Remember me?

Sam stood silently gazing out at the world, a light breeze caressing his face as it swept stray bangs before his haunted eyes. The lake stretched out before him was quiescent in its gloom, it was quiet and cold and lifeless. Just like him. He had stood there for hours watching the moonlight play upon the water, allowing a chill to fill his body to match the chill resonating throughout his aching, shattered soul. An almost soundless sob escaped his barely parted lips, his emotional control long gone, and he let the tears begin to flow anew; tiny rivers glittering in the bright moonlight. The moon was just beginning to wane, one day past its full. And in that one day Sam's heart had again been ripped from his chest...

Maddy...a bittersweet smile gave life to his face for a fleeting moment as he thought of the beautiful girl with hair the colour of night, soft and warm and-dead!

God you're dead. I-I couldn't save you...I promised you...and I couldn't do it...

The tears came faster, coursing unchecked over a handsome face frozen in grief, and the silence was broken as a door opened and closed moments later with a soft click.

Dean stood by the motel door, shivering in only his boxers and a thin black tee, and flicked his concerned gaze over his brother noting the rigid yet deflated posture. He scrubbed a hand roughly through his short hair causing it to stand on end as a sigh passed his full lips to be swept away by the lingering breeze.

"Sammy? Come on bro- come inside" Dean's strong hand found its way onto his young brother's shoulder, gripping it tightly in an unconscious effort to still its shaking and impart some strength or comfort. Both. Sam didn't turn to face him and so he spoke again. He needed to get through to Sam before he lost his brother to all-consuming guilt, pain and loss. "There's nothing you could have done Sammy..."

This time he got a reaction though it wasn't anything he would have expected; it wasn't a scream of denial or an adamant shake of the head, there was no vehement declarations of what he could have been or should have done differently, just a droop of a head and a broken whisper...

"That's what makes it so hard."

Dean's face twisted in compassion and he took a step forward so that they were standing shoulder to shoulder. "I know...I'm so sorry Sam...I dunno what to say-you shouldn't have had to-"

"She asked me to...wanted it to be me...there's nothing you could have done either..."

''We can't save everyone'' Dean's voice echoed round Sam's mind and the bitter, angry part of him that wanted to scream and kick and punch anything cried out his response from within...but she wasn't everyone...she was special, different...impressive, that's what I called her.

Suddenly Sam became aware of the hand that was still on his shoulder and he turned to his brother giving a weak smile of appreciation, recalling the same strong hand steering him away from Madison's broken, lifeless body...he hadn't even been able to open his eyes-had refused to look at what destiny had thrust upon him, had forced him to do...he hadn't even been able to look at her one last time...not like that...

But he could still smell the blood.

He could still hear the gunshot.

He could still feel the tremor of his hands...

But above all he could still see the barely masked horror on Dean's face when he had finally opened his eyes and he was afraid. Afraid of what his brother thought of him-afraid of what he might become-what he may already have become; a killer; Evil.

Lost in raw memories Sam took a moment to realise his brother had obviously been speaking to him and he hadn't heard him.

"-You alright? Sam? Sammy-dude say somethin'!"

"Honestly? I don't know, I feel so...numb and empty and yet...God it shouldn't hurt that much if you're numb-you know?" Sam said haltingly.

"Yeah, I do...after Dad..." Dean trailed off with a shake of his head. He couldn't think about those awful weeks following their father's demise, it still stole his breath in pain and guilt and shock. He looked up to see his younger brother staring at him fixedly, puppy eyes searching his face for some kind of answer to why life was so shit, and he again shook his head as if to convey to Sam his continued reluctance to speak on the subject. Sam merely nodded once before releasing a huge sigh whilst he scrubbed a large hand over his face to wipe away his tears.

"God our lives are so screwed up!" he said, leaning his tall frame heavily against the railings as he turned his back on the moonlit lake.

Dean let out a snort. "Understatement," he mumbled grouchily, earning a tiny ghost of a smile from Sam who was in obvious agreement. "Come on Sasquatch-you need your rest- got a lot of researching to do tomorrow!"

