An Escape Easily Accomplished

By Enigma Cypher

(A/N: This is my first attempt at a one-shot with no dialogue. Bear with me here.)

3 months.

3 months he had been trapped here in this prison. 3 months worth of being questioned, subjected to numerous psych tests, and 3 months of dealing with idiots.

One of the guards would walk to the door to bring him his lunch. He would ignore him. Or the guard would come to escort him from his cell to take him somewhere. He'd resist as much as he could, never having been the type to just submit to the will of others. Someone would come to give him a message for whatever reason. His only response would be to threaten the messenger with death and look away.

He'd had enough.

He longed to escape, to crush the guards who had imprisoned him. But he couldn't. Not without them.

He searched endlessly in his mind, looking for the connection that would grant him his freedom, that would allow him to break out.

But it just... wasn't there...

And so endlessly he laid on his bed, staring up at the ceiling, searching for the link between him and his creations. Eventually the guards stopped trying to deal with him, and just did what they were sent to do.

One day, the guard came to tell him he was being moved. He rolled his eyes and did not respond. The guard entered the cell and tried to escort him out. He resisted as much as he could, but could not put up much of a struggle as 2 other guards walked in. Eventually, they managed to escort him to an unknown room in another part of the building.

He sat in the chair he had been handcuffed to, glaring at the woman who sat across from him with a homicidal intensity, not listening to her tell him what he was formally being charged with, and what the penalty was, and blah blah blah... He knew he was close to finding the link... he was so close he could feel it in his mind...

...then he knew he had found it.

He summoned them, silently, an evil smirk crossing his face. The woman asked what he was smiling about, but he did not reply until the wall imploded inwards in a hail of brick. The woman tried to run, but was swiftly struck down. He connected them to himself and walked through the hole in the wall that they had made. He tore through any guards thay tried to stop him, until he reached the outside world. He made short work of the guards at the gate, and walked out of the prison walls, looking back at the one guard who still was conscious. In that moment, the guard was looking into the mind of a madman. In that moment, the guard got up and ran away.

Otto Octavius could do nothing but watch the man as he ran, watch the smoldering remains of the prison, that wicked smirk still on his face.

In that moment, he knew his escape had been nothing but satisfying...