Oh shit! Shitshitshit! Sam's brain screamed at him.

He swallowed convulsively as the five monstrous vampires before him grinned in unison. Creepy much...

Sam backed into the warehouse, his mind racing in an attempt to figure out an escape route. Nada. The vampires followed him, their laughter like the low rumbles of distant thunder as they encircled him. His eyes flicked nervously around the room as he spun round, each rotation met with a wicked growl.

"Put the girl down Winchester!" ordered one of Kate's cronies. "Now!"

"You ain't goin' nowhere," another laughed, his hulking form taking another menacing step forwards, huge muscles bulging in warning.

Sam bit his lip in indecision when he caught a glimpse of his brother slipping behind the pillars, his movements silent, deadly. Dean's eyes glinted in the dim light and he gave a terse nod before gliding soundlessly to the next pillar. He was closing in...

The shaggy haired hunter tried to look meek as he lowered Hannah to the floor, his brown eyes peering through his long locks to watch for Dean's final approach.

"NOW!" Dean yelled, sprinting the last few metres to his brother's aid in record time.

Sam pulled a second knife from his boots as an arm squeezed his neck dragging him backwards. He drove his elbow back into his attacker's gut, prompting a huff of air to be released as he spun around to drive the knife tip into the vampire. It hissed in pain and grabbed Sam's head in two meaty paws before bringing its own head down with a crack.

"Sam!" Dean's voice floated around him, the sound of punches raining down fast and hard, footsteps scuffing the dusty floor.

"You sonuvabitch!" Dean cried, pelting the smug face before him. His knuckles already sore and bleeding, moved as a blur as he downed his victim in a sudden rage as he caught sight of Sam crashing to the floor in a heap. He avoided a punch and gave a well aimed kick to a midriff before he hurdled a dropped foe to land beside his brother.

"You okay dude?" he asked, dragging Sam up by the arms. His brother mumbled a vague response as he staggered upright, leaning heavily on Dean's broad shoulder for support as the room spun around him. "Woah Sasquash, you gotta lighten up on the pies dude," Dean grumbled, struggling with Sam's more than ample weight.

The elder Winchester dragged his sibling's almost limp body backwards with him, one hand still held out before them with its weapon held tight. Two of the vampires had been downed by the blooded knives, and lay writhing in agony as the poison took hold of their senses, but the other three advanced, anger etched into their ever youthful faces.

Dean left Sam against a pillar and stood before him, his bowed legs spread wide as he sought to shield his brother.

"Dean..." he slurred, hands pulling at his own hair as his face scrunched in pain. Dean's heart constricted. Sam sounded all of five years old.

"I'm here dude, you're alright." He assured, eyes flashing in danger as a blonde vampire cannoned into him. A cry escaped him as his shoulder gave an awful pop upon landing, each beat of his heart mirrored in its own pounding pulse.

"Easy on the goods Blondie," Dean snarked, a booted foot connecting with a strong back. He fished in his pocket and dashed a measure of holy water over Blondie's face. She screamed as steam bubbled up on her flesh and knocked the flask aside with a flailing limb, growling in satisfaction as a moment of fear flashed in the hunter's eyes.

A sadistic, though still steaming, face smiled down at him as strong hands pinned Dean to the floor to still his thrashing. Alert green eyes frantically rolled in his head as he tried to find an escape. He saw instead the last two vampires closing in on his disoriented brother.

"SAM!" he screamed, helpless to do anything but watch as his sibling was forced to his knees as the vampires leered beside him whispering unheard words in his ears as they jostled his abused body.

A loud crash pulled his attention to the back door. It stood wide as a stream of armed men flooded through, crossbows or guns in hand. He was released as Blondie whirled around to face the newcomers, spit dripping from her fangs. She let out a guttural moan as an arrow struck her chest. Her fellows followed instantly.

Dean groaned as he pushed up on his good arm watching his saviours with a frown until they addressed Sam. His brother obviously knew them. He crawled over to Sam, swiping at the hands trying to help him in annoyance.

"Sammy, bro, look at me. You still with me?" He asked, voice low and soothing as he ran a hand over Sam's head, wincing as he saw the huge lumpy bruise forming at the front of his skull.

Huge orbs stared back at him, eventually focussing on his own bruised face with a blink. Sam gave a weak nod.

Oh, big mistake. He thought as lunch decided to make an appearance. He wiped the back of his hand shakily over his mouth once done, smiling gratefully at Dean as his brother rubbed his back.

"You look like shit," said a voice from above. Jason smiled down in a mix of annoyance and sympathy, crossbow held loosely between his hands.

