place. The secret place," Syaoran says as he continues grinning.

Before I can even retort, he grabs my hands tightly and leads me to some unknown place.

After climbing slopes and jumping across rocks as well as small rivers, I find myself almost out of breath.

"Syaoran, where is this secret place you're bringing me to?"

"We're here." Syaoran says.

"What?" I ask, still bending over and panting heavily.

"Look up, in front of you," Syaoran says.

I stand up and look at the view in front of me. It's a view of the beautiful sea with colourful lights illuminating the sea side.

"Wow! This is beautiful," I say in amazement.

"Yeah, this place enables us to see the whole view of the island, from the bright lights of the resort to the beauty of the sea. Being at the top of a small hill helps too," Syaoran says with a smile as he sits down on the soft grass.

I sit down beside him, not caring whether my beautiful dress will be damaged. "So, this is the place which you were talking about during the press conference?"

"Yeah. Doesn't this place reminds you of our favourite hang-out spot when we were still teenagers?" Syaoran asks as he removes his coat and his necktie.

"Now that you've mention it, I think it does. It reminds me of Karazuki beach," I say.

"Yeah, that's the place we first went dating. Oh and also the first time you learnt how to play beach volley, which I totally rock at," Syaoran says with a chuckle.

Memories of our past begins flashing through my mind as I smile.

"Wait, that means the childhood friend you're talking about was me?" I ask.

"I thought you knew that. Who else could it be?" Syaoran asks, slightly offended.

"I don't know. I'm not exactly your only gir friend during high school. There was Belinda Haww, the cheerleader," I say.

"I only dated her because the guys asked me to. No, actually they dared me to," Syaoran replies.

"What about Sexy Anna?"

"Oh, that one. Hey, I was a raging hormonal teen at that time. It wasn't my fault that I fell in love with her…um…body. It's also not my fault you hit puberty at such a slow rate," Syaoran taunts.

"Why you…." I start to protest but Syaoran quickly gestures me to look upwards.

"See, the skies are so beautiful tonight," Syaoran says.

"Yeah. Do you remember we used to believe making a wish upon the stars would make our wishes come true?" I ask.

"Yeah, I remember. Did yours come true?"

"Well, I think the last wish I did came true. I wished that you and your soccer team would win the finals at the National Championship," I say.

Syaoran smiles at me without saying anything.

"What about you? Did yours come true?"

"Mine? Hn…..I think it did, but maybe because I didn't appreciate it, I'm going to lose it again," Syaoran says as he shrugs his shoulders.

"Really? What did you wish for?" I ask curiously.

"I'm not telling you," Syaoran says with a grin.

"Hey! No fair! I told you mine! You should tell me yours!"

"I didn't ask you to tell me. You told me out of your free will," Syaoran says nonchalantly.

Just then, a drop of rain falls on my face. "Wait, is it going to rain?" I say.

"Yes, I think it's going to start drizzling," Syaoran says as he holds out his palms to feel the raindrops.

And true enough, it starts drizzling.

"Hurry, let's find shelter," I say as I start to run but I feel a strong grip holding my arm.

"No, don't go yet," Syaoran says.

I stare at him curiously. Syaoran smiles and holds out his hand to me. "Since I didn't have a chance to dance with you at the party, may I ask for the pleasure of a dance now?" Syaoran asks with a warm smile.

Memories of the past come flooding into my mind. I remember how we used to dance in the rain when we are teenagers. That is one of the special memories we shared together.

I can't believe he remembers it too.

"I'll be honoured to accept it," I say as I hold his hand.

Then, we start to dance under the drizzle. There is complete silence between us but we both know the silence is something we both enjoy. It is a comfortable silence just like before.

Slowly, my head begins to rest on his chest while Syaoran's arms envelope me in a warm embrace. We both dance slowly to the rhythm of the rain, coordinating our heartbeats with each other. I feel so at peace as if we're back to six years ago.

Suddenly, Syaoran stops. I pull away from his chest rather hesitantly and look up at him, to meet his warm amber eyes. Syaoran begins leaning closer and my body seems to be responding to his, as I move in closer.

Before I know it, a pair of warm lips land on my very own lips as Syaoran kisses me. As if acting automatically on its own, I begin kissing him back as we both share a kiss under the rain.

How I wish time could just stop here and let us both stay like this forever.

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