Title: Mosquitoes and Mini-Fridges
Writer: Clashingway
: I don't own any of the characters, locations, or anything else connected to Twilight. It all belongs to the author of the series, Stephenie Meyer.

Summary: Bella – what in God's name are you doing with all these bottles filled with… blood?

A/N: It's a really short one-shot… it was just this little funny thing that came to my mind when I came home from a BBQ that left me with bites all over. Enjoy! Reviews are always welcome. Thanks for clicking in.

Mosquitoes and Mini-Fridges

„Bella? What is this?"

I could hear my mom loud and clear from the bathroom. In a towel, I came back into my room, to find her holding a little bottle, filled with a red liquid.

„It's… part of my… biology project," I lied, trying not to sound too alarmed.

„And what exactly is it?"

Uh-oh. I should've thought about something original before actually coming to Phoenix to spend the summer with my mother and Phil.

„It's… blood," I said slowly, and a bit hesitant. Couldn't she just leave my things alone? She might have then never opened the little mini-fridge that I had in my room.

„Bella – what in God's name are you doing with bottles full of blood? For a… biology project?"
„It… I… the biology project was a lie… I… didn't want you to think I was… a freak," I said, trying to think of something better. „I am doing this self-preserving study… about… Mosquitoes! You know how much they love me. They… always want to bite me, and… now that I have all those different kinds of blood – bear-blood, deer-blood, mountain lion-blood… all those things… I am going to test which one they prefer… and… then I'm going to put little baits… little pools of blood… into some corner of my room… and… maybe they'll… go drink from that, instead of… biting me."

I was really relieved when my mother seemed to buy the story. Sighing, she put it back into the fridge and, giving me one last glance, left my room again.

„Mosquitoes, huh?" a musical voice asked sarcastically behind me, before I could feel his cold lips brushing over my throat, „….they aren't the only ones. After all, you're a magnet for everything bad – accidents, traps, vampires…"

Well… maybe it hadn't been such a good idea to store his food in my room, but… in my opinion, being a magnet for vampires had been on the best things ever happening to me.