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Written by law-chan23


If vampires are deprived of blood for long enough, they are likely to go mad with hunger, attacking at anything that breathes in order to stay alive.


Yes, it was one fine, beautiful spring day at Cross University. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and small delicate birds flew about the campus chirping happily. Among the buildings and on the many winding walkways, students were flocking about in groups or pairs, chattering away animatedly as they went about their day attending classes, wooing girls, boys and having a joyous time indeed. Yes, one fine day indeed... and while this day transpired, Kaname Kuran, of pure blood nobility lay face flat on the tiled floor of his bathroom clad only in his favourite boxer shorts, which just happened to be the ones Yuuki had bought for him last Christmas. The love heart patterned ones, coloured pink and white. Thank God he'd landed in such a secure and private place, otherwise his dignity would have been lost for good. However, as luck had it... Kaname Kuran, of nobility and of pure blood has failed to lock the door before collapsing, thus leaving one Zero Kiriyuu in a very awkward position.

Zero stood frozen, hand still clasping the door knob, staring at the sight before him.

Oh dear God in heaven.

The student coughed once, softly, trying to awaken the other boy discretely, but it was no use. The stupid vampire was out cold, lying in an ungraceful heap on the bathroom floor. Zero slapped a hand over his violated eyes and sighed. This was going to be humiliating, one way or the other. He threw the bathroom door open all the way as he rushed to the vampire's side. Quickly pressing his fingers into the juncture that met between Kaname's collarbone and neck, Zero felt around for a pulse. Finding that he did have one, Zero exhaled in a short moment of relief, before he realized that something was still very much wrong with the vampire, and he couldn't identify what. He couldn't contact emergency services, it would be obvious to uncover that he was a vampire. The big teeth kind of gave it away.

A groan made Zero jump and curse.

Kaname Kuran rose from his unconscious state and sat up, cradling his tile marked face in his pale hand.

"Hey," Zero said softly, moving his head around to see if there were any injuries to Kaname's head. "What the fuck happened to you?"

Kaname groaned again. "Fuck" was always a word he'd wanted to wake up to. "I uh, I must have had a fall," he lied. He drew his hand back from his face, feeling a faint wetness upon his fingers. Blood.

Zero got up at that moment and helped his roommate to sit onto the stool in the corner of the bathroom. "Hang here for a sec," he murmured, a frown of concern etched deep into his features. He then sought out a towel, which he then wet at the sink. "You've got a nick on your head," he remarked, returning with the damp towel to clean up the drying blood on the vampire's skin. "Nothing serious."

Kaname felt dizzy. "Thanks," he muttered, letting Zero tend to his cut. "It's going to stain..." he said, referring to the white terrycloth towel the university student was currently using to dispel the blood with.

Zero shrugged. "One less towel isn't going to stop the manufacturing of towels altogether," he mumbled as he finished cleaning the wound. "So what's wrong with you? As far as I remember you weren't drunk last night, or stoned."

Kaname made to smile, but began a coughing fit instead, clutching his stomach tightly in pain.

Zero threw the towel onto the floor and put both his hands on Kaname's shoulders, trying to calm him down. That was when he saw them. Kaname's red eyes. Zero stumbled back a few steps, suddenly finding himself afraid of him.

Kaname dry retched a couple of times before falling onto the floor again, chest heaving.

Zero fell backwards and his rear connected with the floor with a thud. He sat staring in horror, unable to move as Kaname's fit continued for a good ten minutes longer until the spasms died down and the vampire was left curled up on the floor, his breathing severely laboured.

"K – Kuran?" Zero whispered after a while. He managed to scoot across the floor over to his twitching companion. He touched the damp brown hair on Kaname's head and bit his lip.

A low hum began, which soon increased to a deep growl, and Zero realized too late that it had been coming from Kaname.

In less than a second, the shuddering mass had given birth to a ravenous beast that had Zero underneath it and pinned helplessly to the floor.

Zero thrashed in Kaname's strong grip fervently, utterly terrified. "What the fuck are you doing, Kuran?! Stop!"

Kaname, eyes glazed crimson licked his lips and exposed his sharp fangs. He hissed delightedly at his squirming prey beneath him as he began leaning down to that pale, virgin neck of his victim, scraping his teeth lightly against the skin's surface before biting down brutally, breaking the last barrier between him and his sweet life source.

Zero's eyes opened wide and he opened his mouth, screaming silently.


Zero found himself in a field of flourishing white roses. He crept quietly through the field, wondering where all the people were.

"Hello?" he called out into the silence, his voice echoing through the field.

A giggle.

Zero swung around, but the giggle silenced itself. Treading warily, Zero continued through the countless white rose bushes until he heard yet another giggle erupt from nowhere and froze.

"Who's there?" he shouted, turning in a circle, struggling to see who it was that was laughing at him. "Come out!"

Another giggle and Zero turned again, finding a child version bearing a striking resemblance to himself, smirking at him from behind.

"Who are you?" Zero demanded, taken aback by the clawing familiarity of the child.

The child feigned a hurt expression. "Oh. You don't even remember the face of your own twin brother? How disconcerting..." he said in a voice far too mature to match his boyish physique. "Ichiru. My name is Ichiru. Ring any bells, brother?"

Zero suddenly found himself remembering everything from before the night Cross had found him hiding in the snow. He recalled the slaying of his parents, the betrayal of his own brother... and the bite inflicted on him by a crazed pureblood vampire, out for revenge. Impulsively, Zero reached up and touched the side of his neck that donned his distinguishing black tattoo. He recoiled slightly at the sudden sensitivity he discovered there as he brushed his fingers up against the skin. Zero shuddered.

The smaller version of Ichiru smirked mischievously and started to clap his hands. "Ah good. Now you remember. I guess that along with completing the transition, your memory re-establishes itself in your mind, correct?"

Zero glared hatefully at his brother. "Why are you here?" he seethed, eyes darkening dangerously.

Ichiru's smirk broadened as he begun to approach his brother. "Why?" he mimicked.

"Don't come near me," Zero spat, trying to step backwards, but found that he couldn't. "What have you done to me, Ichiru? Why can't I move?"

Ichiru didn't answer. Standing on his toes, Ichiru whispered into his brother's ear, "You're one of us now, aren't you glad?" He then kissed his brother before disappearing, and Zero was left alone in the field, insane giggles resounding around him as the white roses began to drip with blood...


Sight fading from his eyes, the last thing Zero remembered was Yagari Touga carrying his giant-ass gun into the bathroom.


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