A/N: I'm not very happy with the prologue. Hopefully, the rest of the story will be a lot better. This story will have Kataang, Tokka, Maiko, Ty Lee/Haru, Suki/OC, and OC/OC.

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Avatar: The Next Generation


I'm sure you have heard the story of Avatar Aang and his friends, so I will not retell it here. You might not know, however, that Avatar Aang is my father. Having the Avatar as a father can be stressful at times, but he is a great dad.

My mother, Katara, is also my waterbending teacher. She has taught me so much. Hopefully, soon waterbending master.

I am Kazuna by the way. At the age of fifteen, I am the oldest of eight kids. Kuuya is ten, Misoka and Nori are eight, Saki is five, Sugi and Toya are three, and Yuuga is one. Nori and Saki are both waterbenders like me, but the other five are airbenders. We live at the Southern Air Temple.

My Uncle Sokka and Aunt Toph have thirteen year old twins. Ichiko is five minutes older. She's my best friend. She isn't a bender, but she trains with the Kiyoshi warriors. Ikuo is an earthbender. He's not blind like his mother, but knows how to see with earthbending. They live on Kiyoshi Island.

My Uncle Zuko is the Fire Lord. Well, he's not actually my uncle, but that's what I call him. He and Aunt Mai have three kids. Ai is the oldest at sixteen and heir to the throne. She's also one of my closest friends. She's a firebender. Akatsuki is nine. He cannot bend, but is skilled with weapons like his mother. Akiyoshi is the youngest. He's five and a firebender. They live in the palace in the Fire Nation capital.

Another one of my closest friends is Ayame. Her parents are Aunt Ty Lee and Uncle Haru. She's twelve and trains with the Kiyoshi warriors just like Ichiko. They also live on Kiyoshi Island.

Ichiko has a crush on thirteen year old Hajime. His parents are Aunt Suki and Uncle Kaimu. They also have a nine year old daughter, Hamako, and live on Kiyoshi Island.

My live was pretty good. I had great friends and a wonderful family (although sometimes annoying). Little did I know that something was about to happen that would change my life forever.