"You're too kind," Sam mumbled sarcastically.

"You must be Jason. Hannah's over there," Dean interrupted, pointed to the shocked, dazed young woman quivering in the centre of the room. He smiled as Jason dropped the crossbow to dash towards her.

"Jason!" she breathed, her legs collapsing beneath her as relief filled her body, pushing away the pains. He dropped down beside her, catching her in his strong arms as tears filled her eyes.

"I thought they-" she mumbled brokenly.

"Ssh, baby," Jason hushed her, hands stroking her head as he held her body close. "It's okay, I'm alright."

Dean turned away from the tearful reunion. He eyed Sam's hunched, battered, soggy appearance with a grin, "You really do look like shit dude." He laughed at the glower Sam aimed his way.

"You're welcome," he groused appraising Dean's injuries with a critical eye in his turn. "Not exactly too hot yourself bro."

An indignant eyebrow was quirked, "I'm always hot Sammy. Chicks dig scars, remember." Dean retorted brightly.

2 days later

"Oh God," Dean groaned ducking behind his brother's towering build.

Earl's Diner was its usual buzzing hive of activity, filled with hungry patrons and gossiping locals, and as Dean had feared Betty the waitress was on duty. Her broad figure waddled between the crowds taking orders.

Dean levelled a glare at Sam who had insisted they come back to eat at the diner once more before finally leaving to find their next job. Just as he had insisted they stay the past few days to allow themselves rest.

"You can't drive with that shoulder Dean, and I'm still concussed," had been his, arguably, sound argument. Dean glared again.

"Dean grow up," Sam admonished, grabbing him by the elbow to shove him into their booth.

"She won't let me!" Dean said petulantly, "In case you didn't notice, the last time she saw us she treated us like we're five year olds! Why'd we have to come here for dinner again?!"

An eye roll was his eloquent response as Sam raised a hand to flag her attention down and a wicked grin flashed across Dean's face.

"So you sweet on her or somethin'?" he asked, waggling his brows lewdly.

"Dude, that's sick, she could be our grandmother!" Sam replied, voice going shrill in disgust. "And everywhere else is closed genius, plus we gave her our cover story already so we don't have to worry about that again," he continued sensibly.

Dean snickered in amusement. "Maybe you just have that toyboy look about you Sammy," he theorised.

Sam cringed just as Betty bustled into view.

"Phew!" she sighed, dabbing at her dewy brow with the edge of her apron, "Hot in here in't it? What can I get you darlin'?"

Sam smiled politely, pointedly ignoring the I told you so expression plastered on Dean's face as he mouthed Hot in here! whilst pretending to swoon behind the table.

"I'll take the lasagne and an orange juice, thanks," he said, kicking Dean under the table.

"Would you like that with the salad and garlic bread?" Betty asked, blinking sweetly.


"And what about you sugar?" she turned to Dean and leaned a wide hip against the table as she flicked a wayward curl back into its bun.

"The steak and fries please. Make it medium rare." Dean replied, already salivating at the thought of the meaty taste with anticipation.

"Onion rings?" Betty offered with a knowing smirk.

Dean's face lit up as his smile widened further still, "God yes, oh and coffee too" he exclaimed with a groan.

Betty patted his arm affectionately as she stood up to leave, her hand lingering longer than necessary over his muscled forearm. Sam snorted indiscreetly into his hand as Dean's eyes reflected his dismay and mounting horror.

"Think she's sweet on you bro, maybe you're more her toyboy type," Sam grinned, dimples flashing as she turned her back on them. Dean surveyed her retreating figure with distaste.

"I'm not into cankles dude," Dean sniffed archly. "D'ya think it would be too much to ask for a case in Miami?" he pouted for effect.

"Man, I can see it now..." a dreamy expression settled over his countenance.

Sam held up a hand to halt his brother's musings before they began, "Dude! Spare me the details of your sick fantasies."

"Come on Sammy, It'd be like Baywatch!"

"Yeah, right and you're the Hoff!" Sam snorted.

"Exactly, see I knew you'd warm up to the idea, you can be Pammy, Sammy. Haha!"

"That, right there, sick." The young Winchester shuddered, ignoring the raucous peals of laughter emitting from his brother as he no doubt envisaged him in a red bathing suit. Definitely sick. He pulled a newspaper onto his lap and flicked through it idly as Dean continued to chortle.

"Well, it's not Miami, but how about L.A.?" Sam asked, thrusting the article towards Dean. He instantly sobered with the prospect of a new hunt before a massive grin reappeared on his face as he bopped his head enthusiastically.

"Hollywood! Alright! I knew you had it in ya Sammy."

The End.