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Now, on with the show!

Drew: Hey, welcome back to "Whose Line Is It Anyway: Life With Derek Edition", the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter.

Clive: Well, here in North America, they don't. At least they meant something back in England.

Drew: Yep, the points are just like Clive's opinions – they don't matter.

(guys laugh at Drew's comments. Clive gives Drew an evil look)

Clive: Our final game of the evening will be 'Three Headed Broadway Star' and is for Wayne, Ryan, and Colin, with the help of Laura Hall and Linda Taylor.

(Wayne grabs a couple of stools as the guys make their way down to the stage)

Drew: In this game, the guys are going to pretend to be a strange three-headed Broadway star and are going to make up a song one word at a time. Now, usually we just make up the song from a Broadway musical or sing to an audience member, but since we want one more parting shot before we go, we're going to sing to Derek and Casey.

Casey (deadpanned): What?

Derek (nervously): No!

Lizzie (feigning shock): Oh boy.

George (smiling): Have fun you two!

(Derek and Casey walk up and have a seat on the stools on stage)

Drew: Now, during the break, we got Edwin and Lizzie to come up with the name of our hit Broadway musical song…

Casey: Huh?

Drew: …and they chose the name "A Bed of Daseys"! That's right, spelled D-A-S-E-Y! (Derek glares at Edwin, while Casey stares wide-eyed at Lizzie) So, guys, "A Bed of Daseys" one word at a time, starting with Wayne.

(music starts)

Wayne: Something

Ryan: Strange

Colin: Is

Wayne: Happening

Ryan: Here

Colin (hesitates): Eh!

Wayne: Who

Ryan: Would've

Colin: Thought

Wayne: They'd

Ryan: See

Colin: The day

(Colin shakes his head as he realizes the mistake. Wayne and Ryan crack up)

Wayne: She's

Ryan: Real

Colin: Smart

Wayne: He's

Ryan: Real

Colin: Lazy

Wayne: It's

Ryan: Strange…

Colin: Unconventional…

Wayne: It's

Ryan: Derek

Colin: Casey

Wayne: Dasey

Ryan: Dasey

Colin: Dasey

Wayne: Stepbrother

Ryan: Stepsister

Colin: What

Wayne: Luck

Ryan: He's

Colin: Going

Wayne: To

Ryan: Give

Colin: Her

Wayne: A really

(Wayne cracks up at his screw-up)

Ryan: Good

Colin: Duck

(everyone laughs at Colin's last line. Music starts to slow down)

Wayne: They

Ryan: Have

Colin: That

Wayne: Backwoods

Ryan: Arkansas

Colin: Touch

(Casey and Derek look at the guys funny)

Wayne: It's

Ryan: Derek

Colin: Casey

Wayne/Ryan/Colin: D-aaaaaaaaaa-sey.

(music ends)

Clive: Very nice.

Casey (to the guys): I'm going to kill the three of you.

Derek: And I'm gonna…

Edwin (scared): We're sorry bro, I mean Derek, ah…

Lizzie (nervous): Uh, but…

Derek: As a corrupt older brother, I'm proud of you two, but Derek's pretty pissed and he's gonna kill you after the show.

Clive: Anyhow, 1000 points to the guys, 2000 to Derek and Casey for being good sports, and 1000 to Colin for the duck swerve.

Colin: Thanks.

George: So, is that it for today.

Drew: Not quite.

Wayne: Yeah. We need the rest of you to join us up here

(the rest of the M/V family, Sam, and Emily join Derek, Casey, and the guys on stage)

Drew: Alright, now for the final surprise today.

Nora: Oh God, what could we possibly be in for now?

Drew: Trust me, you'll enjoy this surprise. Clive?

Clive: For being such good sports and putting up with us today, we're giving you 100,000 dollars to aid with college for all of the children!

George: 100,000 dollars?! American?!

(Clive nods his head)

Edwin: Holy crap!

Drew: And as an added surprise, you are also going to receive an all expenses paid Caribbean cruise, complete with 1st class suites!

Nora: Wow!

Lizzie: Cool!

Sam: Hey, will this be open to the people that helped out with the show?

Clive: Yes Sam. Since you and the Davis family helped us out today, our offer for the cruise will be extended to you as well.

(Emily lets out an ear-piercing shriek. Sam grimaces as he plugs his ears)

Derek: Sweet! Sun, sand, babes in tight fitting bikinis…!

(Casey elbows him in the ribs)

Casey (whispering into his ear): Don't even think about it Venturi.

Derek (whispering back): Awww. I was hoping you'd wear that pink bikini I like so much.

(Casey starts blushing at Derek's comment as the rest of the family is still celebrating around them)

Casey (whispering): By the way, I need to discuss that with you later, if you know what I mean.

(Derek gives her a smirk as he wraps his arm around her waist)

Drew: So, tonight, we're going to have everyone reading the credits to end the show. I want you to read the credits as two neighboring families arguing over the fence. On behalf of Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Laura Hall, Linda Taylor, CeCe Worrall, and Clive Anderson, I'm Drew Carey. Goodnight everybody – thanks for watching!

(WL theme plays in the background; credits roll across the screen)

Colin: Keep your Dan Patterson out of our yard!

Wayne (pretending to drink a beer): Yeah, well you know what?! If your Jimmy Mulville didn't poop all over our yard!

Derek: Yeah, I hit your Drew Carey – so what?!

Casey: I'm going to get your Mark Leveson towed, jackass!

Nora: You tell them I'm going to call the Tom Parks!

George: You can't see the Arthur Forrest through the trees!

(Ryan acts like he's spraying George with a water hose)

Edwin: Get his Eric Wilker!

(George acts like he's shooting an arrow at Ryan)

Lizzie: I'm going to sic our Keith Richardson on you!

(Lizzie and Edwin start 'fighting' each other. Casey pretends to shoot Derek with a shotgun)

Ryan: We'll blast you straight to Wes Thomas!

(Derek falls over from Casey's 'gunshot', feigning to be dead. He then gets back up and pretends to be an angel rejoining the fray)

Marti (running around on all fours): Woof, woof! Frans Koster! Woof, woof!

(the rest of the cast and family act like they are using various forms of weapons/firearms on each other)

(Music/credits end. Scene fades to black)

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