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"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."
-George Bernard


The line was flat. Isabella Marie Swan was officially dead.

"Fuck!" The new doctor screamed, slamming his hands onto the bed, making sure to avoid Isabella's body.

"Time of death," Dr. Moran said solemnly. "7:32." He looked at the new doctor. He had never seen anyone so obsessed with a patient before. No matter what his personal opinions was on the matter of whether or not a doctor should get attached to a patient like the new doctor was didn't stop him for feeling sorry for the poor young doctor.

"Are you going to be okay, Jake?" He asked patting the new doctor on the back.

Jake's head snapped up. It was the first time anyone at the hospital had called him by the first name. He didn't like it, especially not from this quack.

"I'm fine." He growled stepping away from the doctor's hand. "I'll go tell the parents." His voice was dark with distaste for the older doctor.

Dr. Moran sighed. "I reviewed the tapes. I think I may be able to get Nurse Clearwater his job back." He was just saying it to humor Jake, in hopes that the poor boy's mood would lighten up. He didn't really review the tapes, and he had no real intention to let Seth have his job back.

Jake shrugged, trying to act indifferent about the situation. He wanted to feel happy for Seth, but Isabella's death was dampening the situation at the moment.

Isabella's parents were sitting in the waiting room. The mother had her head in her hands; the father was rubbing her back awkwardly. Jake closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The war going on in his stomach was making this harder than it should've been.

"Mr. Swan." His voice croaked.

The father lifted his head. "Isabella, is she-?" He didn't allow himself to finish the sentence.

"I'm sorry." Jake finally sighed. "It was made official at 7:30."

The loud sob of the mother echoed throughout the room. Her shoulders shook with her sobs. The father let go of his ex wife and ran his fingers through his thinning hair.

Jake took two steps back, unable to be around the family. He was never any good with people who cried. He turned around and walked back into the hallway, anxious to be anywhere but here. He was walking past several patients rooms with their door opens when he accidently overheard something. He stopped in mid-step and pressed his ear against the wall next to the door frame, out of eye shot.

"We found a heart for you, Mr. Cullen." The doctor told her patient.

"Please, call me Edward." The voice was smooth. "And who's giving me their heart?"

The doctor opened her clipboard and glanced at the name. "Isabella Swan."

"Isabella Swan." Edward repeated, letting his head drop onto the pillow. "Isabella Swan gave me her heart…"

Jake snorted as he walked past the door. He didn't know this "Edward Cullen" but he was positive that he wasn't going to like him.


"Rest in peace…" Edward whispered to himself, setting a bouquet of flowers in front of the tomb stone. His fingers traced over the words engraved into the tombstone, his eyes never blinking.

"What was she like?"

"Beautiful." Edward answered. "Probably the most beautiful woman in the world…next to you of course." He looked at me and smiled.

I rested my head on his shoulder and read the tomb stone. Elizabeth Masen. Edward's mother. A guilt that it was my fault ran through my spine.

"Do you still see the green trees pink flowers and orange sky?" Edward asked, standing up.

"Yes!" I screamed at him, jumping to my own feet. "And its pink trees, yellow sky, and blue grass." I snapped at him playfully.

He laughed. "Oh, like that makes it any better." He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pushed me closer to him so he could kiss the top of my head

"It's not fair." I complained. "I get in a car wreck and it does nothing to me. I fall in a shower and it leaves burns. I fall on an imaginary vase and I slice open my arm." I rolled my eyes.

"Not to mention that you see pink trees, yellow skies, and blue grass." Edward wouldn't let the subject drop. I rolled my eyes and stepped out of his grip. He started to laugh. "C'mon Bella, it was a little funny."

His arms wrapped around my waist and his warm lips pressed against the back of my neck. "I promise to not make fun of the fact that you see pink trees, yellow skies, and blue grass anymore." He kissed my neck again.

"I feel like a vampire." I complained.

"How's that?"

"I can't feel pain, I can't sleep, I don't need to breathe, I don't need to eat, I can't blush, and I have uncontrollable need for sex." I looked at him over my shoulder.

He let out a very loud laugh, his topaz eyes shining. "I can help you with one of those six things."

"Well so can Emmett but you don't hear him bragging." I bit my lip so I could stop myself from laughing.

A fake hurt look washed over Edward's face. He kissed my cheek before lifting me into his arms. I wrapped my hands around his neck. His skin, which was usually granite, felt like silk. I rested my head on the crook of his neck.

"Do you want to jump the wall or are you going to tell me that catchy little rhyme you came up with to open the gates?"

"You just want to hear me say the p-word." I accused him.

Edward laughed. "Can you blame me?"

"Yes." I growled before closing my eyes and sighing. "I'm here to see the dead and I don't have any bread. Please let me through, so eventually I can go poo." I said quickly, embarrassed by stupid little rhyme.

The gates started to creak as they opened up, but that didn't even cover the loud laughter that was coming from Edward. "Poo." He whispered to himself before laughing again.

"I was six!"

The End.

A/N: Jumps up and down while pointing and laughing at everyone. Did y'all honestly think that I'll let Edward be the doctor? Seriously. No. Not this time. Actually, in the original idea there was no new doctor. It was kind of shocking to see a new doctor walk into the story and then later figure out it was Jake. Why it works: Bella wrote two books. He liked werewolves more than vampires. He had a temper on him. And he hangs out with Seth. A bunch of other reasons but I'm too lazy to go back and pull it all out for y'all.

I love that Edward was a patient that needed a heart. Seriously, that came to me like three chapters ago and I could not let that go away. That is like the greatest way to include him in the human world. Especially when he said "Isabella gave me her heart…" Awe! That's so sweet! And like at the beginning of the story, she was going to kill off Edward and then she ended up saving him. I swear everything happens for a reason in my stories. Even if I don't exactly plan it out all the way. In the previous chapter I said that Isabella was an organ donor.

The reason for the ending. I was torn. I really wanted Bella to stay alive and live happily ever after, but I knew that in order to be true to the story I'd have to kill her. It was either do a Breaking Dawn where everyone is happy (except for Jake but most of y'all don't care about him- even though I do love him) or I could stay true to my author instincts and let Bella die. So after much thought, I decided to let Bella live. And this is why. There is no telling what happens to us after we die. Some say that we go to some after life; others say we disappear, some even say we even reincarnate into other people, animals, or objects. Well, I remember reading something that said we only use ten percent of our brain and an idea hit me. What if the other ninety percent is only used when we die? So I made it so that as Bella is dying in the real world, she's getting stronger in her imaginary world. She's not a vampire, but she's unbreakable. She's basically like a vampire without the super strength, speed, or the blood lust. That way Edward and Bella get their happy ending and I'm not really cheating with this story. It still has its bittersweet ending. Bella is dead in the real world, that means her family is going to be in mourning, Jake doesn't get his crush, Bella never gets to meet the human Edward (even though he gets to live because of her), and Seth never gets his job back, while Jessica doesn't get fired. That way we both win. I get my bittersweet ending; y'all get your Bella and Edward happily ever after. :)

No sequel. Don't ask for one or else I might just come back and kill her off. ;P

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