Deidara dipped the brush into his palette, looking over at Sasori before he began his work. He began painting the nude redhead, waiting for his perfect chance to ask him out. Suddenly, with every stroke of his brush, he felt like everything was getting tighter around him, the room, his clothes, it seemed... tighter.

"Hey Deidara."

He looked past his easel to see Sasori, whose smirk seemed like more of a "I'm holding back laughter" kind, and noticed his eye's glancing down and back up.
Deidara looked down trying to see what Sasori was looking at, before he figured out that this was the most embarrassing moment of his life. He continued to stare down, his little friend looking almost straight up at him, right in front of someone he planned on asking out.

"If you want," Sasori said, quickly catching Deidara's attention, "I'll take care of that for you."

At first, Deidara was even more embarrassed, then figured that it might end well.
He put his brush and palette down and nervously walked over to Sasori, who was now sitting up.

"S-Seriously? Why un?"

"Well because you shouldn't have to paint with a distraction like that, plus don't worry, I don't mind doing it for you."

Deidara decided to believe Sasori and stood there, waiting for Sasori to take care of his problem. He looked down to see the nude redhead undoing his pants and taking his unit out, before he began to slowly stroke it.

"Not to bad Deidara, it's pretty big."

Sasori continued stroking Deidara's member, increasing speed, and with each stroke felt more attracted to the blond. He hadn't expected this be any more than a friendly hand job, but he couldn't help himself for seeing something in those blue eyes looking down at him.
He stopped pumping Deidara's love organ for a moment, before he stuck the head in his mouth and restarted. He glanced up at Deidara, whose facial expression was a mix of shock and pleasure. Sasori continued to suck on the head for another moment before taking all of it into his mouth.

"S-Sasori...What are you..."

Sasori cut him off by reaching his hand up the blonde's shirt, petting his side as he continued to suck on Deidara. The blond realized he couldn't fight the redhead and placed his hand behind Sasori's head, taking control. He didn't waste time in forcing the redhead to go faster, something Sasori had no problem with, using his tongue the best he could to pleasure him.
Deidara knew he wouldn't last long and came in Sasori's mouth with out any warning, something else the redhead didn't mind much.
Deidara almost fell over backwards from his little adventure with Sasori, before he looked down and saw the redhead spitting the load of semen into his hand and using it as lube as he stroked himself.

"Deidara, get on the couch." He said, standing up and backing away a bit.

Deidara was a little confused, but got on the couch regardless. He looked over at Sasori, who was still stroking himself, and suddenly realized what was going on. He quickly took off his shirt and tossed it on the floor, before Sasori walked over to the end of the couch, waiting for him. Deidara realized he was keeping Sasori waiting and quickly pulled his pants and boxers off, then laying on his back on the couch. Sasori approached him, pulling the blonds legs over his shoulders before slowly pushing his length into him.

"Ahh...Sasori it hurts un..." Deidara grunted, before he felt the redhead pull almost all the way out and then gently back in.

"It's alright, just wait a little and it'll stop hurting." Sasori reassured, pulling almost out again before pushing back in, keeping this pattern up before he heard Deidara let out a squeal.

'That's it...' He thought to himself, thrusting into that spot again, Deidara's moans getting louder and louder.

And that's when it donned on him. He was supposed to be getting painted, and the entire art class was right next door and could probably hear everything they were doing.
Well fuck em'. Sasori pushed the thought of being caught aside and went back to the task at hand – Pleasing Deidara.
He continued thrusting into Deidara, hitting his prostate each time, his screams and moans getting louder still.
Sasori soon realized that he was about to come, and that Deidara was too.
He forced himself out of Deidara, letting the blonde's legs drop before he began stroking his cock until he exploded onto Deidara's chest and stomach.

"Sasori un..." Deidara whispered as he watched his seme leaning on the couch and panting.

The blond then realized he hadn't come yet, and sat up to try and take care of the problem.


He looked up to see Sasori crawling over the edge of the couch and starting to suck on him again. He laid back and put his hand on the back of Sasori's head again, this time was different though, because Sasori broke free of his uke's hand and let the blond come all over his face, before collapsing onto the blond.

"That was fun..." Sasori said, wiping the come off of his face with his hand and licking it off.

"So..." Deidara said, finding it hard to fight off the drowsiness, "You wanna go out some time un?"

"What the hell, you're cute, and a pretty good fuck if you ask me..." He said, placing his hand behind Deidara's head and kissing him.

The kiss was short, and Sasori quickly rolled off of Deidara and onto the floor, also quickly getting up and wiping the come off of him.

"You should hurry with my nude portrait, they're gonna start to wonder why we're taking so long."

"Right Sasori un." Deidara replied, putting his boxers back on and getting back behind the easel.