Insane Tragedy : Prologue Insane Tragedy Prologue

A young girl, about the age of 14, was sitting in a dark room with a man in a suit sitting a yard infront of her. The girl's name was Sakura Haruno; she has pink hair, mid-back, emerald eyes, pale skin, and a plain black shirt and black jeans, she's also about 5'4. The man in front of her is probably in his mid 40's, black suit, full head of hair, and glasses.

"Let's get this started, shall we?" the man asked.

She smirked,"Hmm, you're pretty cute; the cutest one yet," she announced. "Since you're the cutest I'll give you some information, fair?"

"Hmph! They said you'd be difficult."

"Let's just cut to the chase. I've killed over ten people." In a flash she was stradeling the man's waist, the man was struggling, but to no avail. She grabbed his glasses and crashed them onto the floor, having the glass break. She smirked and cut her wrist with some of the glass and moaned in satisfaction. "They told you I was insane, but believed you could cure, just like all the other doctors, correct?"

She moved the glass to his neck, "Yes! Yes!" he shrieked in terror.

Her smirk grew, and she cut him so blood would drip,"Weakling," she sneered.

The guards from outside heard his scream and ran inside the room. "Sakura, why won't you give them a chance?"

"Nice to see you too, Charles," she said, completely ignoring his question.

He sighed and took her off him. "C'mon Sakura, let's go." They walked together side by side down the white halls with no light,"Why won't you let anyone help you?" he asked.

She sighed,"Because I can't be helped."