Four weeks later…

Kara stood at the edge of her bed at home and stood, breathing deeply as Martha had encouraged ever since the day she woke up. The incident with her knocking out the Doctor had actually done a bit of damage to her rib, but it was now healed most of the way. Her lung was still a bit tender and laughing too hard hurt, as did coughing, but Martha had assured her that she would be better soon. Glancing around, Kara made sure that no one was around. She listened with her mind. Both of her parents were downstairs, and the dog was sitting by her open bedroom door.

Come on Kara, the sooner you can walk, the sooner you can get back into that Tardis and fly around again.

She took a wobbly step, then another, then another, carefully walking around her room. Part of her fast recovery was due to her body's quick healing process; the other part was due to some highly advanced medical technology from the Tardis. This was the second day that she was walking around her room. She was so concentrated that she didn't hear the footsteps up the stair.

"You just have to push it, don't you?" The Doctor leaned against her doorframe, smiling as he watched her totter around her room in her loose, pale blue-green nightgown. Kara glared back as she made a third full circle and started on a fourth.

"I went to ancient Greece yesterday," he said with a sideways grin.

"Really?" her face lit up, as he had known it would.

"If you agree to sit back down, have a bit of tea, and take a pill, I'll tell you about it."

"You drive a hard bargain," she grumbled, accepting the bright orange pill from the bottle he had taken from his pocket. Her mother walked in as she swallowed the pill, taking a sip of water from the cup on her nightstand.

"Mum, you didn't have to do this," Kara said with a smile, "I could've had the Doctor go get it."

"I've missed you sweetheart," her mother, Maria Angel, replied. "Besides, I'm going back to Africa once you're better and who knows when I'll see you again, what with both of us traveling and all?"

"Don't get eaten by a lion or anything," Kara commented teasingly. Her mother swatted the top of her head, "Don't be cheeky. I brought you lunch. Tea, a bit of chicken and greens, and some nice bread from Mrs. Fillibuster next door."

"Thanks mum," Kara said, giving her mother a peck on the cheek as she set the tray on her daughter's lap.

"You two have a nice talk," Mrs. Angel said, smiling as she went back down the stairs.

Kara dug into her lunch while the Doctor told her tales of the first Olympics, myths from the past, strange customs, and a little girl he had met whom had mistaken him for her father.

"She wouldn't listen when I told her!" the Doctor exclaimed, "I said very clearly 'I'm sorry, I'm not you're dad, but I'd be glad to help you find him.' but she just laughed and took my hand and followed me about until this woman saw her with me and took her back. Her husband was all ready to fight me, he did look quite a bit like me actually, but I explained the situation and they were quite forgiving. I did get kicked by the little girl's older brother though."

Kara laughed, even though it made her ribs ache.

"Thanks, you know, for visiting me and everything. I know you don't do domestic and I really appreciate you coming to see me every couple days."

"I have to. Otherwise how would you get your pills? Besides, the Tardis misses you."

"I miss her too. Not having that giant mind with me all the time is driving me mad."

"So, how've you been?"

"Good. My roommate, Sharon, came to see me. I share a flat with her. Or I did before I came traveling with you. She brought some videos of my Mum's show, some of the really early episodes. She filmed it when she was pregnant with me, did you know that? It was really funny."

"So she's been doing that nature program all around the world since before you were born?"

"Yeah, pretty much. It's mostly Africa, but she's been other places too. My dad and me, we'd go with her when we were on holiday, but my mum and dad wanted me to get a steady education so we didn't go with her year-round."

Kara lay back against her pillows, "I think my mum gave me this much food for a reason, some of it's for you."

"What, me?"

"She thinks you're a bit on the skinny side."

"What is with everyone and my weight?" he asked, as Kara giggled, "No, honestly, everyone just has to comment."

"Just have some chicken and shut up," she teased, "I can't eat all of this myself."

The Doctor sighed and took a chicken leg, munching on it, then having a slice of bread as well.


"Hardly, but it'll do," she said with a grin.

They talked for a few hours, then the Doctor left, promising to come back in a few days.

"So who is he then?" her mother asked as she walked in.

"Mum I told you, he's the Doctor. He's been here for a couple of weeks now. I even took him to meet you a couple months ago when we started traveling."

"But you didn't say anything about him, sweetheart. I know he's a doctor, but what's his name, and how come he visits so often? Even Sharon doesn't show up this much."

"Mum, he's just…the Doctor. He's my friend and he feels guilty for not being there or something when I got shot, even though he couldn't have done anything."

"So you're just friends, he's not a boyfriend or anything?"

"I've told you about five times now, he's just a friend. We aren't like that."

"All right, just checking."

"I'm fine," the took her mother's hand and squeezed it, "I can take care of myself."

"This coming from the girl with the gunshot wound."

Kara chuckled and her mother smiled, "Do you want me to bring you a book or something?"

"No thanks, I think I'll just take a nap."

"All right sweet heart, I love you."

"Night mum."

As soon as her mother had gone down the stairs, Kara got up and began her steady course around her bedroom.

Three weeks later…

Kara checked her bag for the last time, making sure she had everything she needed. The sound of the Tardis landing echoed a block or so away and Kara zipped up her bag, kissed her mum and dad goodbye, and walked down her front steps, strolling down the walk.

The Doctor arrived next to her a couple of minutes later,

"Took you long enough," she teased.

He smiled and they both waved to Kara's parents.

"I love you!" she called, "And if you need to phone me, just call the number I gave you, all right?"

"Bye! Love you!" her father called.

"Have fun!" her mother yelled.

Kara grinned and waved again before strolling back to the blue police box she called home, side-by-side with the Doctor.

"Where are we going first?" she asked, shrugging her bag off as they entered the doors into the Tardis.

"I dunno, anywhere in the universe," the Doctor said with a grin. "Tell you what? Pick three numbers."

Kara laughed and dropped her bag by a pillar.

"Those are my favorite three words."