"Yeah maybe. Or maybe seen as this hunt was your idea you should do some...?" Sam left his statement hanging as he followed Dean back into their motel room and crawled into bed. Dean just raised his eyebrows speculatively. "Yeah...didn't think so...whatever. I'll dig into your cattle deaths and missing persons reports. You still think it could be a vampire nest?"

"Why not? They usually nest in big cities for the food supply and Salt Lake City is pretty big. Seriously 'vampires!' I still can't get over how weird that sounds!" the older Winchester chuckled lightly before turning off the light and snuggling under his duvet mumbling about how cool it would be if he could bump into Buffy...

"Man that chick's hot! I tell ya-if I were a vampire I'd let her kick my butt any-"

"Dude if you ever mention your butt and some hot chick and kicking in the same sentence again I will vomit on you." Sam groaned.

Another chuckled floated from the other side of the room before silence descended on the small motel room as both its occupants were claimed by sleep.

Hunger. Its sharp pangs caused a young female vampire to stir, her nose twitching as the coppery tang of blood wafted into her nostrils. Letting out a yawn and stretching her lithe limbs she stood and paced towards the window of the warehouse in which she had been resting, avoiding the day's rain...and sunshine. A low laugh drew her attention and she turned from her observations of the moonlit night to see several of her fanged companions feasting on their latest victim, taunting the young girl whimpering hysterically at their leers. A lazy smirk of enjoyment settled onto her pale, serene face as she sauntered over to her companions and squatted down to partake in their fun.

"Ssh...don't be scared sweety." She crooned in mock sympathy, hand reaching out to stroke the head of blond curls before her. Green eyes widened in fear and the girl tried to shrink back into the wall.

"Oh don't be like that!" the admonishment was amused. "She's not as much fun as you'd hoped, is she Karl?" the vampire turned to one of her fellows, an attractive chestnut haired male with piercing grey eyes. He shook his head mutely, a question behind the excitement in his eyes.

"Oh well...maybe the next one will be. I guess there's no use keeping her here. I don't know about you but I sure as hell am hungry..." she laughed as her fellows growled their agreement, fangs descending into place as multiple heads leaned down towards the exposed soft skin beneath them as one. The girl's horrified shriek of terror was cut off as Karl closed in on her carotid artery, muting slowly to a steady gurgle as blood leaked from the punctures in her neck. Sighs of pleasure echoed around the large, empty warehouse as the warm, velvety liquid was drained from the young girl's rapidly cooling body.

Their snack finished the group broke apart going separate ways; some slinking off to darkened corners with their mates to satisfy a different kind of hunger; others curling up content to sleep away the remainder of the night.

"We better get rid of that one," Karl rumbled, indicating the limp body still tied to the chair, turning back to face the vampire who had turned him so many years before.

"You're right. I trust you'll find somewhere suitable to dispose of her." She replied confidently, flicking her long dark hair from her equally dark eyes, eyes lit from within by barely concealed anticipation. "Good, oh and Karl? Take more care choosing the next one while you're out-I want to enjoy it."

The night breeze was cool upon his flesh; it carried the scent of life, of blood. Karl felt his heart speed up in response to the delicious smell, saliva coating the inside of his mouth. He had to breath deep to control his lustful would soon be slaked.

His grey eyes pierced the night; alert; watchful. He hefted the burden over his broad shoulders and set off at a brisk pace towards a secluded alley where he deposited the body of the young girl he had devoured only moments before in a dumpster, careful to pile the trash over her bloodied corpse. Job done, Karl allowed his thoughts to stray back to his lust for blood and let his feet and nose lead him to that which he desired most.

Suddenly he picked up the scent more strongly and his pupils dilated in excitement.

His footsteps quickened.

He rounded a corner and realised there were two scents mingling together; a male and a female; musky and deep surrounding sweet and sharp...Karl breathed deeply, fangs aching to be released. A growl of longing filled his chest and rumbled up to his throat as he turned another corner and saw the young couple.

The pair were locked in a passionate embrace beside an open doorway, saying fond farewells...Karl waited, hidden amongst the shadows, his stealthy movements undetected. The couple broke apart, smiling, laughing and talking...time dragged on and Karl felt his patience grow thin. Still he continued to watch them, the girl had raven hair that travelled down her back, her counterpart also had dark hair- worn long for a male, and both were tall and slim. Well built.

