There is a story….a legend, really…..several humans that were transformed into Pokemon. It is unclear if this is the truth or if it is a mere myth, but it is a story that has been passed down generation through generation.

In this legend, the humans had to venture to the Land of the Legendaries in order to find Mew. It was said that there were six that were transformed, but three were lost in the mission to regain their humanity. One was captured. Another decided to live as a Pokemon. The third became a legendary Pokemon.

What happened to the three others? The ones who returned to human? As the legend goes, the woman with the heart of a Scyther stole the item that was used to transform the humans and hid it away. At the end of her life, she took the machine and carried it to the mountains. The woman was never seen again. It was assumed that she died.

The other two, the woman with the heart of an Absol and the woman with the heart of a Lucario, lived out their lives. They spread the message of their adventure. However, many years passed and they died. The story faded out of memory.

That is…until a white legendary Pokemon with no name appeared. This Pokemon was key in the story and was once a human. She inspired the people to create shrines around the region. One was built in the mountains, another was built in a valley, a third was built in a cave, and the forth was built in a forbidden forest. The Pokemon instructed the humans that each shrine would show one of the Pokemon that the humans transformed to.

And so, one hundred years after those events, the legend lives on. It is carried by the breath of the winds and on the waves of the seas. The ground and trees sing this legend of these humans and their epic quest.

That is the legend that is passed down generation through generation….

"Gramps! I'm tired of hearing about that stupid legend! You can't prove if it's true or not." Amanda, a sixteen year old, said. She was sitting on the ground and looking at her grandfather with an annoyed stare.

Her grandfather laughed, "My child, this is the truth. My father, your great-grandfather, saw the white beast and told me that it was beyond beauty."

Amanda rolled her eyes and growled, "This is nuts. You do realize that you're nuts, right?"

Her grandfather sighed, "Young people these days don't care about legends. All you care about is parties and hanging out with your friends."

"That's right. May I go now?" Amanda sighed. Her grandfather let her go. Those people live too much in the past. That was just a story to keep the people entertained. She bit her lip with annoyance.

"Hey! Amanda!" A seventeen year old neighbor girl named Heather called out. "What's up?"

"Gramps told me that stupid story again. You know the one? About those humans that turned into Pokemon?"

"Not again. That's annoying….I hate it when my grandparents start ranting about that story too. When will they realize that all it is is just a tale? A myth."

Amanda sighed and looked up. She saw several Pidgey in the tree that sat in her yard. "Yeah. Seriously annoyng."

Right then, a boy stuck his head out of the door in Heather's house. "Sis? Mom wants me to ask what you want to eat for lunch." The twin brother of Heather, Kyle, yelled from the door.

"I'm not hungry." Heather called back. She turned back to Amanda. "You know what? We should go to the beach."

"That sounds like a great idea! The beach is just a few miles away from here."

Heather grinned, "Let me ask Mom if I can go. She might force me to bring Kyle." She turned and bolted toward the house. Amanda waited for her to return. After a few minutes, Heather and Kyle came outside. Both were holding beach towels and sunscreen. "I have to get my cousin, Mark. He's a few years younger than us, so expect him to be immature."

Amanda groaned, "You're kidding, right? Marky has to go too?"

"Yeah." Kyle moaned. It was obvious that he didn't want the cousin to go too. "Just be nice to him. He's ten."

"Alright. If I have to." Amanda teased. She followed the group to a smallish house near the forest. "This looks…nice."

Heather and Kyle approached the door and knocked. It opened, revealing a boy with brown hair and blue eyes. "Cousin Heather! Cousin Kyle!" The boy, which Amanda assumed was Mark, yelled.

"We're going to the beach. You want to come?" Heather asked. She flipped her long brown hair.

The boy nearly wet himself. "YES! Hang on! Mom! Where are my swimming trucks?" He bolted upstairs.

"He's excitable…" Amanda muttered.

Kyle sighed, "Yeah."

A few minutes later and Mark was back. "I'm ready!!" His face looked like he had seen a Gengar. Amanda realized that it was because of all the sunscreen his mom had put on his face and arms. However, he smelled like a ripened banana.

Kyle lifted Mark and sat him on his shoulders. "Come on, munchkin. Let's go." He staggered a bit, trying to get used to the extra weight on his upper body.

The four made their way to the beach. When they got within range of smelling the sea, Mark gasped, "The ocean!!" He wiggled with excitement.

"Easy. Easy." Kyle moaned, wobbling. Then he noticed a girl standing on the beach. A girl with red hair. "Well….I guess this isn't going to be a waste of time after all." He said smoothly.

Heather jabbed him with an elbow. "Easy, Romeo."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a flash of light appeared. "What's that?" Amanda cried. She could feel her retinas burning with the light.

"My eyes!" The red haired girl yelped in surprise just a few feet away.

Heather groaned, "What was that? That light? Where did it come from?"

The light faded, but all Amanda could see was purple spots. She blinked a few times, trying to focus. "What the? A Suicune!!" She gasped.

The Suicune turned its head and yelped, "A Ho-oh!!"

Amanda blinked again. Ho-oh? What? I don't see it. She looked around and saw that she was surrounded by a Suicune, an Entei, and a Raikou. A Lugia stood a few feet away. "What's going on? Can someone please explain?" She asked.

The Entei looked scared. "MOMMY!! I'm scared!!" The giant beast wailed. Embers shot out from its back.

The Suicune sat down. "I have a really bad feeling about this." She muttered.

The Raikou looked at the Suicune. "Sis? That you?"


"Yeah. I guess the legend was true after all."

The Lugia approached them. "So you know about the legend too. That's good. We should stick together. Help each other."

"Who are you?" Amanda asked. She realized that she had wings.

"I am Karen." The Lugia replied. "And you are a Ho-oh."

Amanda looked at herself. "Yup. I am a Ho-oh."