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"ne, sasuke-sama," hinata started with a thoughtful look on her face. They were both eating dinner. "hn?" sasuke said, beckoning her to continue. "my little sister and my cousin said that they would come visit whenever they can. Is it alright with you, sasuke-sama?" hinata asked. "sure," sasuke muttered, finding no harm in it.

"WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT EARLIER?" a voice cried from above them. Hinata pointed up and said, "sasuke-sama, meet hanabi, my little sister." 'WTF?' sasuke thought when he saw the floating girl not too high up. "how long has she been up there?" sasuke asked. "long enough to get hungry! It was torture to see you two eating!" hanabi snapped at him.

"hanabi, mind your manners. Get down from there and introduce yourself properly." Hinata said in an ordering tone. 'how can someone be so sweet yet so strict at the same time?' both hanabi and sasuke thought when they saw hinata smiling. "hai hai, onee-chan," hanabi sighed as she slowly floated down. " Huyuuga Hanabi, succubus, nice to meet ya" hanabi grinned. "Uchiha sasuke," sasuke replied back.

At that moment, hinata stood up to refill her glass of water and hanabi's jaw dropped. "what the HELL are you wearing?" hanabi screamed, turning to glare daggers at the uchiha, who looked unaffected. "ano, its my uniform?" hinata replied, not knowing what to say. "uniform? It's like she's wearing strips of lace!" hanabi exclaimed while walking around hinata. Sasuke looks up from his food only to look down again. He didn't want anyone to see his nosebleed.

"you hentai! You are going to taint my sweet onee-chan's innocence!" hanabi screamed at sasuke. "mou, hanabi, it's ok…." Hinata tried to calm hanabi down. Meanwhile she was thinking, 'I kinda like this uniform…..whats so wrong with it?'. Sasuke watched the scene in front of him and sighed. "hinata," he addressed her. "hai, sasuke-sama?" hinata asked. "sasuke-sama?" hanabi blew up. "who is she? Your slave?" hanabi accused, angry that her sister was stuck with a perv for two years.

" technically, yes. She is my slave for two years." That seemed to shut hanabi up for a while. Using her silence to think, he wondered how hinata was a Lilith while her sister was a succubus. Since wondering about it didn't provide any answers, he decided to ask. "oh that. Okaa-chan was a Lilith while otou-san is an incubus." Hanabi explained. "oh," sasuke replied.

"it's unfair that onee-chan gets to be a Lilith! I mean, look at her! She got the body fit for a succubus but fate decided to make her a Lilith…." Hanabi trailed off. At that comment, hinata turned red. Sasuke too was thinking about it and none of his thoughts involved anything innocent. Seeing sasuke eye her up and down, hinata flushed even more. Hanabi too noticed it and screamed, "don't you dare look at her you sicko!"

It was a while before they all finished dinner with all the screaming and accusing going around. When hinata went to wash the dished, hanabi turned to look at sasuke. "hey uchiha, been a while since she had been fed right?" hanabi reminded him. "yeah," sasuke replied. "make sure she gets her energy tonight," hanabi said. Sasuke muttered a barely audible 'yeah'.

"ONEE-CHAN! I'M LEAVING NOW!" hanabi screamed, much to sasuke's displeasure. "hai! Give my love to otou-san and neji-nii" hinata called back. "oh and uchiha, take good care of her." Hanabi warned before disappearing into thin air. 'I think i'm gonna go deaf if she comes around more often' sasuke thought, wriggling a finger in his ear.

"hinata," sasuke said, entering the kitchen. "hai, sasuke-sama?" hinata replied. When she turned around to look at him, naughty images started to appear in his mind. Trying hard to get rid of them, sasuke muttered that he would be in his room before rushing out. "eh?" hinata managed to utter, looking confused. Returning back to do the dishes, she felt the hunger rising within her.

(a/n: I kno that she had just eaten but she needs the other food to survive…..did that make sense?)

Meanwhile, sasuke was getting ready for bed. 'if she wants to feed, she better come fast' he thought as he took off his shirt. A soft knock was heard and sasuke said "come in". hinata came in, her eyes glazed with want. Before he could say anything, she shoved him on to the bed and straddled him.

In seconds their lips were locked. Hinata's tongue licked his bottom lip, begging for entrance. Due to the irrepressible feeling of pure bliss sasuke was feeling from the simple kiss, he let her in, his grip on her petite form tightening. The moment their tongues started to wrestle together, sasuke felt his energy being slowly drained. Hinata drew back slowly, seeing that she had had enough. Getting off of sasuke's now tired body, hinata turned to face him. "arigatou, sasuke-sama" she thanked him before leaving the room.

Hinata quickly rushed to her room and shut the door. She was still red after the kiss. Touching her lower lip, she thought about how he tasted to her. But that wasn't the only thing on her mind. 'demo, sasuke-sama was a really good kisser…..' she thought before blushing again. 'gah! stop thinking hinata! stop- but he looked really good with out a shirt on…' her thoughts unfortunately were straying away to her master.

Unknown to the both of them, they were being spyed on by hanabi. 'hehehe, they really want each other' hanabi grinned when she saw hinata's chocker turn a dark purple. 'it's weird….the pervert isn't fainting like a normal human should' hanabi mused. Recalling the intensity of the kiss shared by them, hanabi grinned and thought, 'this should be interesting', before taking her leave.

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