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Pairing: Kaname/Zero



(Folklore) a corpse that rises at night to drink the blood of the living.

An Eastern European creature popularized in England by late 19th century gothic novels. However, there are scattered England accounts of night-walking, blood-gorged, plague-spreading un-dead corpses from as far back as 1196.


Zero woke yet again to a dark room, only the dull moonlight filtering in through his window a source of light. He let a breath out slowly and closed his eyes again, determined to at least catch a few decent 'z's before day break. Zero rolled over onto his side. No matter which way he turned, rolled, flipped or shifted, nothing felt comfortable as he lay sweaty, hot and restless. Finally deciding to give up on sleep for another night, Zero propped himself into a sitting position and dangled his legs over the side of the bed, shivering as his feet brushed the ice cold floor beneath him. It hadn't been long since he'd started attending university, and the dorm room still felt fairly new to Zero, thus making him uneasy. Ever since he was a child, the mythology ace had found it near impossible to fall asleep somewhere he wasn't used to, thus sparking his nightly walks through the grounds.

Zero slid off the bed and tried not to wake his roommate across the room as he pulled on a white button up shirt, jeans and shoes. Running a pale hand through his silver hair, he made for the door, stopping dead in his tracks as he heard his roommate shift position.

"Where the hell are you going…?"

The voice was slurred and on the dull side as Zero turned to face the white mound. "Sorry I woke you. I'm just going out for a bit."

A sleepy face popped out from the mound and yawned. "Tch…. Again? What's so interesting this late at night? Got a girlfriend you wanna meet or something? Don't think I haven't noticed you dozing off in class…."

Zero smirked before heading for the door again. His roommate would be asleep again in a matter of seconds and Zero wouldn't be bothered. Still, the guy was pretty lazy anyway and Zero doubted that he'd pursue him. The mythology student continued on his path out the dorm and took his time walking down the corridor and stairs, pausing every now and then to stare blankly at some graffiti on the wall or to simply breathe and calm his senses down. Zero pushed the door open to the courtyard and spotted a lone man standing in the very center of it. Odd, Zero thought, but ultimately pushing it to the back of his mind.

The man turned around, blood smeared all over his mouth.

Zero stumbled backwards in fright. W-What the hell? "H-Hey, you!"

The brunette was quick, sweeping forward like a shadow, pulling Zero to him gently.

"Let go!" Zero demanded, pushing his hands against the man's chest roughly. "Go away. Don't touch me!" God he hoped somebody had heard….

The brunette tilted Zero's chin up to his face and stared intensely into lilac eyes. The mythology student immediately slackened in the man's arms, seemingly giving up his protests, albeit unwillingly. "You talk to no one of this, understood? You do, and see that I kill you."


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