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It was the middle of spring. The cherry-blossoms were floating everywhere. It was a pretty important day for Light because his younger sister Hikari was going to the same school as Light. She loved him dearly and would do anything for him. It was the 1st day of school, and Light was getting ready with his younger sister, Hikari.

"Light!" an excited voice called out. It was Light's younger sister Hikari.

"Yes Hikari?" her brother asked.

"I'm so excited to actually go to the same school as you nii-chan." Hikari said while running around in circles out of excitement, "We are going to have so much fun!"

"I'm excited too" Light said, "and you should be careful for all those perverts out there."

"And not only that, but I also get to meet all your friends, plus I heard L was your best friend." Hikari said not listening to a word Light was saying.

"Uh yea sure" "Even though I can't stand the guy..." Light thought to himself.

Hikari was 15 years old with long brown hair and dark eyes. She was always the excited type who also had her shy moments, but Light was lucky to have a hyper, young beautiful girl as his sister. They were always getting along, and if anything happened to the other, they would be there to help them. Actually, Hikari was the heir to the Death Note as in she was the third Kira.

"Come on or we'll be late!" Hikari called to her brother.

"I'm coming..." he called back. "A new year, this time with my sister. I know she's supposed to be the third Kira, but I wonder if she can handle it. Plus L already suspects me of being Kira, I can't have him suspecting my sister." Light thought. He was very confused.

Starting the new school year would be pretty fun for Hikari and Light both.

"Light!" a voice called out.

"Oh hey Misa-" he said as he was thrown down to the ground with Misa on top of him. Misa was away for the whole summer on a modeling trip to Europe. Once she got back, she couldn't get a hold of Light at all. So when she saw him, she had to attack him with hugs.

"Light! Where were you? I couldn't talk to you all summer. I missed you so much. Light how could you make your own girlfriend worry?" Misa questioned.

"I'm sorry Misa, I guess to make it up to you, I'll take you out on a date." Light answered.

" Oh yay! Okay deal!" Misa said happily.

"Oh hi there!" Hikari said.

"Oh Light is this your sister? I can tell she looks just like you, and she's so kawaii, Hi there I'm Misa Amane, Light's girlfriend.

"It's so nice to finally meet you miss Amane." Hikari said.

"You too." Misa said. "We have so got to hook up and go places sometime okay?"

"Yea that sounds great." Hikari answered. "Is that okay with you Light?"

"Um yea I don't see anything wrong with that." Light said. "Um, Misa can you get off of me now?" Light asked his girlfriend.

"Yea I'm sorry Light" she said getting off of him.

"Hey there Light" another voice called.

"Oh hey L" Light called back.

"Oh hi there L!" Misa said while hugging him.

"Hello miss Amane." L said.

"L, I told you to call me Misa. I mean we are all friends right?"

"Oh you must be L... hello I'm Hikari Yagami, Light Yagami's younger sister."

"Hello, and Light you have a younger sister?"

"Yea" Light answered. "Not that it matters to you, you wouldn't even know." Light thought.

"What a surprise, cause so do I..."

"What the hell?! I thought you were an only child Ryuuzaki." Light said. "What are you pulling here?" Light continued thinking to himself.

"You thought wrong... Everyone, meet Ryuu-Chan."

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