Okay, so I was reading all of my old comments and they made me laugh. One of the repeating factors was that my chapters were too short. And yeah, they totally were. I'm just wanting everyone to know that I was in 6th grade when I began this story and that I wasn't used to writing a whole bunch in one go without losing interest. A completely different story now that I'm fixing to be a Junior this coming year. (I still cringe at the way I wrote back then, but apparently people still said I was a good writer so…confidence boost!)

Another mention that reoccurred was the whole wings thing. Since I took down everything previous from my updates I will say it again. Sorry. But I completely ignored the whole wings thing because I am selfish and didn't want to have to change my story. Sorry to all of you whom that bothers, but I'm selfish.

As for Fang being OOC… this is fanfic people. You write stories the way you want them because your thoughts differed from the author's. James Patterson will never write a kissing booth scene, and I was in sixth grade when I wrote Fang's reaction (this had been the part where I had cringed) and my wording was not the best. It was actually pretty bad. I did change some of it up when I did my attempt to at least halfway beta the story.

Sorry for all the rambling, but I felt like addressing the comments people left.