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Aro started to laugh. "Ha, ha, ha!" he chuckled. "I've done it!"

"Done what?" asked Felix.

"I've created a potion that will force people/vampires/werewolves to spontaneously burst into song! Now I just need a test subject!" he cried, eyeing Jane.

"That's fantastic Aro!" said Jane with fake enthusiasm. "Why don't you go show it to Carlisle?"

"Good idea!" he cried happily. "Carlisle will respect my genius." With that he bought a plane ticket and headed for Forks.

"Good thinking Jane!" said Alec. "You've protected us from the wrath of Aro!"

"Yes!" cried Felix. "I think this calls for a party!"

"Oooh! Oooh! I want a fat tourist!" said Demetri. And with that, everyone jumped Felix with their orders.

Meanwhile in Forks…

"Aro!" cried Emmett when he answered the door.

"No, Emmett, this is Bella."

"Oh dang," Emmett said disappointed. "Aro's more fun."

"I'm plenty fun!" said Bella in disappointment., but Emmett had already slammed the door in her face. The doorbell rang and Emmett shouted to the closed door, "Go away! No one likes you Bella!"

"It's Aro!"

"LYKE OMC!" Emmett called happily and flung the door open. "Aro! Slumber Party!"

"YOU KNOW IT BIATCH!" Aro said, snapping his fingers in a Z formation. "So what's up girlfriend?"

"The usual." Emmett said with a shrug. "Nothing interesting ever happens around here. Accept for the occasional vampire that wants to kill Bella, but you know. Edward always has dibbs on those."

"Well I've got something that will blow your socks off!"

"LYKE OMC! I'm not even wearing socks! So what is it?"

"Well why don't you drink some and find out?"

"HMMMM….What's the fun if only I drink some?"

"You're right." said Aro, thinking deeply.

"I know! We can put it in the vents and get in everyone's lungs and stuff."

"Good idea! And we should let the werewolves have some too."

"Well they're easier. They'll eat anything."

So Aro and Emmett went on to put the potion in the vents and then snuck extra sneaky over La Push.

Outside of Emily's House…

"So here's the plan." said Emmett, putting war paint on. "I'll run up to the doorbell, ring it, and run for my life, and then you will sneak in extra sneaky and put the potion in the pies that that one wolf girl bakes."

"Okay." said Aro. He put a hand on Emmett's shoulder. "Be safe brave warrior."

And with that, Emmett ran to the doorbell, took a deep breath, rang it, and then ran away screaming like a schoolgirl.

Aro crept into the house very sneaky like, and froze over the pies in the kitchen.

"Umm...who are you?" asked one of the people at the table.

Nobody had come running after Emmett. "Ummmm…I'm a salesperson!" cried Aro, pulling out fake mustache and putting in on with vampire fastness.

"Oh…" everyone said in unison.

"What are you doing with my pies?" asked Emily suspiciously.

"This is a secret recipe that will make your pies delicious." he explained. "Ima put it in your pies and you will see how delicious they are!" And with that he put a drop in each pie and then gave one to every person.

"This is delicious!" cried Quil.

"Amazing!" agreed Embry.

"Fantabulous!" Paul said.

"Leah, why aren't you eating yours?" asked Emily, sounding worried.

"ARE YOU STUPID?" asked Leah. "AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO REALIZES THIS GUY REEKS OF VAMPIRE? Or that your not supposed to eat things from strangers?"

Realizing that his cover would be blown any second, he cried, "TOO BAD, EAT IT GIRLIE!" and shoved the pie in her face. Then he ran out, screaming like an Emmett.

"It actually was really good," said Leah, after cleaning her face off.

"I think I'll bring some to Charlie and Bella!" said Jacob, taking a pie and then running for Bella's House. Nobody noticed Aro, laughing manically outside the house.