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Chapter 1

Hinata huyuga, the first daughter of huyuga haishi and the heiress of the huyuga family, was hungry. She was currently walking around the town to find a quick meal. ' aahh, neji-nii, where did you go,' she thought as she examined the people she passed bye. ' if he was here I won't be hungry,' she thought, losing her energy with every step she took.

You see, the huyuga family does not consist of humans but of demons. Each member of the family was one. The males were incubus demons and the females were either succubus demons or a Lilith. Hinata is a Lilith while her little sister was a succubus. Her cousin, neji, is an incubus demon. Hinata usually feeds off from him when she was in desperate need of food. Her food is energy force, which she sucks out from people by the simple method called kissing.

"urgh, so hungry," she muttered to herself as she dragged her body across the town. She came across a mansion which looked like there was no one living in it. "maybe I could in rest here," she said to herself. 'it looks abandoned anyway' she thought as she went inside, looking around and observing odd pieces of art which were hanged or placed here and there.

After walking for a while she came across a room which was slightly open. Curious of what was in there, she peeked inside to find a boy, about her age, sleeping soundly. Watching the boy sleeping made her hunger start to well up more and more each passing second. Unable to control it she quietly made her way across the room.

Leaning over the body, she put aside the strands of hair covering his face. ' better make this quick,' she thought , seeing the body twitch under her gaze. She brought her face close to his face and leaned toward him for a kiss. She had her eyes open so she would know if he woke up.

Before she could kiss him, he opened his eyes and stared at her. Hard. Hinata widened her eyes like a deer caught in a headlight of a car. 'great' she thought as she stared back at him. 'I'm caught'. "you. What are you doing," said the boy, his voice filled with malice. " who me?" said hinata feeling a shiver run down her spine. "yeah you." He said in the same tone of voice.

'guess I have to tell the truth,' she said. " I was going to kiss you so that my hunger would be gone" she said with a cheerful smile."nani?" that was all the boy could say before hinata kissed him.

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