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The Thief slinked along a cobbled pathway in the small town that he resided, and stole from, everyday. After he had, reluctantly, returned the golden balls to their rightful place atop the minneret, he had gotten plenty of praise from many people, but in the mist of the Princess and the Cobbler's wedding, everyone had forgotten about him, and so he had simply gone around stealing from anyone he saw as they were much too busy watching the wedding ceremony too notice as he slit their coin sacks, and pocketed the change, or as he skillfully slipped a pair of gold earrings or a gold bracelet off of a woman's ear's or wrist.

When the ceremony ended and everyone departed to their homes, he had slipped away into a dark alley for a bit of rest and quiet. The life of a thief was simple and greatly rewarding, and yet...he was just a bit lonely. Sometimes he could push the feeling to the side and remind himself that a thief didn't need friends and - because of their profession - couldn't have them anyway. But though he knew that very well as a fact, it didn't always appease him, and now was one of the times that he felt a little empty inside and longed for some companionship.

'What I am thinking? I don't want anyone and don't need anyone. Besides, if I DID have any friends, they'd probably try to take my treasures, and that isn't gonna happen. No way, no how!'

He thought to himself, for he very rarely talked at all, if ever. Something that had occured when his mother had left him at a young age. Seeing her once when he had been trying to sneak into the castle via the royal water pipe, had shocked him more than he had chosen to let show at the time.

She had left when someone found out that she had stolen a very priceless artifact from them, and fled to a different city. Or so he had thought.

It seemed that she was still in the same one that they had been in when he was little. He remembered how the man had found him, with his mother nowhere in sight, and had let him go because he was only a child.

He had been left to fend for imself, and had taken up the same occupation that his mother had - stealing. It hadn't been easy at first. Several times he had just barely escaped being caught, and had, had to flee as his mother had, but eventually he had mastered the skill and was stealing stuff left and right. He had to admit, it was something that he wasn't too proud of, but what could he do? No one would take in a homeless mute like him, and though he might have been able to ask for shelter at the royal house due to his 'good deed' he had flat out chosen not to.

The royal life certainly did tempt him, but he wouldn't be comfortable sharing his wealth and everything else with other people. He had lived alone for quite a long time and liked it that way. He was perfectly fine with his life as it was now, thank you very much. He was fine with being a thief. Fine with being alone. At least...he thought he was anyway.

He growled low in his throat as he moved past merchants and the like, all who were selling things that the gold hungry thief didn't even give a second glance to.

Suddenly though, he spotted something gold and his dark, beady eyes lit up in delight.

'Now things are beganing to look up.'

The crafty thief thought with a devious grin.

(A/N: This next part makes a bit of sense though you might find it nonsense. The thief was focused only on the gold object so that he didn't pay attention to anything except for the gleaming gold thing, so this is how he got mixed up.)

He slunk stealthily towards the gold thing, making almost no noise at all.

When he reached it, he stretched out his hand and quickly snatched at it.

"Oww! What in the world...?!"

The thief's eyes widened and he let go of the thing, retracting his hand as if he'd been slapped.

The long, gold curtain whirled around to reveal a girl's furious face glaring back at him.

Oh. So THAT"S what it had been. Golden hair, huh? Hmm...interesting...

Of course he had known it was hair the moment he had touched it, but before he had simply thought that it was a long gold sheet or something, blowing slightly in the breeze.

Boy had he been wrong.

The young teenage girl was still glaring at him, and he coughed slightly and turned to slink away again.

But as he tried to leave, he found himself unable to take one step. He glanced back at the girl to find that she had gripped a generous amount of his long robe in her hand and was still giving him an ultimate death glare.

"How rude! First you pull on my hair for no apparent reason, and THEN you try to walk away without so much as an apology? What on earth is the matter with you?!'

'Hmm...I suppose it would be no use trying to tell her that I'm a mute, since I can't talk.' He mused to himself with quiet amusement.

As the girl stood there, still waiting for the expected apology, he sighed inwardly and did something quite simple, but effective.

With surprising speed, he grabbed the girl's hand and quickly renched it out of her hold on his robe, then he turned and sprinted away, without a second glance.

'I don't think I'll be seeing her again.' He thought, chuckling to himself.

Much to his surprise though, when he rounded a corner...he saw the girl standing right there in his way, a look of utter fury on her face.

"Why you...you...imbecile! All I asked for was a simple apology and you try to give me the slip? Hmph! The manners some people have these days!"

He couldn't believe it! With all his speed and cunning he STILL wasn't able to rid himself of this girl! It was very annoying and the thief wasn't taking it sitting down.

Whirling around, he tried to make yet another get-away, but the girl, faster this time, jumped him from behind and wouldn't let go.

Getting more and more irritated by the moment, he tried to relenquish her hold on his neck, but her grip was surprisingly strong and her arms just tightened a bit more, starting to cut off his circulation.

Finally, he realized that, for once in his life, he couldn't win this time. Grumbling things that didn't make any sense under his breath, he gently tugged at her arms once again in a defeated manner, and she finally let him go.

Gasping slightly - 'Man she's strong for such a young girl' - he took a small step back and fully observed his tormenter for the first time.

She was actually quite pretty, dispite her ragged clothes and slightly dirty skin. She had long gold hair down to her waist that was actually rather clean and shined dimly in the late morning light. She was slender, and wore a plain white dress that was a bit dirty, but still clean enough to wear without one feeling self-concious. On her feet she adorned very worn slippers that were a color to match her dress, and had a few holes in the sides of them. Her skin was a cream color, even though the thin layer of dirt that covered her made it look darker in some places, and her light, hazel eyes, stared back at him with impatience and slight annoyance that he still hadn't made his long over due aplology yet.

Remembering what she was waiting for, he slowly took something from out of one of the many hidden pockets in his long robe, and very reluctantly handed it to the girl.

She stared at it with a raised eyebrow, and then back at him.

He simply looked at her with an expression that said, 'Take it or leave it, missy.'

She sighed and shook her head, as if to say that she didn't understand him, and then took the gold ring that was in his hand.

Slipping it on her index finger, she paused to admire the beautiful gift, and then she turned her attention back to the thief.

"I suppose that you are not going to give me a verbal apology then, huh?"

He simply shrugged and crossed his arms as if to say, 'Hey I gave you a gold ring, what more do you want from me?'

She gave him a small smile and a shrug of her own.

"Very well then, I get it. I'll accept your non-verbal apology and be off then."

And she did just that.

She walked off to who-knows-where and the thief ran away in the opposite direction, glad to finally be rid of her.

As he sprinted away he thought with much emotion,

'If I EVER see her again, it will be too soon.'

Little did he know, he would see her again sooner than he imagined.