No wonder they gave off such a strong scent...such youth...such vitality...and mine for the taking!

They were taking too long! Blood pounded in his ears, surging in time to the heavy beating of his heart. He melted from one shadow to another gaining on his unsuspecting victims. As he finally drew level with the doorway on which they stood the tall male made his exit, turning back to wave at his lover as she stood watching his retreating figure with a wistful smile. After a moment she turned back to her house and closed the door.

Damn! He had waited too long. Crossing the street to stand by her door he put on his most pained expression and rang the bell. He heard her returning footsteps and laughter.

"Did you forget your wallet on purpose Jason?!" She said in amusement as he heard the chain of her lock rattle. A startled gasp escaped her lips a moment later and she took an involuntary step backwards as she realised the man at her door was not her partner.

"You have to help me! Please...someone attacked-" Karl enhanced his act with a sharp hiss of pain as he clutched at his ribs and coughed.

"Oh! You're hurt. Come in. I'll call help for," the young girl extended her hand and he gripped it as she tugged him through her door, a grin lazing onto his pale countenance as she closed her door again and turned to find him standing upright and obviously unharmed behind her.

"Don't you know never to invite strangers into your home?" he asked coyly, stalking towards her.

"Oh God!" the girl breathed, sinking to her knees in frozen terror as he advanced towards her, fangs clearly visible through his leering smile. "HELP! HELP ME!" she screamed suddenly, springing to her feet.

She only made it to the door before his large hand closed around her neck, holding it just tight enough to immobilise her without totally cutting off her air supply. Tears were streaming down her face, her body shuddering in revulsion as he pressed his teeth teasingly against the back of her neck, tongue flicking out to taste the fear rolling off her.

"So sweet..." he sighed into her ear. Another sob loosed itself from her throat, muffled by the hand clamped over her mouth.


Another muffled yell issued from his captive as her doorbell sang out and Karl realised it was her boyfriend come back for his wallet...


"Hannah! I left my there? Open up! Hannah?! Hannah!" Jason's whispers suddenly became frantic yells as he saw the shadows moving around inside Hannah's house and heard the muffled sobs and screams.

Karl looked around wildly-he had to get out of there before the boy woke the whole street up! Hell he probably had-perhaps better to silence him and then make his departure...?

A gunshot sounded and the front door flew open and banged hard off the wall interrupting his musings. Jason rounded the corner into the main room where Karl stood with his young prey held before him as a shield.

"Freeze! Let her go now!" he cried, brandishing his weapon angrily.

A sneer curled over Karl's lips revealing his pointed teeth and the colour drained slightly from the young man's face.

"I said let her go, you freak!"

Karl obeyed, shoving Hannah into the wall with enough force to cause it to dent. She slid to the ground in agony, her wide eyes watching in fearful horror as the huge beastly creature advanced on her lover. He paced forwards slowly, grey eyes glittering menacingly in the darkened interior of her home and then with a flash of speed he had Jason held against the wall in a vice grip, crushing his windpipe. Jason's eyes met Hannah's and he mouthed a silent plea to her-Get out! Get help!- before his eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped bonelessly to the ground, tossed aside like a worthless toy ragdoll.

Hannah forced her body to move and her hand closed on the gun Jason had dropped. Without a thought she shot her attacker as he turned back to her with another heart stopping grin of malice. The shot reverberated through her very core-she had never thought it would be so loud even after all the times Jason had spent telling her how deafening it was to hear gunshots go off around you. Sibilant laughter flowed from the lips of the man she had just shot and he glanced down at the steaming wound on his shoulder in bemusement.

"Ouch" he said with a mock grimace of pain, and then before she could compute what was happening he was before her again, his hot breath rancid against her neck as he shoved her onto the ground and sank his sharpened teeth into her flesh.

"Nooo!" She wailed, voice trailing off weakly as a feeling of dizziness swept through her being, hot pokers stabbed her from inside, surging through her veins. Her heartbeat became erratic as her vision clouded over, her eyes sighting the glint of light on the police badge beside her fallen boyfriend and the last she felt was strong arms lifting her and carrying her away into darkness.