Here is a small one-shot about Zuko and his daughter.

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I said No!!

Sitting his war room Fire lord Zuko was checking over some proposals given to him by the Avatar just earlier that day. A soft knock came from the huge door of the room. Breathing out a sign of annoyance Zuko granted entry.

"Daddy are you busy right now?" asked a young girl with bright blue eyes as she peaked around the huge door.

"Only with all of the politics of our country and the world Zene, what do you need?" Zuko replied with a smile on his face. The little girl came slowly into the room hands behind her back. With Katara busy being an ambassador the past two weeks Zuko hadn't been able to get much work done around the palace. Zene was always just a few steps behind her father if not completely attached to him all together.

"Well I was sitting with Grandpa Iroh and he decided that we should go into town and see what was going on in the market and his teashop." As she continued to talk on about this and that Zuko just kept nodding, but let his mind wander to more constructive matters. Uncle Iroh was always taking her place or telling or stories.

"He let me get this pom-pom giraffe." She exclaimed excitedly and she pulled a small fur ball out from hiding behind her

Zuko snapped back to reality "What, Zene what have I said about pets especially pom-pom giraffes. You have a rhino steed in the stables."

Zene scrunched up her face at this "Daddy I don't like the rhino, it's too big and smelly and it isn't fluffy at all." The last statement was made so matter of fact that Zuko had to stop for a moment and rest his head in his hand. He knew that he was going to have to have a long chat with his uncle about pets and marketplaces after this.

Looking at the little creature with disgust Zuko said "Zene, my word is final no pets in the palace."

"But daddy he is so little and fluffy and I named him Mister Tiddlywinks".

"I said my word is final and it will just be a hassleā€¦. Why did you name it Mister Tiddlywinks, that's a horrible name" Zuko finished shaking his head. Zene continued on pleading with her father till Zuko's temper got the better of him.

"ZENE, I SAID NO!!" Zuko erupted and as his temper rose so did all of the candles and torches in the room. They exploded into a fiery blast that was so abrupt the tiny pom-pom giraffe yelped and exploded into a cloud of fur. Zene was stunned to see that she now held only a clump of hair as the now naked animal ran out of the room and down the corridor.


"Yes daddy"

"Did that creature just shed in an explosive matter in my war room?"


"Please go find it and tell your Grandfather Iroh that it's his problem now."


As she left to go find the frightened creature Zuko looked around his now fur covered room and just decided to call it a day.

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