Mew guided Spirit and the others deep within the heart of the Tree of Beginning. Everything was working out to its final resolution, where Spirit would become the supreme Pokemon and bring peace back to the world. In order to even reach the shrine, Dialga had to teleport Spirit and the others back in time.

"Boy, I can't wait to get to the top!" Mark was excited. He leaped up a hill with ease.

Heather walked gracefully alongside of her brother, Kyle. "I wonder what Mom will say…" She worried.

Kyle paused for several seconds, and then said, "She'd be proud of us."

"Jeez, for once he's in a humble mood," Amanda remarked, gliding overhead. Now that they had reached an opening in the caves, she could fly. So could Karen, Mercury, and Honchkrow.

"That's a shocker." Mercury joked. He shot a glance at Karen, wanting to see her reaction.

She laughed, "You're right!"

The elders did not laugh. They were focused on finishing this. "There is something up ahead." Taylor, still using Aura to see where she was going, announced.

Klara growled, "If it is an enemy, we'll just thump it in the ground." She clacked her massive pinchers together.

Koneko and Kuro noticed the ground begin to rumble. "Now what?" Koneko wondered. Suddenly, the ground opened up and something appeared.

Mew created a pink shield around everyone so that the rocks that were blown everywhere wouldn't harm them. Four Pokemon appeared from the crater. "Regigigas, so you have come. And with followers." Mew observed. Regigigas, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel stood in front of them, blocking the path to the shrine.

"I am here to test the purity of Spirit and her followers." The massive Regi rumbled.

Spirit rolled her eyes. I am getting so tired of these random battles, she thought with a sigh.

Klara and Taylor leaped in front of Spirit and yelled, "We have fought you before and we won! What's stopping us from kicking your butts again?" During the original battle, Taylor managed to shatter Regirock's arm and Klara dented in Registeel. Of course, both Regis had healed. There was no sign of them being wounded.

"Back then, I wasn't there to assist." Regigigas answered, stepping forward.

Mew sighed quietly, "Spirit. I fear that you must fight them. After the fight, then you can reach the shrine."

"Very well." Spirit answered. With a roar, she leaped in front of Klara and Taylor. "Alright! Let's fight!"

Regigigas didn't answer. He lunged forward, grabbing Kyle. "Ahhhh! Let me go!" He yelled, trying to bite the Regi with his fangs. Then Regigigas used Crush Grip. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!" Kyle wailed as the pressure grew more intense as each second passed.

"Let go of my brother!!!" Heather yelled, using Ice Beam. The attack did next to nothing. "Kyle!"

Spirit walked forward boldly. So did Klara, Taylor, Koneko, and Kuro. "Let's do it. Klara and Taylor? Do what you do best," Spirit ordered.

"Right!" Klara leaped into the sky. "Metal Claw!" She yelled, slamming both pinchers on Regigigas.

"Aura Sphere!" Taylor launched several blasts of light at the Regi. Being that Regigigas was a normal type, the attack did massive damage. "Direct hit!" She crowed.

Right then, the other three Regis attacked. Karen and Mercury, not wanting to miss out on the action, used Hydro Pump on Regirock. The rock Pokemon went down hard. "That was cool!" Karen cried.

"Attack!!!" Koneko leaped at Regice, her old nemesis and used Razor Wind. The Pokemon turned and used Icy Wind. Koneko dodged the attack and leaped at Regice. "Night Slash!" She yelled.

Meanwhile, in the battle against Registeel, Mark used Flamethrower. Kyle followed up with a Thunderbolt and Heather used Bubblebeam. Amanda joined Mark in a Flamethrower attack. All four attacks were too much for Registeel. The Regi collapsed in a heap.

"Registeel is down!" Kuro yelled, running all out at Regigigas. He used Extremespeed, slamming headfirst into the massive Regi with all his might.

Regigigas laughed, "Is that the best you can do?" He lifted Kuro up off of the ground and threw him. Kuro hit the ground hard.

"Kuro!" Koneko cried.

Karen flew over to the fallen demon and used a barrier to protect him against Regigigas' constant attacks. "I could use a bit of help here!" She cried.

Mercury was all over Regigigas. "Take this!' He yelled, glowing red.

"What are you doing?" The massive Regi bellowed.

Mercury lowered his head and answered, "Sky Attack." With that, he burst into bright white flames and shot toward Regigigas. The attack connected and knocked the Regi backwards.

Spirit saw her chance and ran at the lead Regi with a roar. She leaped at him and used Take Down. The attack hit hard and knocked the air out of Regigigas. "Ooooahhhhh!" He moaned, falling onto his back hard.

"Do you surrender?" Spirit asked confidently. Klara, Taylor, and Koneko stood behind her, ready to strike at a moments notice.

Regigigas hesitated and Klara decided to threaten him. "If you don't surrender, we will utterly annihilate your comrades. Registeel and Regirock are already down for the count. Don't make us destroy them."

Koneko sighed and shook her head, "That's Klara for you. Hot-headed and ready for action."

After hearing Klara's threat, Regigigas was not as willing to continue the battle. He turned his many eyed face toward Mew and said, "I do not wish for my fellow Regi to be destroyed. Call off the attack."

Mew nodded slowly and said, "Spirit. You may pass though. You have successfully defeated the guardians of the Tree of Beginning."

"That's good, right?" Kyle muttered.

"Yes." Mew answered.

"Oh. Okay."

Spirit ignored Kyle and walked forward. Destiny lies ahead, she thought.

"This way. Follow me." Mew floated down the final hall. The air smelled fresher. There were more crystals. The end of the journey had come. "There." Mew pointed to a staircase in the rock.

"Up there?" Mark asked.

Spirit sighed, "Yes. Let's go." She walked ahead of the group, trying her best to look like a leader.

Mew followed closely behind her. "Are you frightened?" She asked.

"A little." Spirit answered honestly.

Mew smiled and pointed, "The sky. Not too much further."

The group had reached the very top of the Tree of Beginning. The night sky was visible from above. In front of the group was an uprising in the rock. "Is that a podium?" Heather asked.

No one answered her. Everyone was in awe. "Step forward, Spirit. The moment of destiny has come." Mew whispered, floating next to Spirit.

Spirit nodded and walked forward. She did her best to walk silently. This was sacred ground. She took her place at the podium and looked around. The view from the top of the Tree of Beginning was breathtaking. She could see for miles. "Wow…" She whispered.

Behind her, Mercury, Mark, and Honchkrow took their places next to the podium. Karen, Heather, Amanda, and Kyle walked next to the trio. "We're not leaving you." Amanda said.

Koneko, Taylor, Klara, and Kuro watched from the rear of the group. "Well, I guess after Spirit does the little song, we're back to being dead, huh?" Klara muttered. She folded her arms across her chest and sighed heavily.

"Yes, but at least we did something great." Kuro pointed out.

"True. We did help our old friend. That counts for something." Koneko agreed.

Taylor looked at the sky. "But it still doesn't change what will happen to us."

Finally, with the moon overhead, Spirit felt the song. She could feel it deep within her heart. Arceus was right. I do know the song. Spirit smiled inwardly and took a deep breath. In a moaning howl, she began. The actual song is regularly performed by Lugia when calming raging storms, but when sung by the supreme Pokemon, the effects are enhanced.

Slowly, the others began to sing the song as well. Mercury and Karen, two Lugia, sang the song in their strange whale-like moans. Amanda screeched the tune out. Heather, Kyle, and Mark joined together in a weird multi-layered harmony. Even Honchkrow, who wasn't known for singing, joined in.

While singing the song, Spirit could sense that in her own time, not in this warped time that Dialga placed them in, forests were reforming. The waters became clear. The skies lost their pollution. Things were becoming green again.

When the song ended, Spirit turned to face her friends. They were no longer humans. These people were Pokemon and would always be Pokemon. "My…children." Spirit had no idea why she said that. It sounded like something Arceus would have said.

"Don't push yourself." Mew said gently. "Spirit. You are a Pokemon, but you are also a human. You have the qualities of both. Learn to use them well and to the benefit of all living things."

"I will and thank you. I won't forget you." Spirit said to Mew.

Mew smiled, "I know you won't. And now that you have healed the world, my kind will not die out after all. You have save countless species of Pokemon. They all owe you their lives."

"I owe this to my friends as well. I couldn't make it this far without them." Spirit turned to face Amanda, Kyle, Heather, Mark, Karen, Mercury, and Honchkrow. "Thank you."

"You are very welcome." Amanda answered.

"I need to thank…uhhh….where did they go?" Spirit looked around. "Where are Koneko, Taylor, Klara, and Kuro?"

Mew shook her head, "They have passed on. They did their duties and that was what they were sent back to do. Those four will live on, but only in your memories."

Spirit nodded slowly. Then a bright light filled her eyes and she found herself standing in the middle of the field. The others, her friends, stood next to her. They were all true legendary Pokemon now. "So, now what do we do?" Kyle asked. Everyong looked at Spirit. She had the answer. She always did, even in the toughest situation.

Spirit looked up into the sky and closed her eyes. "We live on."